What Is ‘Work From No Home’? Legit or Scam? The Truth.

The ‘Work From No Home’ system is basically an online money making system by building small niche websites or blogs. You can also call it an extensive affiliate marketing course as well. The product has been launched by Peng Joon, a highly popular name in the world of internet marketing.

However, this is not the first time I am talking about this product. I have already posted an article previously and I am basically recommending the product there. Today I am going to highlight a few important points about the same course. Because it’s important for you if you decide to purchase it.

Even though I recommend the product to anyone who wants to earn money, you must understand that the product is not for everyone. It may not work for you as well if you don’t follow the instructions carefully. Today’s SEO is different and it’s quite difficult for a complete newbie to compete.

So Should You Purchase it REALLY? Let’s Find Out …

Start with watching the introduction video ( Click Here to Watch ) where Peng Joon is showing how he has made hundreds of dollars every single day. After you watch the video completely, you should now be able to understand its income potential.

But don’t purchase it right now. Come back to this page and start reading. Because you need to take the right decision for yourself. Otherwise, you may lose your money.

Before you make your decision to purchase, I suggest you to read this article completely to understand if this course is suitable for you or not. I don’t want you to lose your money. So it’s better to know how the whole system works. It’s better to know if it is a right choice for you. 

This course will basically teach you how to build a small site, get it online and get visitors. Once you start getting visitors to your site, you are ready to sell affiliate products. Since, you are building a small niche site; most organic visitors would be highly targeted. As a result, you don’t need lots of visitors to get sales.

Once you start getting organic visitors from search engines, the whole system works automatically and money comes in. Just because you follow a small niche, usually the competition would be very less. As a result, you would keep earning money for a long time to come.

It may sound awesome. But the reality is a little different. Because there is a lot hard work involved.

The hard work consists of choosing a perfect niche, choosing a domain, writing online contents, writing sales copies, marketing your site and a lot of other online activities that the course teaches you.

As a whole, you would learn every bit of this internet marketing world. After you purchase the course, you have to invest enough time in building the entire system; before you can get results. So if you are lazy and more interested to blame others for your failure, don’t go for this.

True life quotes

Assuming that you are a beginner and don’t know how to make money online, I suggest you to read this article as a proof. Till now, I have built many small affiliate sites. I failed a lot times and a lot of times my strategies did not work. But there were times, I had huge success. I shared one of my success stories here in this article and I know it will inspire you.

As an affiliate marketer, I can say that it’s not easy and just anyone can’t do it. When Peng Joon launched the Work From No Home course, I purchased it to see what’s inside. I already described the contents in my previous review here.

So Can You Do It or Not?

You can answer this question in a much better way than I can. But a good way to determine would be having a careful look on the entire process. This is the basic process you need to follow to promote an affiliate product ….

Choose an Affiliate Product at First.

The first and the most important part is choosing a perfect affiliate product for your campaign. So you will need to sign up for an affiliate network. You can also direct promote a product or directly sign up for a program. But I recommend you to sign up for an affiliate network at first.

Once you sign up for an affiliate program, you will be able to choose any program of your choice from their database. I recommend you to sign up for ClickBank and Peng Joon also recommends the same. Nowadays ClickBank reviews every new product for its quality before adding it to their marketplace.

Also, almost all the products are digital products which are fairly easy to sell online. Buyers get the product instantly after they purchase.

You have to search their marketplace to find out a popular product. You have to search products using a popularity parameter. So it is fairly easy to find out a product which is already popular in the marketplace.

Now copy the Name of the product and paste it in Google Keyword Tool. This will show you how many people are actually searching for that product. I will suggest you to go for a product which is being searched for at least 5000 times per month. Don’t look at the competition that Google Keyword Tool shows you. This is not your actual competition, but the advertisers’ competition.

To track the performance of a ClickBank product and analytics, it is suggest to join CBEngine Marketplace. It gives you important information about ClickBank products that you won’t find elsewhere.

As a result, it can help you find the right products that sell.

This course will teach you how to measure your actual competition before you select a product to promote. What I have told you is the basic steps you need to follow.

Choose a Perfect Domain Name.

When you are ready with the product, it is time to purchase a domain name. You can purchase a domain name from anywhere in the web. But a good registrar will provide some extra features and security of your domain. As a recommendation, I will add the name of Namecheap. They are in the business for more than 14 years now and have registered more than 3 million domain names till now.

So it should be a great choice. For more information, you may read this article.

Now you need to choose a domain name with at least two of your keywords in the name. You can even add the product name in the domain name. Although there is no real proof that it helps SEO now as it used to, I would suggest you to only purchase keyworded domains.

Since, you are going to follow a small niche; it is a good idea to keep the keywords in the domain names as well. It might help your SEO a little.

Now It Is Time to Build a Site.

Now, you need to purchase web-hosting for your domain. There are many popular web hosting companies available. Of course, you can choose any company. As a recommendation, I would suggest you to sign up for HostGator. I am using it for this blog also and I know how much reliable it is.

For a detailed instructions on how to start a blog or website with Hostgator, read this article. Once you get your site online and it is available for the public to read, you need to market your site effectively.

Once you start getting visitors to your site, your site is ready to generate sales. Every time a sale is generated, you get a commission. The best thing is that you don’t need to focus on getting lots of visitors. Remember, a sale is made only from a visitor who is interested in the product. Even with 20 qualified visitors a day, you can expect to get a lot of sales on a monthly basis.

Why Should You Choose a Small Niche?

Because it is quite easy to rank and you also get quality visitors. You can even choose a product which has absolutely no competition like new ClickBank products. Obviously, if a product is newly launched; it will not have many affiliates promoting it. As a result there is less completion.

If you are promoting a product that no one else is promoting, you are doing a really great job. Now if you build a site only on that product and describe just everything a buyer needs to know, you are actually building an online money making machine. The best part is that this business runs automatically.

Do You Know Why You Would Make Sales?

Make sales online

If you are promoting a product that nobody else is promoting, it’s great. If you have a site about that product with all the required information, it’s awesome. Because if someone is looking for it in Google, Google has no choice apart from showing results from your site.

Since, you have done your research that people are looking for that product in Google; you are ready to get sales now. There are hundreds of products being launched every single day. So there is no shortage of new affiliate products. So this is how the whole system works.

You can now understand that there is a lot of hard work involved. Before you can see any positive result, you have to invest enough time in building the whole system. If you have watched the video completely, you can see how Peng Joon is earning hundreds of dollars every single day. Click Here to Watch It Again.

But you should not forget that it took time for him to build the entire system. He followed the right methods and did everything in the right way. As a result, he can generate lots of sales regularly.

The video proves that the system works and you can also do the same thing by following his steps carefully. He wants everyone to earn money in the same way and wants to share his secrets with you. As a result, he created this ‘Work From No Home’ course and started selling it.

Obviously, such a great product cannot be FREE.

I purchased it about a year ago and I can say that you must read this guide at least once in your life. The rest depends on you. I already talked about the basics about how the whole system works. But there’s a lot you need to know before you can jump into affiliate marketing.

1, It will teach you he secret strategy I use to generate free traffic by leveraging off content created by other people using legitimate means.

2, It will tell you the common mistakes new marketers make and how you can avoid these common pitfalls.

3, With so many ways to earn a living online, he will highlight the most effective methods so you don’t get bogged down by information overload.

4, You will learn how to choose a perfect product and how to promote it. Sneaky but legal tricks of to skyrocket your search rankings in Google or any other search engines.

5, You will know why you only need about 5-6 pages of content to create set-and-forget websites that will bring you cash for the long run.

There is a lot more things to learn in the course. Remember there is no guarantee that you will make money until or unless you are serious about it. Be sure that you will seriously work on the methods described in the course.

Click here to get started

Sometimes, hard work is not everything you need, but you need proper guidance to make everything easy. This course will just provide the best guidance you need. So make a confident decision and spend your money in the right way.

After all, making money was never easy and will never be.


  1. Hey thanks for this wonderful review. I purchased the product already and I must say that it works if you follow the course carefully. But you have to work hard for that. I must say that this course gives the right guidance someone needs to earn real money online.

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