3 Surprisingly Simple Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail.

Blogging emerged around ten years ago and millions of blogs have been created till now. But a very small percentage of blogs have been able to survive. Also a very small percentage of this people are earning enough money to be proud of.

The rest is still trying to find out profitable ways to monetize their blogs.

Why is this diversity? Why most bloggers can’t make it possible and ultimately fail? Why don’t they earn enough money to proudly talk about it? It’s not that they don’t earn anything. But when we compare their income with the earnings of some of the biggest bloggers in the world, that seems nothing.

“Why Do Most Bloggers Fail to Build a Profitable Blog?”

My quest to find out a suitable answer to this question actually made me write this article. It’s not that you can’t make it possible. But you really have to be serious about it. I discovered that there can be hundreds of mistakes that may lead a blogger to failure. Read Biggest Blogging Mistakes Ever Online.

Here’s why most bloggers can’t really make it possible. I understand that there can be hundreds of other reasons that could be mentioned. But the top ones should always take the first place.

Create High Quality Contents That People Like

People reading contents online

It is fairly easy to start a blog comparing to the hard work and the amount of time it takes to build its online presence. Here, building online presence doesn’t mean to have a large number of sites recommending you or linking to you.

A good number of sites linking to your blog doesn’t always mean that your blog has awesome contents.

Although it’s very important to be recommended by others, it’s more important to have something appreciable already in your blog. I am talking about writing awesome content that most of your new readers will like, appreciate and share.

A perfect blogger is a person who doesn’t only start blogging, but has the ability to write excellent quality articles.

Most people can write and start blogging at any time of their life. But, everyone cannot create that awesomeness through the words they write. Everyone is not a good writer. Everyone cannot express their ideas and knowledge through their writings. This is where most bloggers fail to build a profitable blog ultimately.

Create High Volume of Quality Contents

Really high volume

Although quality is important, quantity is another crucial part of successful blogging. Creating high volume of high quality contents is not possible for a single blogger. Most small bloggers write two to three articles in a week. Some of them may write one article every single day.

A very high percentage of bloggers create just two to three or even one article in a month. They are really not blogging seriously.

Unfortunately these bloggers are not going to be successful easily. It will take a very long time to make any significant impact on the web. One of article may be successfully attracting hundreds of unique visitors every day.

But you can’t depend on that single article. You need hundreds of such articles that will flood your blog with visitors.

You will have to work really hard to make it possible.

While i don’t agree with creating lots of contents, i recommend you to do so if you can. Just remember, creating the right kind of contents is more important. Right kind of contents means contents with information people are looking for.

If you ever visit any of the biggest blogs on the web, you will find the volume of contents they offer to their readers every single day. Some of the blogs publish more than fifteen articles in a day.

Thousands of these articles are indexed in Google and other popular search engines. As a result, they have much better chance to get found.

Comparing Yourself to World Famous Bloggers

Stop comparing yourself

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most bloggers make. They compare themselves with these top quality bloggers who are already in the field for years. Most new bloggers want to be one of these bloggers.

They read tips and tricks to be successful in blogging. They read hundreds of articles through the internet to discover the secret of their success. Read Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Money.

As a result, they waste a lot of their valuable times they should have spent on creating awesome content. Comparing themselves with other successful bloggers makes them feel bad. They start to realize its difficulty. They start to feel that they can’t do it. As a result, they quit blogging.

But, these new bloggers forget that they can’t compare themselves with someone already in the field of blogging for years. They would definitely have better audience. They will definitely have better social media presence.

They may have already written hundreds of high quality articles. They would definitely have a lot more articles indexed in search engines. As a result, they would have more blog visitors.

Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, most new bloggers fall in this trap and quit blogging. I should definitely mention that most bloggers want to make money from the very beginning. It is a wrong choice. As a blogger, you can’t expect to earn a lot of money until or unless your blog is successful enough to attract enough visitors. It may sound harsh. But it’s true.

So What Should You Do to Be a Successful Blogger?

Just make sure that you are writing high quality articles and helping your visitors. If your visitors are happy, they will come back again for more.

Write only high quality contents and promote them proactively. The more high quality contents you can write the better. Be patient and don’t beg for links. Provide quality and the right people will link to you in the right way.

As a result, you will soon realize that your blog is growing. Remember, it takes time. But it really works.

Hope you liked the effort I have taken to write this article. If I have helped you even a little bit, please share this article on Twitter and Facebook. Below you will find a lot of other sharing options.


  1. Truly, the importance of creating quality and shareable content cannot be denied when it comes to blogging successfully. The other reasons highlighted in this post are also spot-on.

    In addition to these, there is need to for the blogger to be consistent with these qualities until the breakthrough is achieved.

    Becoming a success with blogging is not an overnight issue. It really takes time to accomplish!

    I have also shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com, where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor for kingged.com

    • You are right Sunday.

      Content is KING and will always be the same. Creating contents that people like is the best way to drive traffic to a site. Of course, you have to take your site in front of the world at first. Then slowly your site will grow.

      Blogging success entirely depends on how much you can write, what you write and how you market it.

  2. Comparing Yourself to World Famous Bloggers – this one got my attention, you do not have to do this very lame reason. It’s too unprofessional, hence, let famous bloggers be your inspiration, do not compare. It is way better.

    Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

    • According to me, every new blogger in this field start comparing themselves with others. This is probably the number one reason why they feel bad about their own online presence and ultimately quit blogging. They don’t want to understand that these bloggers started their journey years ago.

  3. Content quality is always the most important factor that decided if a blog succeeds or not. The quality of your content can have a direct effect on your blog than most other factors you have mentioned here.

    And if there is anything you shouldn’t compromise in blogging, its the quality of your content. Your content quality is what defines your blog and you as the author and if you can maintain a high standard of content in your blog, then be sure you will succeed in blogging.

    I found this post on Kingged.com and left a comment there.

    • You are right Nwosu.

      Content quality is the most important factor and also your writing style. This is why I have given it the first place in this article. But we really can’t ignore the other reasons.

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