3 Most Effective Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Business.

Blogging is no longer a medium to share your ideas and knowledge with the world, but now it is a very effective method to earn money. If you are running a successful blog, you would surely like to monetize it sooner or later.

So today I want to highlight some key points you should remember in this regard. Even if you want to turn your blog into a business, don’t always treat it just as a business. Because you will soon realize that you are losing readers.

The reason behind this is very clear. Your readers wouldn’t find honesty in your writings. They wouldn’t feel comfortable.

Previously I have written so many posts putting so much importance in building a strong relationship with your readers. This is very important. They are the backbone of any successful blogging business online. So you can’t overlook the importance of readers’ satisfaction.

However, it is not very difficult as you may think it is. What would readers of a blog basically need? They want quality contents that can answer their questions and the satisfaction while navigating throughout your site. Both of these things make sure that your readers are satisfied.

When your readers are satisfied with your blog, it is the right time to turn it into a business. Most bloggers want to earn money just from the beginning. Believe me; it doesn’t work in most of the cases.

You need to spend enough time to market your blog effectively. It’s only after your blog starts receiving significant number of visitors, you can expect to make some money from it. Once you start making money from it, it becomes a business. However your primary goal should not be turning it into a business, but to create something that can be turned into a business very easily. So …

Don’t Treat Your Blog Just as a Business

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This is one of the most dangerous mistakes that every bloggers make. It is not bad to expect money from your blog. But if the primary reason to start your blog is money, that’s a big mistake.

A blog doesn’t only help you earn money, but it also helps you become popular, get recognized and get respected by people around the world. So if you think that blog is just a medium to earn money online, you are not the right person.

Your blog will automatically become a business after a certain time as long as you are consistent and know what you should do to make it popular. But if you put all your energy to make it a business, you will fail. So don’t take your blog as a business. Rather, take it as a very powerful way to reach more people who would like your blog. As popularity increases, your earnings would increase.

Invest Money in Promotions and Marketing

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Just as any new business requires a little investment from your part on promotions and marketing activities, blogging also needs marketing. Don’t treat it as a business. But give it the treatment it needs to ultimately become a business. Hope you can understand what I exactly mean to say.

Of course, there are hundreds of free ways to promote your blog. But it will take long time. So it’s a good idea to invest some of your money in marketing; at least if you can afford.

The primary goal of your marketing activities should be creating awareness only. The more people know about your blog, the better. But you should never follow any unethical tactics that violate Google’s quality guidelines.

Give Your Blog Users the Most Importance

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As previously mentioned, readers are the backbone of any successful blog. They are the people who will ultimately turn your blog into a profitable business. So it’s important to know how to treat them. It is said that customers are god for any business. Blogging is no different. Here your readers are your customers. So they are your god and you should know how to treat them.

No matter what methods you choose to monetize your blog; if it’s not visited by people, there’s no way you can ever earn from it. If you are promoting a product through your blog, who will buy it? If you recommend a service, who will choose it? If you are putting advertisements on your blog, who will see it? …… Nobody. As a result, your blog would be nothing but a dead page on the web.

There are many other factors that influence the growth of a blog; directly or indirectly. But these factors play the most prominent role in turning a blog into a successful online business. Read Can You Really Make Money Online?

Most new bloggers jump into this field in an expectation of making a living. But they forget that it may not be easy as it may seem.

Depending on the niche, it takes at least a few years to start earning some respectable amount of money from a blog. Most bloggers find it difficult to be consistent and probably this is the reason why most bloggers fail quite easily. It is said that more than 95% of bloggers don’t earn even $100 in a month. Although there is no clear evidence, we have no logical reason to disagree.

However, there are still many bloggers who made millions from blogging. Their success stories inspired thousands of other bloggers to create their own success story. Some have been successful and some are still fighting. This fight will probably continue for a long time as long as blogging exists.

I think the biggest mistake that bloggers make is that they think they can earn if you start blogging. While it’s not totally wrong, it may be wrong for you if you give more importance to money than other things involved.

There are so many different things that influence blogging earnings. So before you even think about winning the game, you should be aware of just everything. If you know exactly what you want and how you want to get it, you may be successful. But if you are confused, you are on the wrong track.


  1. A splendid take on blogging for business! Every blogging business should be built around the users or customers. Hence, it becomes important to engage these users strongly so they have emotional attachment.

    While doing this, it is still important to ensure that the information, content, or product shared from the blog is valuable.

    Turning blog into a business is not just something to be wished for, it must be worked for. Putting in more time, money, and marketing skills to achieve this is essential.

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    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  2. This one reminds me of a blog that plead with bloggers to turn their blog into a business. As we know, blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with customers and ultimately make their lives easier. Just like in eCommerce, the numbers of eCommerce site that have a blog is growing.

    “Don’t Treat Your Blog Just as a Business” this one is important to take note. This is also a mistake that was repeated by marketers.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  3. This is an interesting article and I truly love the marketing aspect points you have raised. Many of us are at fault when it comes to marketing our blogs.

    I have read and have obviously learnt my lessons! Thank you.

    • Great to see you here Emmanuel here. Every blog can be turned into a profitable business after a certain time. As a blogger, you need to decide what is the right time. If you are right in your decision, your blog will surely grow as a business.

  4. True, blogging is now one of the most effective methods to earn money online. If you want to turn your blog into business, then don’t treat it just as a business. It is better if you both focus the needs and wants of your readers and the goals you set in your business. Quality is the secret of big brands nowadays that keep them stay on top. Not a lousy marketing strategy.

    • Definitely Ann, every blog can be turned into a business after a certain time. But if you take your blog just as a business; sooner or later; you will fail.

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