21 Best & Highly Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog.

So are you ready to make money from your blog?

If you are, let me show you how you can monetize a blog. Although, blogs were first started to share knowledge or whatever you want to share with the world, blogs are now mostly used to make money.

Most bloggers think about monetizing their blogs at least once and there’s nothing wrong about it. There are bloggers making millions.

If you are NOT, there must be something you are not doing; but they are.

So let me tell you about some of the best ways to monetize your blog. I’m sure that you should be able to earn your first $100 from blogging.

1, Show AdSense Ads on Your Blog

The most common way that would come to any blogger’s mind is advertising. Advertising is the most used method to earn money from a blog or website. The biggest name in this field is certainly Google Adsense. So why don’t you sign up? Wait! they have some requirements. Make sure you fulfill them.

If your blog is approved, you should be able to show their ads on your blog. They pay on a pay-per-click basis and they pay really well.

2, You May Show Other CPC Network Ads

While AdSense is considered the best, it’s not the only one. There are many other advertising networks. Some popular names that come in my mind are Media Net, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Adhitz and many more.

These sites will pay you on a pay-per-click basis just like Adsense. So if you have good number of visitors to your blog, you can expect to earn really well.

3, Link to Ads Using Your Content Keywords

You can link ads inside your contents. It doesn’t take any extra space in your blog. Basically you need to sign up to any in-content ad-networks. My suggestion would be going for Infolinks or Kontera.

After you sign up and install their codes on your blog, some of your blog content keywords would directly connect to ads. Look at the picture below.

infolinks popup ads

Read here how Infolinks can help you monetize your blog.

4, Utilize the Power of Your Blog Pageviews

If your blog receives thousands of pageviews, PPV networks should be a better choice. I’m basically talking about advertising networks that pay on pay-per-view basis. So you don’t have to wait for your visitors to click on ads. As long as they come and visit your blog, you earn just from their visits.

Blogs that receive considerable amount of pageviews are best for these networks. Some popular names are Tribal Fusion, Advertising, Burst Media and Adtegrity.

5, Use Visitors Who Leave Your Blog

Till now, i was talking about using your blog visitors and obviously you need quite enough visitors to make money. But with less traffic you can also monetize your blog using the power of exit popups.

Basically you ask you visitors not to leave and also provide an incentive that might bring you cash directly or indirectly. Big blogs like Search Engine Journal, Social Triggers, KISSmetrics use exit popups to increase leads to their business.

Let’s say you run a small blog with 100 visitors a day. If you have something that you want your visitors to see, you can use this method of promotion. It works really well for niche specific blogs with highly targeted visitors. If only 1% converts, that’s an additional gain. Because around 70% of visitors would never come back.  So why not use them when you can.

There can many WordPress plugins you can use to create exit popups.

6, Promote Popular ClickBank Products

ClickBank is a highly popular affiliate networks for digital products and their commissions range from $20 to $200 for every sale. Just make sure to choose the right products. Read this article for more information.

If you are running a niche-specific blog, ClickBank would be the best choice. If you find a product that solves a problem you know your visitors are facing, you are good to go. Many bloggers even blog just to promote a particular ClickBank product and it’s highly profitable.

You can even use exit popups to promote the products. Please note that number of visitors doesn’t matter here. What matters most is the quality of visitors.

Read How I Built a Small Affiliate Site that Makes Over $500 Per Month.

7, Promote Products or Services for a Commission

It’s actually the same as promoting ClickBank products. I’m actually talking about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting others’ products or services for a commission. ClickBank is a marketplace for digital products. But there are so many other services that you can promote.

It’s not difficult to monetize your blog if join some popular affiliate networks. I would suggest you to join ShareASale and CJ Network.

You will find hundreds of different services to promote. Just make sure that you choose only good quality products and services.

8, Create a Premium Content Section

To make money in this way, you have to prove yourself as an expert. Use your blog as a platform to present yourself as an expert on the subject.

Then people would eagerly pay you to get the information only you know. Lock the contents in a particular section of your blog and charge money to unlock the contents. Below is an example how a blog post is being locked and the blogger is asking for money to unlock it.

content locker image

9, Advertise Yourself as a Ghost Writer

Since you are a blogger you know how to write. But there are people who don’t. Everyone who can writer is not a writer. A good writer is a person who can use written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas and knowledge with the readers quite effectively.

If you have been appreciated for your blog writing style, many of your visitors may be interested to get an article written by you. So why don’t you become a writer and provide your writing service.

Your blog is a representation of how well you can write. Just let your visitors know that if they want, they can get you to write articles for them. Depending on quality and niche an article price can range from $5 to $50 or more.

There is a huge demand of unique and unpublished articles online. If you search Fiverr.com, you would see thousands of people are providing writing service. There is a huge demand. If you write well, companies could pay you big for writing their web contents. I’ve personally received many invitations.

Remember, you won’t be given the credit for your work. You will only be paid.

10, Write an Amazing eBook and Sell it

So you are a writer. Why don’t you write an eBook and sell it on your blog? It’s a very powerful way to monetize your blog. Because you know your audience the best. You know exactly what your audience needs and what they will buy. So start writing an eBook and make it amazingly informative.

Promote it to your audience and ask a reasonable price for it. If your blog provides value, your eBook should do it too.

It’s not difficult to create an eBook. Just write the entire book using Microsoft word and convert it into a PDF file. E-junkie will help you process payments for the downloads. They provide shopping cart and buy now buttons to help you sell downloads and tangible goods on your blogs or websites.

11, Promote Your Highly Ranked Posts to Businesses

Dig into your Google analytics account and find out some of your most popular posts that are ranked high on Google. Choose only the articles that are getting considerable amount of visitors.

Now create a list of keywords your articles are ranking for. Search these keywords in Google and see if you find any Adwords ads on Google.

Hopefully you will find a lot of advertisements. Note that these advertisers are paying Google to rank for the keywords your articles are already ranking for. Why won’t they pay you if you sell them an advertising space inside the articles.

Just collect their contact information. Let them know that you have a blog and some of your articles are ranking in Google for the keywords they are targeting. If they want, they can get an ad-space inside your articles.

This method really works. Depending on how well you promote your blog to them, some advertisers would certainly be interested to work with you. It worked like a charm for the blog you are reading right now and i’m sure you would be able to earn a few hundred dollars quite easily.

12, Sell Your Quality Blog Posts for Money

Don’t be surprised. You can really sell your blog posts and people would eagerly buy if it provides value. A high quality blog post can be sold at a price of 5 cents per word. Let your visitors know that your articles are available for sale.

Visitors who have their blogs and want to republish an article you have already published may be interested to buy. Once they buy your post, it should be deleted from your blog. The buyers would then publish the article as their own.

This method only works with blogs containing high quality contents.

13, You May Provide Blog Consultancy Service

As a blogger, you surely know and understand a lot of things about blogging. New bloggers might need your personal help. Let your visitors know you can guide them about blogging for a small charge.

Even though there are hundreds of online contents available online on blogging related topics, blog consultancy services are still in high demand. Of course, you have to prove yourself as an expert.

14, Utilize Your Subscribers’ List Effectively

If you have a big list of subscribers, you can use this list to make money. People usually subscribe to your blog to get email updates about every new post. While they are getting new updates, you can also promote good products that you believe your subscribers would like.

If you promote high quality products or services, your subscribers won’t be disappointed. Just don’t send product recommendations frequently.

That’s not a good idea. They might unsubscribe.

15, You Can Sell Sponsored Reviews

Selling sponsored reviews is another smart idea to monetize your blog. This is basically writing an in-depth review about a product or service and publish it on your blog. Many advertisers buy blog reviews to get instant promotion.

This method works with blogs dealing with a particular subject. If the product owner visits your blog and thinks that your audience may be interested in their products, they might be interested to purchase a review on your blog.

Just let your visitors know that you review products or services for a small fee.

16, You Can Also Sell Blog Reviews on Your Blog

Blog reviews are highly popular online. Small bloggers sometimes buy blog reviews on big blogs in the same field. Most of the time, they do it to gain powerful backlinks as well as some recognition for their blogs.

You can register your blog at sites like SponsoredReviews to get people know about your blog. You can advertise your blog review service on your blog.

17, You May Start a Private Forum

Starting a private forum is definitely a good idea if you have thousands of loyal readers who want to interact with one another. Start a private forum and let your audience interact with others.

You can charge a small access fee to access the forum; monthly or annually.

But remember that there are already hundreds of free forums available online. So you must provide some excellent quality individual contents that people won’t find anywhere and eventually pay you to get access to your contents.

18, Ask for Donations from Your Readers

I am not sure if this method really works or how much someone can actually earn from Donations. But i have seen bloggers asking for donations. I am sure if your readers love your contents or if you provide something they passionately need, they wouldn’t mind to donate some money.

Steve Pavlina, a famous American self-help author confidently asks for donations in his blog. Take a look at his donation page below.

This is how he is asking for money from his readers. Here’s his blog.

steve donation page

19, Start a Job Board on Your Blog

If you run a business blog or if your blog deals with money making topics, most of your audience must be looking for making money. You can start a job board on your blog and let advertisers promote their jobs.

Obviously, a blog with thousands of visitors would work best for this method to work. Famous blogger Darren Rowse runs a job board on this blog.

He charges $50 to post a job for 30 days.

It works for him really well. He has huge audience and most of this readers look for blogging jobs. So those who need bloggers for their business willingly pay Darren to show their ads on his blog.

20, Use Paid Listings of Related Company Websites

On your blog, create a special section where companies can list their links for a small fee. The urls should link to companies related to your niche.

As an example, if you run a blog about remedies for diabetes, companies may be interested to buy a link-space on your blog to advertise their products or services ( obviously related to diabetes ) to your audience.

If your blog receives considerable number of targeted visitors, you should be able to guarantee that a certain number of people would see their links.

This is what attracts them to work with you. So if you charge $5 to place a link for a month and get 100 companies, that’s an additional $500 income.

21, You May Also Run Podcast Ads

Podcast ads or audio advertising can also be used to monetize your blog.

Podcast ads are nothing but audio adverts that are played whenever someone visits your blog. If you run a podcast on your blog, you may sign up with podcast advertising networks. Adverts are played at every unique visit.

Since every time someone visits your blog listens to the audio adverts, it’s 100% conversion rate. So you should expect to earn really well. But your blog must have targeted unique visitors. Otherwise, advertisers won’t be interested.

So these are some of the best and most effective ways to monetize your blog. I’m sure there are many other brilliant methods you will find.

Let me know if you find anything.


  1. Some of these suggestions I’ve seen before but a number of your recommendations, I’ve never seen or considered. The idea of actively seeking advertisers who would benefit from a blog post based on the content in specific blog posts never occurred to me (item #11). Neither did the idea of writing teaser blog posts with informative content but with the really high impact content locked away, yet available for a fee (item #8). Although I consider blogging a means to an end, not an end itself, I found these suggestions very insightful and useful. In addition, your article acts as a brainstorming session for increasing the overall value of your blog.

    Tiffany C. Wright

  2. Hey Tamal,

    Blog monetization is what every blogger longs at one point. After all, we want to get returns for the effort we put in our blog, right? Fair enough!

    Here’s my take on the topic – displaying third party ads are fine as far as you don’t overdo it. At the same time, you should remember that you are sending away your readers for a few bucks.

    I too display Adsense ads on my website – but I do make sure that they don’t overtake the content.

    My best advice to monetize is to offer products or services. It can be a premium course, e-book, or one or more services that you offer. It is a great way to build authority, credibility and your income 🙂

    Thanks for sharing tips to monetize a blog – I’m sure any blogger will find this post useful 🙂

    Have a great week!


    • Hi Jane, Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge. I too don’t like to show ads on my blog. I like blogs to be clean and clear. Since blogs are not basically a method to earn; but a platform to connect with the world and share knowledge or whatever you know at the same time, showing advertisements sometimes makes it irritating to read posts.

      Also showing ads doesn’t always bring good income. While there are many other ways to monetize, why should we just stick to ads and sacrifice user experience?

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Tamal,

    Excellent post! Thanks for recommending it to me on Twitter. I have seen most methods shared but few use them. Like take eBooks for instance. Many bloggers offer the advice – which is awesome – but fail to follow up on their wisdom. Gotta use it, to prosper. I have a handful of income streams open, from affiliate products, to selling my books on Amazon Kindle, to selling my blog coaching services to selling my freelance writing services. I also am toying around with an online Udemy course too.

    Keep those income streams open and that cash flowing by learning your craft inside out. The money is in the content. These methods of monetizing are the channels, and the cash, well, is in the free stuff you give away regularly, which inspires your audience to know, like and trust you. Get that trust down and you’re beyond golden, and you can’t help but to make a serious impact on your audience.

    Tamal, thanks again, and keep up the inspired work here!

    Tweeting from Bali.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for sharing your ideas about this post. Most of these monetizing methods are already popular in the Blogosphere. But i have seen many new bloggers getting confused about which way to choose to monetize their blogs. Although, blogging is not basically a money making method, these days it is considered one of the most popular earning methods online.

      Well, i don’t recommend anyone trying to earn from blogs just in the beginning. Because, in most of the cases; they will fail. However, there are some ways that even small bloggers can implement such as promoting popular blog contents to businesses and selling ad-space inside them.

      Traffic doesn’t bring money. What actually works is the right kind of traffic. This is all that helps a blogger make money from their blogs. So even a small blogger getting 50-100 visitors can earn if they are smart enough to do it. I just tried to gather every possible way to monetize a blog within a single post. I know there may be more. But i’m sure this post will help some new bloggers and if it does, that’s enough for me.

      Ryan, You have a nice day and hope to see you again here.

  4. Hi Tamal,

    It’s my first time on your blog with this awesome post. You shared great points to earn. Now I am using only adsense and affiliate, but now I would try few of them which you mention in the post.
    Thanks for the sharing 🙂

    Yavan Kumar
    Success Druggy

    • Hi Yavan,

      You are welcome here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. AdSense is certainly a powerful method to earn online income. But i consider affiliate marketing the best. However, experiences may vary from person to person.

      You have a nice day.


  5. Greetings Tamal,

    Awesome information.. I’m a person that makes money blogging.. and some of the information I’ve heard before.. yet I took notes on number 5, 8, and 11.. Ok.. Ok.. let me just say it.. I’ve bookmarked this site.. so that I can come back around. I love the ideas you brought here.. I have several blogs… and one of them has enough traffic to pull in more then it is.. so you basically gave me SEVERAL things to implement that I have never tried.. I really appreciate you.. keep smiling

    • Hi Shalonda,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this aricle. I’m happy that you find this article helpful and useful. I truly believe that it’s not difficult to make money from a blog at least if the blogger implements some smart methods. That’s all it needs. Still, i have heard people saying it’s difficult. So i have just tried to gather some of the most popular methods people are using these days to monetize their blogs.

      If my readers find something new that they didn’t know about, it really feels awesome to me.

      You have a wonderful day, Shalonda.

      ……. Tamal

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  7. Monetizing your own blog is a very good way to have extra income and enjoy your work.

  8. That was an interesting overview. I hope that you’ll share some other ideas in the future. It would be an interesting thing, I presume.

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    Thank you!!
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  10. The most common way that would come to any blogger’s mind is advertising. Advertising is the most used method to earn money from a blog or website.

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