5 Best Sites To Make Money Writing Articles Online.

It may sound interesting to you to know that you can make money writing articles, if you are new in this field. But, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the world of internet is full of great writers. These writers have the capability to express their ideas and knowledge through their writings. They can share what they want to say by writing online contents. Do you know that most of internet contents are actually written articles?

But, still the internet world is hungry for new writers and it is increasing by leaps and bounds every single day. Every day new sites are coming and the site owners are looking for content writers. Old sites are looking for content writers to increase their visibility and the amount of contents on their site.

There are thousands of blogs looking for guest writers to increase their online contents and authority. Do you know if you can write, you can easily make $100-$250+ every day as a freelance writer from the comfort of your home? Your educational background doesn’t matter.

You can even start an WordPress blog and write articles. It is much more profitable than writing articles for others. Click here to watch a video and see how a young boy is making thousands of dollars writing articles online and building small sites.

There are thousands of websites or blogs that need your help as long as you are a good writer. But it’s difficult for common people to find out these opportunities online. Real Writing Jobs does an wonderful job by finding those work opportunities for you as long as you are a member.

So you should now be able to understand the earning potential of a good online writer. But unfortunately everyone is not good at writing articles. Everyone cannot express their knowledge by writing articles. This is the reason why the opportunities to make money writing online articles will never end.

Hopefully, you are not a bad writer. You can express your views, your ideas and knowledge through writing. Then I must admit that if you have the ability to write articles, it will not be difficult for you to make some extra money online. Sometimes it will be even more than that, if you are an excellent writer. 

Now, it is time to know where to start your journey from. Although, the beginning seems to be the hardest, it will not be, if you are confident enough on your abilities. Start with Reading How to Become a Great Writer Really?

Now, it is time to know about some websites that will help you make money writing articles. It’s true that there are hundreds of sites that will pay you to write articles. But it will not be a good idea to discuss about all of them and make you confused where to join. So it’s better to stick to the best ones.

Elance – Work Differently

Elance writing jobs

Click Here To Visit Elance

Elance is one of the biggest online platforms where businesses go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay top online freelancers from 170+ countries. It is a community of over 2.5 million freelancers and 500,000 businesses. Elance doesn’t only help writers make money, but also help programmers, mobile developers, designers and marketers as well.

As a writer, Elance should be a great choice to start your journey. There are already more than 200,000 writers making money at Elance. Hopefully, when you will visit the site, the writers’ count will increase more. Just visiting their homepage will make you understand how big the platform is. Because they show how many writers or other workers are already registered on their homepage.

To start earning, you have to join and complete your personal profile. You have to clearly mention what are your talents and what you can do for your clients. If you have already done writing jobs before, you should mention everything in details on your profile. Provide enough reasons so that people can hire you as a writer. One unique article costs around $5 to as high as $50 depending on the subject. Read Can You Make Money Online? The Reality Will Surprise You.

Complete your profile carefully and remember to mention why someone should hire you. Hopefully, you will soon start getting job offers from clients. As a writer, it’s a great place to start. So don’t waste your time. You may have already understood that Elance doesn’t only help writers make money, if you are good at programming, designing and marketing; it is the best place to start.

Freelancer – Outsourcing Marketplace

Freelancer freemarket

Click Here To Visit Freelancer

Freelancer works almost like Elance with a little twist. It is known to be the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace with more than 8,874,963 professionals and 4,928,943 projects. With over 8 million users, it will not be difficult for you to find a good writing job for yourself. Thousands of new jobs are posted every single day giving you enough opportunities to find the right job.

Like Elance, it is also a place to start as a PHP developer or web designer. You can easily make it a great source of residual income. But, before you continue with Freelancer, you must understand that you should be able to provide good quality service. Because, this is what will help you stick to the site. Otherwise, you will soon feel like quitting.

If you want to join as a writer, decide what kind of writing jobs you want. Decide what kind of work you are committed to doing and recognize your skill set. Figure out a schedule of your choice. The best part is that it entirely depends on you when you want to work and when you don’t. But always try to do what you are actually capable of doing.

Freelancer is truly a great place to find a suitable writing job for you. If you are good at writing or whatever service you want to provide, it will be not be difficult to be popular on the site. It works as a social platform where you can connect with anyone, share your ideas, knowledge and of course, your service. Since, most members are businessman and look for people to work for them; it’s quite easy to find your dream job.

Fiverr – The World’s Largest Marketplace

Fiverr marketplace

Click Here To Visit Fiverr

Fiverr, known as the largest global online marketplace for small services, is a wonderful place to utilize your writing talent. Although, it’s not basically built for writing jobs, it is one of the biggest marketplaces online for small services starting at $5. Fiverr receives millions of visitors every month and one of the most visited 500 websites in the world.

If you can write well and you can provide your services starting at $5 per article or more than that, you should start with Fiverr. After you visit the site, you would see that there are a lot of categories of work. There is a specific category for writing and translation jobs. Hundreds of writing jobs are posted every day in this category. You can post your own gig (The tasks or services that you will provide are also called ‘gigs’ or ‘micro-jobs’ at Fiver ) in this category.

There are people who earn hundreds of dollars every month from Fiverr. Some of them even live on Fiverr income. So it shouldn’t be different for you. Here, your services can be rated by people who purchase from you. More positive ratings you get, more reputation you will have. People will order more from you and you will make more money as a result. It doesn’t matter if you provide writing services or some other services, the quality of your service matters a lot to make you a successful seller.

It works on a reputation-based promotion system. If a seller ( As a writing job provider, you are a seller here ) can successfully complete at least 10 transactions, Fiverr increases their value on their site. The seller is also provided with advanced tools to offer add-on services. In this way, the seller becomes popular and the number of orders also increases for their high rating. As a result, the seller makes more money on Fiverr. So, obviously it should be a great place to start. Read 5 Quick Money Making Ideas Online You Can’t Ignore.

As previously mentioned that Fiverr is not only a place to utilize your writing talent, but also can be used for many other purposes. If you know about SEO and can provide SEO services, it is a wonderful place to start. Use This Link to learn how Fiverr can be used to make money providing small SEO services.

Squidoo – Create Single WebPages For Free

Squidoo community

Click Here To Visit Squidoo

Squidoo is a popular site that helps users create web-pages on their interests or recommendations. You can even earn money for yourself. Squidoo started in 2005 as a user-generated website where a user can create beautiful web-pages or lens on a subject that they are interested in. Soon it became highly popular for their unique concept that everyone is an expert.

If you have good writing quality and attract readers through your writing, you may join Squidoo. The best part is that you can write on any subject of your interest and create a lens. Once you complete it and publish, your lenses can be indexed by search engines like Google. You can even promote your lenses with friends on social media. There are obviously many other marketing methods you can use to promote your lenses or web-pages created on Squidoo.

Once you start getting visitors to your lenses, you would start making money. Because, Squidoo shows Google advertisements on the lenses and shares 50% of the revenues. Since, Squidoo is a highly trusted site and all the lenses go through evaluations, only the best quality lenses get the chance to exist. So Squidoo lenses tend to rank very high on Google getting you more visitors and income. It also allows to earn revenue from referral links to sites like Amazon and Ebay.

HubPages – Create Your Own Free WebPage

Hubpages picture

Click Here To Visit Hubpages

You can also join HubPages. HubPages is almost similar to Squidoo and helps you make money in the same way. You can create a small web-page and promote it online. Here, the pages you create are called HubPages. Hubpages shows Advertisements on your Hubs and you can earn when your visitors interact with it. Referrals links to Amazon or Ebay products are also accepted.

Like Squidoo, It is an open community of passionate people – writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters. Interacting and informing. But before you continue with any one of these sites, remember that everything depends on the quality of your work. This is what will help you grow as a better writer.

As previously mentioned, every time someone views one of your Hubs, They display ads. 60% of the revenues are shared with you. The best part is that they make it easy to create a Google AdSense  account. Remember to activate the HubPages Earnings Program from your account. If you write many high quality hubs, it will not be difficult to make a significant amount of money every month.

Fortunately, this is not the end. There are many other sites where you can make money writing articles. Some of the popular names are Demand Studios, Suite101, Bukisa, Ehow and Helium.com. If you are good at whatever you do, it is not difficult to make a difference in your financial situation. What you need is to choose the best place to utilize your talent. I tried to suggest some of the most popular and highly recommended places to utilize your writing talent. But, it can’t be ignored that everything depends on you only.


  1. Very true, first few are some of the most trusted market places. Though it is very difficult to get an order if just starting and there are no references to previous work.

  2. parthiban says:

    Hello Tamal Krishna Chandra ,
    I think you missed one more good market (HireWriters.com), on that community you can find all authors in particular niche..
    Thank you very much for this useful article…

  3. Hi Tamal,

    I recently wrote a piece on the top list of freelancing sites in India – http://esmeenetwork.com/freelancing-sites-in-india/

    It will be a huge favor to me and your blog audience if you can quote / link my article in your post.

    ~ Chitraparna

    • Hi Chitraparna, I must say; that’s truly an useful article for people looking for high quality freelancing sites in India. But this post may not be the right place for your article to be recommended. But I will remember it and would try to suggest it to my readers at the right time from the right place in the right way.

      However, I am happy that you tried to help my readers a bit. Hope you come back again to My Digital Money and share your valuable knowledge with us.

  4. Miriam Pia says:

    The idea that high quality writing and the sites you mention are enough to garner a person a good living is often patently false using the websites listed above.

    Good writing is just one of the requisite skills, and more than 50% of those writers who try – who have professional degrees or certified training before they start, never come close to earning a living using “content mills”.

    That is true at the same time that it is true that there are writers who make all the right contacts to editors, or have sales insights that many other good writers lack. There are people who’s writing careers really do take off their first year of using websites like Elance or Guru, but the majority do not find that level of success and it is not simply because they do not write well in 35% or so of cases (estimated %).

    • Hi Miriam, this article is about a few sites that really pay. A good writer can expect to earn money if they use these places. This article is not a guide to earn a living by writing articles. I understand that this may not be the best list and I don’t try to make anyone believe that. Different people have different experiences with different sites. You may add one of your favorites if you want. Let me know … I will add it.

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