What Is The Future of Blogging? Let’s Find Out The Reality.

As a blogger, it’s probably the most important question you need to ask? If you are not sure about the future of blogging, you would usually be a little doubtful about your own blogging future. As long as you are a serious blogger and want to continue as long as you can, this post is going to be very helpful for you.

Considering the fact that most bloggers actually fail and don’t earn enough money that can motivate them to continue their journey, it can be said that blogging is not for everyone.

But what about the people who are made for blogging?
What about the people who are born bloggers?
What about the people who are passionate about their blogs?
What about the people who want to take it the next level always?

It’s quite difficult to answer these questions confidently without actually knowing the future. But unfortunately we can’t know the future. We can only predict. Hopefully the predictions I will be making through this blog post is going to be absolutely correct.

Let’s Discover The Future of Blogging?

I must say that the best way to predict your future is to create it. So who are the creators here? It’s the bloggers who create a blog. It simply means that if bloggers stop blogging, blogging will end. But if they don’t stop, it will continue ….

If you think that blogging will ever end, you are not probably aware of how powerfully blogs have covered this entire world. There are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet right now and the numbers are growing on a continuous basis. A new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second. Most people in this world read blogs more than once a day.

Do You Know How Many Blogs are in The World?

WordPress.com reports that it hosts around 63 million blogs.
Livejournal reports to have 62.6 million blogs.
Tumblr.com reports that it has around 101.7 million blogs.
Weebly has more than 12 million blogs
Blogger.com reports to have more than half a billion blog posts.

This is not the end. There are many more online blogging platforms that someone can use and start blogging. These were the popular ones. Do you know these numbers are increasing every single day? 

A recent study shows that more than 60% of businesses in the world use blogging to market their products and services. With such a huge number of blogs, it can be assumed how many bloggers are there in the world. It’s not possible that everyone will want to stop blogging one day.

What Motivates a Blogger to Continue?

Person typing on type writer

For most bloggers, it’s basically their passion that motivates them to continue. For many of them, it’s money for which they want to continue blogging. When blogging started in the world, it was just a medium to share ideas, thoughts and knowledge with the world.

But nowadays blogging is one of the most profitable money making methods online. There are bloggers who earn millions from their blogs only. If you want to be familiar with some of them, I would suggest you to read the article linked from this paragraph.

Since blogging is a good source of money for most of the bloggers, it’s quite difficult for any blogger to just stop it. It’s true that a lot of bloggers don’t earn enough money to be proud of. But still, there is an expectation to earn better. This expectation helps them continue their blogging journey.

While it’s not very difficult to understand why most bloggers don’t earn enough money from their blogs, it is fairly easy to say that these bloggers will not stop blogging without a big reason. If you are looking for the reason; let me tell you that these bloggers started blogging just for money.

If you want to make money using a particular method, you would always like to increase your earnings. Even if you don’t earn anything, you would like to follow the system until it starts bringing money for you. It’s a common human nature and it’s very common in bloggers who are hungry for money.

If I am not wrong, more than 99% of bloggers in this world do it for money. I don’t say that it is bad to expect good earnings from your blog. But, using your blog only as a method to earn money is definitely a bad choice. Because you are not going to be recognized as a superstar blogger in the long run.

I hope that most bloggers understand this and don’t use blogging as a money making method only. But still, it is a way to earn money and will probably continue to be a source of money for a long time. Money is one of the most powerful inspirations in our life. Probably this is why blogging will never end.

But What If WordPress Shuts Down ?

As we all know that the most popular blogging software is WordPress. It’s very easy to create a WordPress blog within minutes and write your first blog post. The truth is that more than 70% of online blogs are built on WordPress platform. It’s highly powerful and the most renowned blogging software ever.

But what if WordPress developers stop updating it? First of all, we need to understand that it’s not going to happen. WordPress makes enough money from their online services that they can easily continue developing the software and make it better. It’s also not quite easy to shut down such a big online business.

It’s really a brilliant question. How can they make money when they are giving away the software for free?

Here’s How WordPress Makes Money …

How wordpress makes money

1, WordPress makes money by providing web hosting services. They provide premium quality web hosting service to big brands like CNN, TechCrunch, Time.com and more. The pricing of their VIP hosting starts from $15,000 every month. So you can imagine how much money they make.

2, If you have any blog on WordPress.com, you may have seen Google ads sometimes on your blog. WordPress.com provides free blog hosting services. As I previously mentioned, there are over 63 million blogs on their server. WordPress makes money by showing Google ads on these blogs.

If you are logged out and not using firefox browser, you would probably see Google ads as long as you are not referred from any WordPress powered site. They serve billions of pageviews every month.

So This Income Is Not Something to Be Ignored.

It also offers premium accounts with premium features.

3, Along with web hosting services, they also provide online backup services for blogs. This service is mostly known as VaultPress. They also charge $2.5-5k per year if you need their direct support. At WordPress.Org, they recommend a list of web hosting companies where they earn commissions per sale.

Also if you wish to transfer your site from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress blog, they provide support for a one-time fee of $119 for the transfer. They are the developer of Akismet, a famous plugin to fight spam comments on your blog. The commercial license starts at $50 per month.

So you can understand that they are already earning so much money that they can easily continue developing the WordPress software. It’s not really a big problem for them. Also the name of WordPress is so popular that most of their online businesses are run on this brand name only.

People trust them and pay them huge amount of money just to continue with them. They are working with the big brands of this world. So it’s almost impossible that WordPress will ever come to an end.

Even though WordPress stops, there are many other blogging platforms available. But since the most popular one is WordPress, I think that we should be careful about it only.

What Will Happen If Blogging Stops?

Blogging will not end

It is not very difficult to answer this question now as we already know that it will not stop. But still, take a look at what might happen if it stops ….

1, TechCrunch, Mashable, Copyblogger, ProBlogger and many other online blogs that are earning millions now will suddenly start earning nothing.

2, More than 70% search results contain results from blogs. Blog contents are comparatively of better quality and answer questions in a better way. Without blogs, the overall search quality will reduce.

3, Search engines are basically built to help people find out answers to their questions. Blogs are a lot better to answer these questions than any static website. For not getting quality answers, people might stop searching Google or other search engines. Oh … it’s horrible.

4, Many affiliate marketers make thousands of dollars by promoting affiliate products online. Still, the best way to do this is to build a small blog about the product you are promoting. ( you should read this article ) If blogging stops, they will also stop earning. That’s a huge loss of money.

5, The internet industry is continuously growing. Most internet contents are basically text contents. Studies show that only great quality writers can provide awesome quality text contents. Bloggers are the best content writers for internet. Internet is hungry for these writers.

As a result, internet will not exist without bloggers.

There are hundreds of other reasons why the end of blogging could mean the end of internet. As a result, we can say that blogging is not going to stop ever. Blogging will exist as long as internet is there. It will just evolve. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

I know that this should not be the end of this article. I could write a lot more words on this subject. But I must say that whatever discussed through this article should clearly answer the question.

There are some more facts you need to discover by yourself. If you can discover the facts yourself, you will be much more confident about the future of blogging than I can make you. So it’s better to leave it to you so that you can enjoy blogging much more than ever before.

Feel free, feel secured and enjoy blogging ……..


  1. Well, As a blogger I find that SEO future is awesome and Google make it more brighter day by day. I like your quoute “As a result, internet will not exist without bloggers” Good one buddy 🙂

  2. It even difficult to make an educated guess. Though things about blogging are nearly the same most of the time and the basic rules of success online apply for any kind of website. I am not sure, that WordPress will remain the most popular blogging platform in the future, but this is also highly probable.

  3. parthiban says:

    Hey Tamal,
    Actually I’m Reading Lot of good articles here, I like this blog post because in future in the blogging will become heavy competition..
    Blogging Makes Handsome Money…

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