How To Start a WordPress Blog With HostGator Hosting?

You want to start a blog; but don’t know how.

Don’t worry! This article will help you start your very own blog today and publish your first article online. I have tried my best to discuss almost everything you should know about starting a new blog.

But if you need help, you are always welcome to contact me.

Since blogging is one of the most popular money making methods online, it is a good idea to learn about some of the basics of starting a blog.

Since, blogging was primarily started to share knowledge with the world, it is important to know that you must have the basic concept or knowledge of the topic you want to choose for your blog.

You need to understand it even before you even think of starting a blog. Because this is the fundamental requirement for blogging success.

Once, you are sure that you have enough knowledge and you can start writing, it’s the right time to start your blog. Blogging success mostly depends on the quality contents. So it is very important to have good knowledge about the topic.

This will make sure that you can continue writing new posts for your blog on a regular basis. Now it is time to learn how to start a blog and make money at the same time.

Choose The Right Platform To Start Your Blog

To start a blog, you certainly need a platform. Although, there are many blogging platforms available online, it is suggested to use WordPress self hosting only. This is the most famous and reliable blogging platform available online. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create a beautiful blog.

More than 75% of blogs online are built on WordPress, even the biggest blogs in the world. WordPress also provides free blog hosting service. But, obviously it is not for you and should not be, as long as you want to turn it into a business.

Start blogging online

If you are serious about your blog and want to turn it into a profitable business online, it’s not a good choice to choose a FREE blogging platform. Remember, nothing good is free in the world.

So, it’s a much better choice to spend some money to purchase a domain name and a web hosting account. I recommend HostGator web hosting as they are simply the best according to my experience.

This blog is being hosting with Hostgator right from the beginning.

It really doesn’t cost so much that you can’t afford. To start any business, you need to have some capital in your hand. With no money in your hand, blogging just becomes a way to share what you know and nothing else.

Buy The Perfect Domain For The Perfect Topic

Now, it’s time to purchase a domain name for your blog. Remember, the domain name you will choose for your blog will gradually become your identity online.

People will get to know about you through your blog. And to visit your blog, they need to type the domain name in their browser.

It means that you should choose a domain name that can be easily remembered as well as gives a slight hint about what your blog could be about.

Choose a short domain name and remember to have your main keyword in the domain. This is something you can’t change after you start blogging.

So you have to be very careful.

You can read this article to have some basic knowledge about domain registrations and return to this article once you complete. You should now be able to understand why you should never use a free domain name.

It usually costs around $10 to register a new domain for one year. Every year, your domain name has to be renewed for another year or more on your choice.

Now, Click This Link to Visit Namecheap to buy your domain name. Use the search box to choose from available domain names. Remember to purchase only top level domains with .com, .net or .org extensions.

I suggest you to use Namecheap because it’s highly reliable, popular and provides wonderful features. You get Free WhoisGuard Protection, Free Url & Email Forwarding, Featured DNS Services, Security Features, Full Domain Control and many more.

Now Purchase Web Hosting For Your Blog

Now it’s time to purchase web hosting to host your domain name. Hosting is like a renting space on the web. You pay a monthly price to secure your own web space. Webhosting companies help you host your websites or blogs on their servers. Since, you pay for hosting of your sites; they take care of your sites.

They help you with everything you need to run your blog smoothly.

Now visit HostGator to host your blog. Why I recommend HostGator is because it is the first company in the market which offers 99% uptime guarantee. They have very affordable web hosting plans with great rates.

Use Coupon Code : ITamalDotCom to Get Flat 25% Discount

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a company or just a blog; they have a perfect plan for you. They will also give you a free domain name if you decide to host with them. This blog is also being hosted by HostGator.

You may be interested to read My Own Review About HostGator Here.

You may also choose BlueHost, Godaddy or Dreamhost to host your WordPress blog. These are some of the biggest names in the web hosting industry. All of these companies have very high ratings and have been in the market for quite a long time.

But I don’t have any experience with them as i never used them.

Update Your Domain Nameservers Now

It’s very important to update your domain Nameservers to point to your Web Host. HostGator will send you an email with your Nameserver’s information immediately after you purchase their hosting. It is assumed that you have registered your domain by Namecheap as recommended.

In order to change the nameservers for your domain please do the following:

1. Login to your Namecheap account and go to ‘Manage Domains’.
2. Click on the ‘Domain’ you would like to edit
3. Click on ‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’ (or Domain Name Server Setup) to setup the nameservers for your domain
4. Select ‘Specify Custom DNS Servers’ (Your own DNS Servers) option and enter the nameservers accordingly
5. Click ‘Save changes’

Note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect worldwide. But if you purchase both domain name and hosting from HostGator at the same time, you don’t need to change your nameserver. HostGator will manage everything.

Now Install WordPress at HostGator Cpanel.

Once, you have completed the registration, it is time to install WordPress to start your blog. After you purchase any of their web hosting plans and complete registration, you will be provided with your login ID and password.

You will get these details through your email. With these credentials, you will be able to login to HostGator Cpanel. From here, you can manage your web hosting account that you have just purchased.

So now, login to HostGator and scroll down to ‘Software/Services’ section. Here you will find ‘QuickInstall’. Use the Find option available on the top of the left sidebar to find it quickly.

Just write software and you will find the section called ‘Software/Services’.

Quickinstall hostgator

On clicking ‘QuickInstall’, you will be taken to a page from where you can install WordPress. On the left sidebar, you will find a lot of different type softwares ready to be installed on your blog.

Near to the top of the left sidebar, you will find WordPress.

Quickinstall functions

Click on WordPress and then Continue. Look at below picture. Here you need to fill up the required fields. Choose the URL where you want to install WordPress.

Now fill up the form with required details and click ‘Install Now’!

Look at the below picture. You’ll understand.

Wordpress install on blogs

Once the installation completes, you will get your Login URL and Password. Use this login URL to login to your blog admin. You can now type the URL in your browser to login to your blog’s WordPress admin.

From here, you can make new posts and publish to your blog. The world can now see your blog if they visit your URL, I mean domain name.

Now It’s Time To Make Your Blog More Attractive.

Congratulations! You now have your own blog that you control. Now before you write your first blog post, you need to make sure that people would love your blog. It’s not only important to write good content that helps people, but also your blog needs to look attractive and professional.

A professional wordpress blog

In spite of having good content, many blogs fail to attract visitors. The reason is that people don’t find the blog interesting to read. To fight this problem, you should have a nice looking theme for your blog.

WordPress already has hundreds of free themes that you can install from your blog admin. But, if you want to give your blog a more professional look, i would suggest you to go for premium themes.

Following are top three places where you will find some great and wonderfully designed themes for your blog. Once, you purchase an WordPress theme, it will be available for you to download and then install on your blog. You can also consult with the respective companies for their installation instructions.

The Thesis Theme : ( Click Here to Visit )

I started this blog with a Thesis theme. Later, I shifted to Genesis Framework. But I still highly recommend you to use Thesis theme for your blog. With lots of unique features, Thesis themes should definitely be a part of your consideration.

The best part of Thesis themes is that these themes load very fast. Also these themes are very responsive for different devices. It means that your blog will look great on any device. This is not the end, but just the beginning.

The Genesis Framework : ( Click Here to Visit )

This blog is built on the Genesis Framework. Genesis framework is being used by some of the biggest bloggers in the world. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go. You should also check the available StudioPress Themes after you install the main Genesis Framework.

Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners.

Elegant Themes : ( Click Here to Visit )

The price for an Elegant Themes is comparatively less than the previous two WordPress theme networks. But it doesn’t mean that their themes are of low quality. With high quality designs, they are able to sell their themes for a comparatively low price.

One thing that made elegant themes stand out is the ability to adjust your theme’s SEO settings using the ePanel. If you can’t afford to purchase Genesis Framework or Thesis themes, Elegant themes should be a perfect choice.

Now It’s Time To Start Blogging For Money.

Once you purchase a theme and install it on your blog, it is the right time to start writing blog posts. Now you are ready to get your blog in front of the world. Start writing wonderful posts and try to get more visitors to your blog.

Here are some of the most popular places to promote your blog and get visitors. Make new posts as many times as possible. But, don’t forget that the quality is more important than quantity.

So try to create quality contents as much as possible.

Blogging income

If you follow the right way, you will soon see visitors coming to your blog from all over the world. When you will start getting significant number of visitors to your blog on a regular basis, it will not be difficult to make money.

You may start showing advertisements. People would like to pay you for getting a recommendation from your blog. You may promote related affiliate products through your blog. You may ask people to show advertisements about their products or services directly on your blog. In return, you may ask for money.

If your blog help them make money, they will be happy to pay you sometimes even on a monthly basis. You may even join Google AdSense and get paid by Google. There are many more ways to monetize your blog.

All you need is a good blog with interesting content that people would like and of course, significant number of visitors coming from all over the world.

Hope, I have been able to help you start a profitable blogging journey. Now you should be able to start a blog and make money at the same time.

Remember, it takes time to build authority online. If you follow the right way, only the right things will happen to you.

Let me know if you need help regarding starting your first blog.

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