How to Register Domain Names?

Registering your domain name is the primary step if you want to start your business online. Starting any online business means having a website or blog that you want to make popular and make money from it.

When your website is popular enough to attract enough visitors, you can start showing advertisements to make money from it.

The basic concept is very simple.

If you have the same idea, but you are just thinking to start business online, you must at first register a domain name for your business.

Without registering a domain of your own, you can’t secure your online business. You must remember that having a domain which is a sub-domain of another website is the biggest mistake for your online journey.

What Is Domain Name and Its Importance

A domain name is actually a unique name ( URL ) which is created only for your website. When anyone types this URL in the internet browser, the browser will take the visitor to your website. = Here the word “example” is actually your domain and your full domain name is “

If you register a domain name of your own, no one can ever take the same name for their website. So if you want to start an online business, it is important to understand the importance to start your very own domain name.

Many people prefer blogging on sub-domains like or This kind of domains are freely provided by the main site.

I mean or

But having a business on those domain is just like having your business on the shoulder of someone else.

Blogger or WordPress may anytime discontinue their service for free hosting your blog and delete your blog for any kind of terms & conditions violations.

Although we can’t guarantee that it will happen, it’s never a good choice. Because, once it happens, everything destroys.

But if you have the domain name registered on your name and you keep a back up of your website you can again start your business using paid web hosting services. Using a sub-domain will never give you this kind of benefits.

How To Register a Domain Name?

Registering a domain name is very easy and doesn’t cost much.

Though there are some registrar company that would charge you 20$ to 30$ for registering your domain for one year, there are companies that will register your domain with a much less price.

There are lots of registrar company that you can find online.

Choosing a reputed company is the best choice. I would recommend you to go for Namecheap. Since all the registrar companies provide almost the same service, you can choose any company of your choice.

But for some extra features in the same price, you need to go for some reputed companies only. The only difference is that different companies will charge differently for domain registrations. You have to choose the most suitable company.

Here I Recommend Namecheap. You may click the link to visit.

An average charge for a domain registration is 10$ to 15$ per year.

If any company charges more than this, they must provide some other service along with this. If they don’t, there is no need to choose those companies to register your domain.

After all, all the registrar companies will provide almost the same service.

But if you are choosing the same company to host your domain and you get some good reviews about the company, there is nothing bad to pay a little more.

Check Or Validate Your Domain Registration

After you complete the registration, it may take some time for the details to be available online. You may ask your registrar company for assistance.

Once it completes, visit Who.Is website to validate the registration. Type your domain and check who is the registered owner of that domain name.

If the domain name is registered on your name, you should find all the details. But for some registrars, there is an option to hide your details from the public for security purposes.

Don’t worry! You would be informed about it when you register.

If you hide your details from the public in the domain control panel, you may not see the details. If you want to check it, you may at first make your details public.

Then check your domain in the Who.Is site to see if your details is being shown or not. If your details is being shown, then everything is fine and you are the owner of the domain. Then go to your domain control panel and hide your details if you don’t want to make it public.

Hope, all of your confusions have now been cleared.

Let me know if you have any question.