32 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts for More Readers.

It is fairly easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. One of the most important tasks involved in doing so is active promotions and marketing. Without effective promotions it’s quite difficult to survive.

I already talked about some powerful methods to make your blog popular.

But today I will discuss about some places where you can promote your blog posts; new or old ones. If you actively utilize the places mentioned below, you will soon realize that your blog is growing.

Remember your primary goal is not increasing the number of backlinks coming to your blog, but increasing the number of people who know your blog. You should surely use it.

In five years of my blogging journey, I have built a lot of small niche blogs basically to promote affiliate products. I used hundreds of different methods to reach more people. Some worked and some didn’t.

It entirely depends on how you use the platforms. Just because something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. So here are a few places to start your journey from …

1, Google Plus Profile : A few years ago, Google plus profile links were not very powerful for SEO. But recently Google has started using G plus votes as a powerful ranking signal. It’s also very effective way to reach like-minded people. It’s doesn’t take long to create a Google profile. Once you create it, you are ready to promote your blog posts and let people follow you. Obviously it must be an important part of your marketing strategies.

2, Google Plus Communities Just as Google profile, G Plus communities play a very important role to take your blog to the next level. You can easily join any communities on Google plus and start promoting your articles. In most of the cases, you don’t need any approval from the community to join; just like Facebook. You just need to join some relevant communities where people are looking for information that you provide through your blog.

3, Google Plus Page : Just as Facebook page, you can create a page on Google plus as well. People can like your page to get new updates directly in their Google plus timeline. It really generates a lot of traffic if your page is followed by thousands of people. So if you have a Facebook page, you should also create a Google plus. Both work almost in the same way and can be a powerful method to get some instant traffic to your blog.

4, Facebook Page : I have already talked about Google plus page. This is no different. You can use Facebook pages just as you use G Plus pages.

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5, Facebook Profile : Using the power of Facebook profile, you can promote your new blog posts to your friends and family members. People who know you would probably be more interested to know what you write about. In most of the times, posts shared in Facebook profile go viral.

6, Twitter : Nowadays everybody knows about Twitter. It’s one of the most popular social sites on the web with millions of users. It can also be called as a micro-blogging site where you can share small messages promoting your blog posts. The more followers you have on Twitter, the better your reach.

7, Pinterest : Pinterest is very effective way to create buzz about your blog. It provides an an excellent interactive platform through which you can promote your blog. You can even create a business page on Pinterest just like Facebook and Google. Don’t just pin your contents and forget. Rather engage with your audience and try to know what they want from you.

8, Linkedin : Create a Linkedin profile today if you don’t have one. Join a few of relevant Linkedin groups and share your contents. It works better for small businesses. It has been on the web for longer than Facebook or Twitter. So don’t ignore it and make it a part of your marketing.

9, Stumbleupon : StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the Web. If you have written article that you feel should go viral, you should definitely share it on Stumbleupon. It makes it easier to find interesting pages on the web. Depending the quality of your contents, you can expect a lot of buzz about it.

10, Technorati : Technorati is a blog search engine and it has a unique algorithm to determine which blogs are of high quality. You can submit your blog on Technorati for free. Without any extra work, it will automatically import your new posts. The better your blog is, the better visibility you’ll have on Technorati.

11, Digg : It’s a social news site that helps users find interesting blog posts on the web. If your post creates a lot of buzz on the web, you may have a place on Digg’s homepage. Obviously, you will get thousands of visitors on the day and probably a lot of new readers.

12, Reddit : Reddit is known as the front page of internet. It is one of the most visited 100 websites in the world. Join Reddit for free and choose the right sub-reddit while sharing your posts. Sub-reddits are small communities of people who are interested in a particular topic.

13, Tumblr : You can share your blog posts by creating a tumblr blog. According to my experience, it’s quite easier to get followers on Tumblr than Blogger or WordPress. You can share your new blog posts to Tumblr and your followers would be able to see in their timelines.

14, Alltop : Alltop is probably the most popular RSS aggregator on the web. It imports stories from popular new sites and blogs online and displays the most recent popular posts on a particular topic. It is very essential to add your blog to Alltop so that each each of your blog posts gets imported here.

15, Blogcatalog : This is perhaps the biggest blog directory online. If you are looking to promote your new blog posts or connect with other bloggers in your field, you should definitely try Blogcatalog. It’s a huge community of bloggers and would surely help you get new targeted readers for your blog.

16, Blogengage : It’s a highly popular blogging community on the web. You can submit your new articles here to be reviewed by all the other members. If your post is helpful and useful, it may be promoted to the main page resulting thousands of new visitors to your blog. It’s a paid service. So you have to pay before you can join and share your articles.

17, Inbound.org : Inbound is a huge community of high quality bloggers. It’s free to join and you can use your Twitter account to login. They approve only high quality articles in their community. So if you feel that your content is highly useful and informative and have the ability to go viral, you should submit it here.

18, Kingged.com : By using Kingged.com, you can’t only promote your new articles, but also make money by commenting on other posts. You can easily earn at least every single day from here. Obviously, you will also get a lot of comments on your own articles. If used properly, you can easily build reputation in the blogging field and get some high quality traffic from the site as well.

19, Bizsugar : It is basically to share small business news and tips. There are twenty different categories available. If one of your blog post is suitable for any one of these categories, you can share it. Remember to post only high quality contents to get votes from other members. It will help you reach the front page. All submitted contents are moderated. So submitting low quality contents again and again may even get you removed from the community.

20, Do Splash : It can help you get both traffic and backlinks. All submitted contents are reviewed by other members. Members can vote up or down depending on the quality of the article. You get dofollow links that helps SEO a bit. If you submit a lot of high quality contents that are voted up, it can really help your SEO a lot. And it’s completely free to join.

21, Klinkk : This is another huge community of bloggers. You can also call it a social networking site for bloggers. You can share your own articles and vote for other articles just as other communities.

22, Blokube : Blokube is quite similar to inbound.org. It also provides dofollow links. You can share your own articles and expect other to vote for it.

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23, Indiblogger : Indiblogger is an Indian blogging community and has got huge success in blogosphere. If you are from India, you shouldn’t ignore it. It works similarly as other communities. So there is nothing new to say about it. Use it and understand how it can help you reach more people.

24, Postjoint : It is basically a blogger outreach platform where you can connect with other blogger in your field. Bloggers join to earn money. So if you want to promote your blog, you have to join as an advertiser, find a high quality blog and pay them to write about your blog.

Remember this is not paying someone to talk about you or linking to your blog. But it’s about creating awareness. This is why you have to choose only high quality blogs with huge audience so that you get the maximum exposure. I suggest you to nofollow the links so that you don’t face any future SEO problem.

25, Blogdash : This is another popular service similar to Postjoint. You pay other bloggers to review your blog and publish the review. As a result, you get huge exposure and a lot more readers to your own blog.

Paying for links is against SEO rules. So your primary goal should be creating awareness and not getting links. So I recommend you to make the links nofollow; of course if you prefer. Just remember; it’s very important.

26, YouTube : Create a small video about your latest blog post and upload it to YouTube. Properly optimize your video with keywords and don’t over-optimize it. Use images to make a small video and ask the viewers to visit your blog to read the full post. Just put a link to your blog post in the description.

27, Instagram : You can promote your posts in several ways in Instagram. You can post an image with a caption. You may also share tips, ask questions or just point to your blog. Be active and you will soon start getting followers.

28, Triberr : Triberr is known as a community of talented Bloggers and Influencers. Join some relevant tribes and share your latest articles for other members to read. Here the tribe members are very active. So if your contents are helpful and informative, you can expect getting a lot of traffic quite instantly.

29, Social Buzz Club : This is one of the hottest blogging communities for driving a consistent stream of targeted traffic  to your blog or website. It runs on a point system. You need at least 10 points to be able to promote your own contents. You can earn these points by sharing others’ contents.

30, Viral Content Buzz : It is quite similar to Social Buzz club. But you can submit only high quality articles. Otherwise your articles will not be approved. Every new article is moderated to assure quality.

31, Scoop.it : Scoop.it is a content curation platform where you can create magazines depending on a particular topic. Post your new articles so that they can be recommend to others. The more quality articles you submit, more people will see it and submit in their own magazines.

32, Slideshare : Just create a slideshare presentation for your new article. At the end of your presentation, ask them to visit your blog for more. Slideshare receives thousands of visitors every day and it is fairly easy to get targeted visitors. Create high quality presentations that force visitors to visit your blog for more information. Slideshare has an inbuilt search engine. So when there is a search engine, there is a way to optimize. Optimize your presentations with proper keywords and you can expect to get a lot of traffic.

There are many other ways to promote your latest blog posts. But the above list is quite enough to start with. Nowadays it’s more important to write quality contents before promoting it. So before you promote any of your articles, make sure that it provides value to the readers. The rest will be done by the people to whom you share it. Use the right methods and only the things will happen to you.

If you liked my effort to create this article or if you truly feel that it is helpful and useful, don’t forget to share it. Thanks …


  1. The 32 places mentioned in this post can be categorized as either social media, social networking, social bookmarking, blog community, or content syndication website. They can be used to gain traffic and reputation.

    One good example is Kingged.com where many bloggers can engage effectively with other bloggers.

    I agree with you, to get the best from sites like Kingged.com, there is need to properly follow the rules.

    This comment was left in kingged.com – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  2. Kidambi Badri says:

    You have cited all the important places for blog promotion. I am using all of them except social buzz which is new to me. This blog post should be read by all the bloggers who are looking to get more visibility. I would rate Kingged.com as the best of the lot.

  3. Hi Tamal,

    Man, that was a pretty big list! It very well covered some awesome sources, where bloggers can share their blog content and get visitors.

    Running from #1 to #32, I came upon a number of familiar names and some new ones. By new ones, I mean that I haven’t been using them.

    For me, due to time constraint, sharing content on each and every place you mentioned is not just possible. That’s why I decided to make use of select few sources.

    Those places are- Facebook, StumbleUpon, Kingged and Klinkk. I must admit that I’m getting good results from the above sources that I mentioned.

    Once I get some more time, which is a very valuable resource, I’ll do make sure that the other places are also tried out by me! 🙂

    Nice list!


    • Hi Arun, Great to see you here. Yes, it might seem to be a pretty big list. But I must say there are hundreds of other platforms or methods you can use to promote your blog posts. You just need to be a little creative about it. However, I don’t think it’s impossible to share in all of these places. Because I do so and it generates a lot of traffic. It takes less than 20 minutes to share and generates some really high quality visitors quite instantly.

      By the way; did you like My Digital Money? Oh! I am sure you did. Don’t forget to come back and share your valuable ideas and knowledge.

  4. I like how you said it, “to reach like minded people” and it is true. G+ is only great for people who has the same mind, so it is not a waste of time publishing your blog post there. This list will be useful if used properly and you engage with your followers and readers well.

    Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

  5. Shiv Sharma says:

    Thanks for the great list shared here for bloggers…I am gonna to make use of any of these platform to reach my post to the readers…..

  6. Awesome list, very effective and has helped me out tremendously! thx

  7. Karan Khurana says:

    I’m using these 32 sources to promote blog post but in recent time i heard another website called Zimbio, please tell me about that for which purpose we can use it and how it will be helpful to us.

  8. Hi Tamal,
    Promoting a post is all that it takes but the where is what many will be asking but this is one post which has done justice to it.

  9. Hi Tamal,
    huge list of places for promotion and networking!

    I know all these sites.
    Among the others,
    Reddit is huge, a community of smart people who create the viral content of the internet.

    Also, I like to use blogging communities.
    Not just for the targeted traffic you can receive, but above all for the new connections you can make.

    I really appreciate you mentioning Klinkk.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Nice list Tamal. Although I’m a little surprised since you mentioned ViralContentBuzz, but you didn’t include JustRetweet. That’s how I was able to find this particular post. 🙂

  11. Just like you “I used hundreds of different methods to reach more people. Some worked and some didn’t”. And it makes me so disappointed. Well, I am making a checklist out of your list of ideas and I noticed that I missed a lot of places to promote my blog. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  12. Hi Tamal,
    what a huge list of places where we can promote our content and find people to network and connect with.
    It’s a big pleasure to see “Klinkk” in your post.
    Thanks a lot for the mention!

  13. This blog post takes the pressure right off.
    I sent a mail out to a few fellow bloggers in hopes that they too will relax.
    I have started doing the content upgrade and am now thinking about the resource page with password protection.

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