How to Redirect a Domain to a Totally Different Domain?

Redirect a domain name

Redirecting your domain name to another domain is quite simple. But it may seem to be really difficult for people who don’t know how to redirect a domain to another domain or have little knowledge about domain redirections. Here is a tutorial to make you understand how to do it and what are difficulties you […]

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How to Find Broken Links on Your Website or Blog?

Find broken links

According to Google, having broken links don’t hurt the ranking of other pages on your website. But it surely hurts the user experience. If your website is full of broken links, your will visitors would frequently be visiting 404 pages. This is surely not a good sign for an authority site. So, finding and removing […]

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How to Show Your Picture in Google Search Results?

Google Profile Picture

You may have found that Google now shows profile pictures of webmasters in their search results. Actually, Google has introduced this new feature where a blogger or a webmaster can show their own Google profile picture in Google search results. Your profile picture will be shown whenever anyone will search for a blog post that […]

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