How to Make Money From Your Blog Writing Blog Reviews?

Apart from affiliate programs or direct advertising on your blog, writing blog reviews is another smart way to make money from your blog. It is really a smart choice to review other blogs or websites on your blog. Because it doesn’t only help you make some money, but your blog gets awarded with some extra visitors continuously for a few months.

These visitors basically come from the blog owners whose blogs you have reviewed on your blog. Because, after getting their blog review published on your blog, it becomes a continuous effort for them to see how your blog helps them get visitors.

They get interested to review your blog as well and its search engine performance especially for the blog post you have written to review their site. As a result, you get visitors. Since, these visitors are highly interactive with your blog, you get some benefit for search engine ranking as well.

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Is It a Good Way to Make Money From Your Blog?

Truly speaking, it depends on you and the way you want to monetize your blog. It can’t be said whether it is a good way or not. Because, there are hundreds of bloggers who allow blog reviews on their blogs.

But there are many other bloggers who do not want to review other sites. So it basically depends on you. There is simply nothing bad or good or anything like that. As long as you like a blog or website that you want to review on your blog, it’s absolutely fine. 

At first, find out why it may be taken as a bad choice by people. Most of the times, it is thought that most bloggers write reviews of other sites to make money from their blogs. So the blogger wouldn’t have reviewed it, if the blog owner did not pay. It means that the review has been written for money only. But if you have loyal readers who trust what say or write on your blog, you may be survived. Read 5 Quick Money Making Ideas Online You Can’t Ignore.

Also, if a blog is full of hundreds of reviews of other sites, the blog is not trusted by search engines. Because the blog is basically linking to a lot of different sites without any logical reason.

However, if you own a huge blog that has thousands of posts which are not blog reviews, your blog may be survived. Remember that the buyers of blog reviews actually look for blogs with low number of outgoing links. Because, this will give their site more authority and some highly powerful links from your blog.

If you are highly interested to start reviewing other blogs on your blog to make money, it’s recommended to remember all these points. Choose a price which is affordable for most buyers. Otherwise, you may not get any sell. But, don’t also ask for a small amount to get more sells.

Because, it will eventually hurt your own blog and its search engine ranking. Because, you will have a lot of outgoing links to different sites. Linking to a site which is not trusted by Google, will also hurt your blog and affect its ranking in Google search. So it’s better to choose only good sites to review on your blog.

Now when you have made your mind and ready to monetize your blog, join any one of the following sites to start your journey. These are some of the most popular sites that help bloggers make money writing blog reviews. There may be many other sites that can help you. But giving a try to all the sites discussed below should be sufficient.

PayPerPost : Blog Marketing.

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Click Here to Visit PayPerPost.

PayPerPost is probably the most popular name that comes in mind while talking about making money writing blog reviews. PayPerPost names itself as a blog marketing tool that helps both the bloggers and the advertisers. The company started its journey in 2006 and Founded by IZEA, a world leader in sponsored conversations.

IZEA hasn’t stopped by only creating PayPerPost. But they are also the creator of some innovative platforms like Sponsored Tweets, SocialSpark and Sponzai. According to what they say on their sites, their goal is to help their customer realize their marketing objectives.

IZEA works depending on seven different core values which are Idealism, Courage, Accountability, Love, Citizenship, Receptiveness and Fun. All these effectively show that they enjoy their work as well as truly help their customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or an advertiser. They treat you similarly. So it’s a good choice to be a part of a good organization.

As a  blogger, PayPerPost basically helps you find a platform where advertisers gather looking for bloggers. If your blog can attract these advertisers, you have a good opportunity to make additional income from your blog every month.

The best part is that your blog doesn’t need to meet any special requirement to be approved in their network. Your blog is eligible to receive offers from advertisers as soon as you submit your blog.

But, of course it must be remembered that you are not going to make money just after joining. Also if your blog doesn’t have a good pagerank, a good alexa rank or significant number of visitors, you shouldn’t expect to get offers from advertisers. An advertiser pays you to write some words on your blog. So if your blog doesn’t have the quality to provide proper value of their money, you would simply get no offer. Read How To Make Money From Your YouTube Videos?

So you can understand that even after your blog is submitted and eligible to receive payment, you are far away to make some money. It makes it very clear that you need a quality blog before you join any of such networks like PayPerPost. There are bloggers who earn hundreds of dollars from PayPerPost. It is possible only because their blogs have the capability to attract advertisers.

So it’s better to build an authority blog at first, before you try to make money from your blog. It doesn’t matter whichever networks you join, you won’t make money if your blog has not the ability to attract people. Before you expect someone advertiser on your blog, think about why someone would like to advertise on your blog.

Give them enough reason to consider your blog as a profitable choice for their business. Before you can make money from your blog, think if the advertisers can make money advertising on your blog. If they can, you will surely get a portion of that.

ReviewMe – Bloggers Earn cash.


Click Here to Visit ReviewMe.

The second name that you may consider after PayPerPost is certainly ReviewMe. The fact that the name of ReviewMe is being taken after PayPerPost, doesn’t mean that PayPerPost is much better.

Both of the sites work almost similarly to help bloggers make money from their blogs by writing reviews. It really doesn’t matter which name is taken before. All the networks work almost in the same way.

As long as your blog has the quality that someone would like to advertise, you can make money. It doesn’t matter which network you choose. But it’s a good choice to join at least a few networks without just sticking to one network. Because, it gives you more opportunities to get advertisers and expand your reach as well. Read How To Really Make Money Online For Free?

Now it’s time to know what is ReviewMe and it can help you.  As a platform to help bloggers make money and help advertisers create buzz, ReviewMe started its journey in 1995. They accept blogs into their system based on a combination of link popularity, estimated readership (Alexa), and estimated RSS subscribers.

They have a rating system and depending on it, they decide which blogs should be rated highly. Their overall rating is based on a combination of Alexa, Google, RSS subscriptions, and your review ratings on reviewMe. It all makes it clear that your blog has to be a quality site to be approved in their network and get good rating as well. A high rating means that you have more chance to receive offers from advertisers.

The basics that ReviewMe follows to rank a blog are the number of backlinks you have to your blog, the number of post contents that are indexed in search engines like Google or Bing, your social media presence, how your blog ranks on Alexa and RSS rankings.

Adverisers can rate your reviews on ReviewMe. Their positive ratings make your blog rank higher in their system. So you can understand how important it is to build an authority blog and then you should expect to earn. However, if you are confident that your blog would meet all these criteria, it shouldn’t be bad to say that your blog will work as a cash-generating machine for you. – Bloggers Earn Cash.

Sponsored reviews

Click Here to Visit SponsoredReviews.

The next name that must be taken here is surely SponsoredReviews. It connects bloggers with SEOs, marketers and advertisers looking to build links, traffic and buzz. As a blogger, it’s a great platform to start with. The company started in 2006 and has continuously been beneficial for both the advertisers and bloggers.

Obviously, as a blogger, you can make money writing reviews about advertisers’ products, services or websites. Here you can set your own price as other similar sites. Depending on the quality of your blog and its readership, you can expect to anywhere from $5 to $1000 for every review you write. If you run a highly authoritative blog, you can expect to make even more.

SponsoredReviews has very general requirements for your blog to be approved in their marketplace. Your blog requires to be at least three months with more than ten blog posts. Your blog has to be indexed in all major search engines including Google. Of course, these criteria can be easily met if you are running a quality blog. Also the reviews you write on your blog should remain on the homepage for at least 24 hours.

These are probably the best sites to choose when you think of making some extra money writing blog reviews. But the list doesn’t end here and it can’t be said which site would work the best for you. So it is a good choice to try some of the most popular sites in the market. PayU2Blog, SocialSpark and Blogsvertise are some of the names that must be mentioned here.

Before you jump into it, you should make it clear that your blog is capable enough to attract advertisers’ attention. Otherwise, it will be really difficult to make significant amount of income using these sites. It doesn’t matter how many sites you join.

If your blog can not provide good value for advertisers’ money, it won’t make any profit for you. So the best choice to build a quality blog at first, before you even think of earning a cent from it. After all, you are intelligent enough to understand what will work for you and what will not.


  1. Hey Tamal,

    About sponsored review, I’m not new to it. Though it’s the first time I’m hearing about sponsored blog review.

    I’m not yet on the move to monetize my blog but I’m certain I sure will be making use of this spectacular mediums and the your post of course was highly resourceful with the number of links you shared where bloggers aiming to benefit from this angle of making money online.

    If I were ask about how the post fared. Trust me I’d score it 7/10. That is to say you did a fantastic job. Kudos!


    • Thank you Sam for appreciating my efforts to write this article. Posting sponsored review is definitely a good way to earn. But only quality blogs can generate income in this way. Most advertisers don’t pay an average blogger to write a review for them if the blog doesn’t have huge audience.

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