How To Make $1000 Or More Money With Twitter?

First of all, i am not kidding.

It may be possible for you to make $1000 a month or more with Twitter.

But you need to have thousands of active followers to attract advertisers.

I am sorry if the reality hurts you. As an ordinary person it may look impossible. But there are people making much more money with just Twitter.

I have already written an article on how much some twitter celebrities are earning. It should definitely open your eyes to its earning potential.

75 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online.

You may not be a celebrity to make that much. But you can still earn a few hundred dollars or even a thousand if you are serious.

Follow this article carefully as I am disclosing some of the most important facts that can seriously increase your Twitter income. If you don’t make any money with your Twitter followers, this is the article you should read.

So Let’s Start Now …

You can really make enough money with Twitter.

But you must work smart to make it possible.

Please don’t think it’s easy and quick. You need to do some smart work to get good number of targeted followers.

Because they will actually help you make money with Twitter.

Today, I will be talking about some services that can help you make some money as long as you have decent number of loyal followers on Twitter.

People will pay you to tweet their messages to your followers. So you can understand how much you can expect to make if you have millions of followers.

I know it takes time to get that much followers. But if you already have good number of followers that you know will interact with you tweets, you should sponsor tweets to make some money for yourself.

What is a Sponsored Tweet?

Sponsored tweets are basically small messages promoting someone’s products or services. As long as you have very high number of loyal followers on Twitter, it is not really very difficult to make people pay you.

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But what if you are not a celebrity?

This is exactly what i am going to talk about today. There are sites that can help you find advertisers. You need to join Sponsored Tweets or Mylikes or both of these sites. These sites will help you make money with your tweets.

Of course, how both these sites work is a little different and these differences will help you decide which site is a better choice for you.

But, I would recommend you to join both of these sites for the most benefit.

Let’s see how these sites work and how you can make money with them.

Sponsored Tweets : Twitter Advertising

sponsored tweets homepage

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Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform where advertisers gather to increase their social media presence and create some buzz about their products.

Twitter users can make money if they share sponsored content with their followers. The more followers you have, the more money you can make.

You get paid on a Cost Per Tweet ( CPT ) or Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis.

For CPT, You get paid when you just share the sponsored content within your Twitter stream. For CPC, you get paid when someone clicks on the shared links.

Most advertisers prefer to pay on Cost Per Click basis. Only if you have huge number of loyal followers, you may expect advertisers to pay you for tweets.

CPT model works best for people who are already famous out of twitter like superstar bloggers, celebrities or someone with a very strong social media presence.

Make money with sponsored tweets

But for most of others, advertisers will pay on Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis.

So you should be careful about building good number of loyal followers on Twitter; preferably in a particular niche.

It makes sure that you would make money with your followers.

It takes time to build relationships and strong connections with your followers. So don’t rush and take time to interact with the followers.

So you can understand that you just need to tweet a small message to start making money with Twitter. There is nothing more to do. But before you can start doing it, there is really a lot of hard work involved.

But this is highly possible and you can do it.

The best thing is that your hard work will eventually pay you after a certain time.

get more twitter followers

Things to Remember …

It’s not only important to get new followers regularly, but also it is important to keep the followers you already have.

If you always tweet sponsored messages, your followers will soon catch it and if they start unfollowing you. So make sure that handle your followers carefully.

JustRetweet is an effective place to increase your Twitter followers.

Here is My Exclusive Review on JustRetweet.

It will help you significantly increase your Twitter Followers.

Don’t always tweet sponsored messages. Rather, post non-sponsored contents much more.

Think about what your followers will like and why they are following you. Think about the niche you follow while making tweets.

Search Google to find new tweet ideas.

These activities will make sure that you won’t lose your followers. They will stay and help you make money continuously.

While posting sponsored messages, post only contents that are related to your niche. Your followers would like it and you should get more clicks.

The more shares you have on your tweets, the more followers you will gain.

It will help you make more money from your twitter activities.

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It just takes a lot of dedication and passion to share interesting niche contents on a regular basis. With a huge follower base, it’s not very difficult to make money with your twitter followers.

You can even promote your niche-related affiliate products.

So if anyone buys anything, you will make a commission. So you can understand how important it is to build loyal followers on Twitter.

Sometimes, you will make enough money to cover most of your expenses.

Sponsored Tweets pays by PayPal and their minimum withdrawal amount is $50. You can set your own price here. But you need to remember not to set the price too high. Otherwise, people wouldn’t like to advertise with you.

Remember, how much money you will make depends a lot on how many times advertisers want to work with you. Think about it and choose your price.

At Sponsored Tweets, advertisers have the ability to easily look at your tweets and determine if they want to do business with you.

While numbers are important, credibility, quality and reasonable pricing are important too. So be careful.

When you choose your price, imagine if you would like to pay the same amount for a tweet to the number of followers you have.

This will help you take a better decision.

MyLikes : Advertising Network For Social Web

mylikes homepage

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It can also help you make money with your Twitter followers.

Although MyLikes works almost similarly as Sponsored Tweets, it could be taken as a better choice for small publishers.

Once you register and login to your account, you will be presented with a list of available campaigns ready to be tweeted or shared online.

You will be paid once you share them online.

You can also see the amount you may be paid if someone clicks on the links you share. It is not about only Twitter, but you can share the web-links that they provide on any of your social media profiles.

You get paid on a Pay Per Click basis.

You can make around 2 cents for every unique click you get. The minimum payout is comparatively low and it is just $2. You can get paid through PayPal.

It is recommended to try both of these sites to see what works for you.

It’s true that your earnings will entirely depend on how actively people follow you. If you are one of the top influencers in your field, it won’t be difficult.

Things to Remember …

It doesn’t matter which platform you use to make money, it will never work if you are not serious with what you are doing.

If you want to do it just for fun and enjoyment, it won’t last longer.

Rather, take it as a business and invest your time to build solid relationship with your social media followers. It’s not always directly connecting with them, but sharing what they want from you.

Do not forget the reason why they follow you.

Making money is not always difficult. What is more difficult is to build a source of residual income.

While it is important be careful of how much you earn today, it is more important to think about how much money you will be making tomorrow.

If you start today to build the source of your future income, it will always be a better decision than any other decisions you take to secure your financial future.

Since, all the businesses whether it is online or offline takes time to be successful, you need to patient.

You need to follow only the right way.

Because only then, the right things will happen to you.

How Difficult is It to Make Money With Twitter?

It depends on how you use Twitter to connect with others.

It depends on how active you are on Twitter. TwitPab and Paid Per Tweet are two more sites where you can make money with Twitter.

But it can’t be guaranteed how much you will actually earn.

Because it depends on several different factors. To make it easier for you, try to answer the following questions ….

Do you use Twitter to share what you are passionate about?

Do you enjoy Twitter platform and spend long time tweeting?

Are your tweets retweeted by your followers?

How many times they retweet your posts?

How actively they interact with your tweets?

If you can answer these questions positively, it is certainly the right time to start making money from your Twitter account.

But you must be careful about your followers’ interest at the same time.

If the followers like what you tweet, they will probably stay. Otherwise, you might lose them gradually and your income as well.

Now it depends on your ability to engage your followers by posting interesting tweets continuously. The best way to be successful is to follow a particular niche.

Use popular keywords relating to that niche while making tweets.

It makes sure that your tweets get found. So your followers will increase.

Follow people in your niche and try to interact with their followers as well. Let them know about you and give them a good reason to follow you.

Since, they are already interested in your chosen topic, most would follow you.

Now your work is just to keep them by posting contents they want to see.

It shouldn’t take long to increase your followers to one thousand or even more. Of course, it will take some time to get quality followers.

But a continuous effort will make it easier.

As a result, Twitter may recommend your name to others to follow and you might get more followers. After a certain time, you may start making enough money from your Twitter followers just for your tweets.

Having a lot of followers doesn’t always guarantee increased income.

But you can definitely use them to increase your online income potential in various other ways. Let me know what you think and feel.

Are you on Twitter already?

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