How to Really Make Money Posting Links Online?

I know it might sound a little surprising if you didn’t hear it before.

But it is really possible to make money posting and sharing links online. Of course, these links are not usual links that you share on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.

This unique concept has primarily been initiated by basically helps you shorten long URLs and share it on the internet. Apart from just helping you shorten links, it helps you make money for posting these shortened links anywhere on the internet.

Of course, you don’t earn just by posting these links online. You earn every time someone visits your links. So every unique visit makes you money.

The concept is unique and could be really helpful for you to make some extra money. As long as you post these links somewhere where people are interested to share with you and engage with your posts. is not the only URL shortening service online.

But the names of,, or TinyURL can also be taken. This is not the end. Because there are even more sites that provide the same kind of service.

But You Will Not Make Money With Them.

Because most of these sites don’t provide the users an opportunity to earn money. This is the reason why has seen huge success in its business.

It was first started in May, 2009. Now it’s one of the most visited websites in the world and it’s continuously helping its users earn more.

So How to Make Money with

adfly homepage image

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You may have already understood that is basically an URL shortening service that helps you make some money as well.

Now it is time to find out why will pay you to post their links online. Why would they pay you just to share a few links with your online friends?

The question is an intelligent one.

But the answer to this question is perhaps more intelligent as it is a way to help some advertisers to reach more and even more people.

Advertisers always look for new ways to promote their products or services to new people. To reach more people in search of more customers, they need a platform to make everything possible. works as one of the best online platforms for these advertisers.

When you shorten a link using their service, they have a way to put an advertisement within your link. They ask your permission and insert an advertisement within your link.

Now whenever you share this link and someone visits the link, the person would at first see the advertisement before the shared content is viewed.

At the time of viewing the ads, visitors will have an option to skip the ads to reach the shared content. Click Here to See How Links Actually Work

The basic concept is very simple. The more people you can make visit your links, the more money you can expect to earn. It means that if you want to make good amount of money, you have to share these links to as many people as you can.

So the more you share these links, the more you can earn.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

get paid to post links

How much you can actually earn with mostly depends on the visitors’ geographical location and the number of link visits you receive. It means that you will earn different amounts from visitors from different countries.

The most amount of money you can make from visitors coming from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

What you earn from visitors of others countries aren’t also so less that you can ignore these visitors. For visitors from other countries, you make around $2.35 for every 1000 visitors. Click here to see their payout rates.

So the amount fluctuates a lot depending on visitors’ locations. Countries like Iran, or some Asian countries, might not credit when a link is viewed. If at the time they click on the link there is no ad showing for users from those countries, you will not get credit or earn from that click.

So visit the site to see the complete list of countries they support and find out how much you may earn. It will give you an idea.

To make it easier, it will be better to just join today and test it yourself. Click here to visit and join the program for FREE.

Remember, it’s not really easy to make a lot of money in the beginning. It will gradually increase as you will spread your links in more and more places online.

Try to post links in such places where people gather on a regular basis like forum or community sites. Make comments to blogs or sites using links.

Having a lot of links spreading all around internet might give you a steady income source. Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and continuous effort to build a source of regular income.

Should You Really Join Right Now?

It completely depends on you.

If you don’t want to join, nobody can change your decision. But if you are skeptical whether it is a legit site or not, still don’t give it a second thought.

As already mentioned, it is one of the most visited websites in the world. makes millions of dollars every year from advertising revenues. Most of all, the site is online since 2009.

It is not possible for a scam site to run its business for such a long time. If you join and share some of their links or test it yourself, you would see ads of some of the biggest brands in the world.

They are using as their advertising platform.

So how much are you going to earn with Is it millions of dollars?

No, you are not. But, may be a few hundred dollars every month. is not going to take your money just to ruin their reputation. Now the decision is yours.

Please note that they earn so much more than what they pay you.

They can’t scam you. They won’t.

How To Increase Your Income?

The best way to increase your income is posting links using YouTube. YouTube videos are watched by thousands of people every single day.

Most of these people click on the links within video descriptions provided your video is interesting. If you can create good videos that people would watch for long, they would be interested to know what else you have to share.

You have to use this tendency to make money for yourself.

If you don’t have time to make videos, you may hire people to do it for you.

But it is recommended to create your own videos and make it interesting and share it. Once you have a video, upload it to YouTube, write its description and put your link in the description.

Using good number videos, it will not be difficult to get good number of views on your videos. As a result, you will get a lot of clicks on your links as well. The best part is that the process doesn’t end in one day.

But it continues for long time. If your videos rank well on YouTube, you have enough chance to get even more than 1000 clicks on links.

The more videos you upload, the more chances you have to earn. Fortunately, you will make more money with on a regular basis.

make money posting links

Apart from YouTube, you could start a blog, post some useful articles and share it on Social networking groups. Use entry script on your blog so that whenever someone visits your site, you get an ad impression.

You may use high traffic forums or community sites to post these links.

There are endless places online where you can share your links that people may click. Once you have thousands of links spreading all over the internet, you can imagine how much you can earn.

There are people who make hundreds of dollars every month using

You may be one of these people. But before you start your journey, you must remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time.

After a certain time, you will see money flowing in your way.

Things to Remember …

I have heard many people saying that it is difficult to make money online.

But remember that these are the people who never worked hard. These are the people who want to earn month without doing anything.

Don’t be one of them. Be serious with your dream.

It doesn’t matter which way you choose to earn money, as long as your way is right, you can make it a success with your hard work. has been online for a long time now and it’s continuously paying its members. Their minimum payout is just $5 through PayPal. So you don’t have to wait for long to reach payout and withdraw your earnings.

At this time, is a site that is paying and on time.

They don’t ask for you to upgrade or purchase anything. All you have to lose is your time. But it should be fine.

I have personally used for more than one year and still using. It has proved to be such a great income source for me and it should be for you as well.

Test it yourself and only then, you’ll understand its potential.

Just because some people haven’t been successful, it doesn’t mean that you will not be too. You are the best decision maker for yourself. Believe in it and join today to see what happens.

I truly suggest you to join. Most importantly; this is totally free.

Let me know if you have questions.


  1. Adfly and alternatives are good way to earn extra money but you can also make money posting on forums.

  2. As said before by both of you it’s not the only URL shortening service but, in my opinion, the best with a good ratio money/visitors.

    So generally speaking is a good starting pointing but as soon as you are creating a visitors’ network you should try other services. 🙂

  3. is a great way to make some extra money. However, to make a substantial amount of money you need to expose your links to thousands of visitors.

    I like the idea of using Youtube video descriptions to post your links. Forums are another good way to share your links. They also help in getting extra traffic.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Hi Beijing,

      Thanks for stopping by. is certainly a powerful method of earning online. And it will really take time and hard work to expose the links to thousands of places so smartly that you can get continuous visitors to the links. But that should be find as long you earn constant residual income after a certain time.

  4. Hi Tamal!

    This looked really surprising to me once i got into this post but after reading the post, i got to know it is really a best way to make money just by posting Links.

    I will surely start shortening URLs from now to check if it works for me….

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