How To Really Make Money Online For Free?

So how to really earn money online? This is a question that always makes us think more and makes us confused to take a correct decision about this. You would most probably like to know if it is really possible to earn money online without any investment.

This article is going to help you answer almost all the questions that you might have in your mind about earning money online.  So continue reading …

Is It Really Possible to Earn Money Online?

Yes, it is possible. But the truth is that it is quite difficult or you can say that it is quite simple. It all depends on which process you are using to earn money online. There are many ways where you can earn. But how long you will be securely earning is not sure.

Not only this, but also there are a lot of fake websites that would promise you that you would be earning hundreds of dollars each day with very little investment. But after you make your payment, they will be nowhere. 

There are such a huge number of sites like this. But the problem is that everyone doesn’t recognize it and become a victim. Most of time times, it happens for a beginner who doesn’t have knowledge about all these and purchase fake products or services online with an intention to earn some money. As a result, nothing happens.

So it is always recommended to thoroughly check a site before making a payment. Here, thoroughly checking means that you can search for reviews for that site. You can also check that site’s alexa rank. If the website is popular enough, it will have a low alexa rank. A popular website is never going to take your money.

Any popular money making websites would always have good number of reviews from other people who have used them before. You should Google to find out these reviews and only reading a lot of positive feedbacks, you should take a decision.

Remember, Internet is such a place where if you lose your money, there is little chance that you would get it back. So before you invest your money or your valuable time on any website, it is recommended to read reviews about that site. Only then, you should take a decision.

Is Internet Really Full of Scam?

Absolutely not. Because there are a lot of valuable sites where you will have chance to learn a lot of things. You can also earn money on many money making websites. Although there are a lot fo fake sites, there are genuine sites as well. But do not expect to earn a lot of money in the beginning.

In reality, it is not possible to earn a lot of money in a short duration of time if you don’t really have a wonderful way to earn. Here are some ways that you can use to earn money online. All these sites mentioned here are genuine and genuinely earn you money.

If you are passionate about earning money online, I would suggest you not to use all of them. But use only some of them and be dedicated to the sites. Believe me, ultimately you would be able to earn a lot of money. But it will take time. You have to be patient if you really want to earn online without any investment. Here are some genuine ways to earn money online without any investment.

Start a Free Blog to Make Money.

Make money blogging

Creating a blog is perhaps the most profitable job online. Because you will be independent and you don’t have to depend on anything else to help you earn money. If you don’t already know what a blog all about, let me tell you that blog is actually one kind of personal website where you can share your personal thoughts, ideas and your knowledge.

When the idea of a blog first started, blog was being actually used to share personal thoughts. But gradually it has become a platform to share knowledge. A blog is a place where you share what you know to others who don’t know. If you are best at something and want to help others, you can use a blog to share your ideas or thoughts.

Nowadays, blogging has become a very attractive way to earn money online. Because it gives you a chance to be independent and you also become famous for your work. If people like what you do, they would frequently visit your blog and you can earn money.

If a blog is providing good value to its readers, the blog is going to be popular. This popularity will help you earn money. If your blog receives thousands of visitors everyday, you can put advertisements on your blog. You can also join online advertising programs like Google Adsense.

There are blogs that earn thousands of dollars every month. So if you are passionate about a subject and you feel that you know a lot, you can start a blog online and share what you know. If what you are sharing is helpful for people, they would start coming to your blog again and again. Once your blog becomes popular, you can start earning money with your blog.

However, it is not recommended to start a blog only to earn money. Because you will soon become lazy while updating your blog. Continuously maintaining a blog is possible only for those who passionate about the subject. Not only this, but having good number of visitors to your blog is also impossible without valuable content. Remember that blogging can really be a very profitable job after a certain time, but it is not for everyone.

Make Money Taking Online Surveys.

Survey money

There are a lot of online survey companies that can help you earn money. These survey companies actually pay you to take surveys. Once you join a survey company, they would ask you a lot questions. These questions should be answered very carefully and create your own personal profile.

Whenever the company will send you any survey, they first take a look at profile to understand if the survey is suitable for you. So you need to complete your profile with all the possible details. Now you can expect to get survey offers from these companies.

There are many survey sites that ask you money before joining. It is suggested not to pay to any survey sites before joining. Because most of the time, these kind of sites turn out to be scam. If they genuinely want your opinion to complete their market research, there is no point in asking for money.

Most popular online surveys sites don’t ask for money. Before joining any sites, it is also recommended to carefully read how they actually pay. Because most of the time, it is very easy to start taking surveys.

But it becomes difficult to understand how you would actually get paid. Survey Savvy, The American Consumer Opinion Panel, Click IQ, Global Test Market are some popular online survey sites. There are a lot more.

Joining a few survey sites can be an excellent choice to earn earning. It can be a good source of supplement income. However, getting surveys from these companies take time. Most of time, you would get 3 to 4 surveys per month or less than that.

Because companies don’t always do market research. It’s not that you would start getting surveys every now and then. It entirely depends on your profile. If your profile doesn’t suit any of their survey, you may not get any survey at all.

Make Money Just For Your Opinions.

Customer satisfaction survey opinion

There are sites that will pay you for your opinion, just like online surveys with a little difference. But it is not like taking online surveys. It’s all about reviewing products and services. Sites like ReviewMe can help you make money for your opinions, ideas and knowledge.

Here you have to review just anything and depending on the response your reviews get, you will get paid. Ciao also pays in the same way. You have to review products and when someone rates your review, you earn points. Later, you can convert these points into money.

You can also join forums like Mylot. This is open forum where you can find a lot of people asking thousands of questions. You can answer any of those questions, share your knowledge and earn for your contribution.

Payperpost also helps you earn money by reviewing advertiser’s sites on your blog. But if you have to have a popular blog to be able to join Payperpost. Different sites have different rules and regulations. So you should always read FAQ section very carefully before you join.

Share Your Favorite Pictures To Get Paid.

Share pictures

You can also share your pictures and get paid at the same time. And it’s true.

There are some sites that help you earn to share your pictures. It totally depends on how many pageviews your pictures are getting. They actually show advertisements with your pictures. Read How to Earn Huge Money By Uploading YouTube Videos?

You upload your pictures in these sites and then share these pictures online to your favorite social networking sites, you get paid whenever someone views your pictures. Of course, the amount of money you earn is not very high. You can join Shareapic or Staree if you have lots of unique pictures to share online.

You May Get Paid To View Advertisements.

Paid to click

Yes, you can earn money to view Ads. These kind of sites are called PTC sites. PTC means Paid to Click. You get paid for your clicks. There are advertisers who want instant visitors to their products or services they offer. To get instant visitors, many advertisers use PTC sites where you can get paid as a member.

You join for free and see these ads. Your contribution helps the site to earn money from the advertisers. As a result, they pay you a small portion of that. Neobux is now the most popular PTC site online.

The names of Clixsense, WordLinx, BuxP and Phd-Bux can also be mentioned. Of course, the amount of money you earn is not very high. But PTC sites can be a good choice to earn a few dollars every month. Because it takes only a few minutes to click on view availble ads in the site.

Make Money By Uploading Your Favorite Files.

Make money uploading

Yes, you get paid if you upload your favorite files and someone downloads it.

You can easily earn to upload your files online. This kind of sites actually work as File Sharing Service where you share your files and get paid in return. If someone likes what you have shared and downloads it from the site, you will earn. But you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money.

But if you can upload a lot of valuable files and expect that people would like it and download, you would surely earn good amount of money. Sites like Ziddu, EasyShare, Uploading, Filecopter, Fileserve and Depositfiles are good examples where you can earn money for uploading your files.

Earn Online Doing Data Entry Job.

Data entry jobs online

Online data entry jobs are also available. But finding a legitimate sites that will really pay you is quite difficult. Most of the time, these kind of sites turn to be a scam. But still there are some legitimate data entry jobs you can find.

KeyForCash is a best example. You can also join Digital Point forum and go to “ Buy, Sell and Trade “ section. Search the forum carefully. Here you can find some genuine online data entry or writing jobs. It is a place where people post their jobs and look for people to work for them.

There may be a lot more ways to earn money. But these are some of the most used ways to earn money online. Always remember that earning money online takes time. It also takes time to learn the world of internet.

Internet can give you a chance to do anything with your money. But when your money goes, you don’t have anything to do. So before you invest your money or your valuable time, be careful about what you are doing. Internet can be a great place to earn. But it can also be the worst place if you are not careful.


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