8 Nice Places To Start Earning Money From Your Blog.

Showing advertisements on your blog is perhaps the most acceptable and a common way to make money with a blog. If you have a blog that receives a good amount of traffic ( visitors ), you can expect to easily make some extra money from blog advertising programs. There are a lot of online advertising companies that can help you easily monetize your blog. Here is a list of online advertising companies that you can choose to make money with your blog.

However, you must remember that if you want to earn good amount of money online, it will take time. You should not expect to earn a lot of money in the beginning. It may be possible only if you have highly targeted visitors to a highly relevant product that you promote through your blog.

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1. Google AdSense.

The biggest and most popular advertising program on the internet is certainly Google Adsense. Adsense is a contextual advertising company that offers contextual ads depending on your website content. It means that the advertisements are highly related to the content of your page content.

Since visitors  will be interested about knowing products related to the content, they are reading, they would also like to click on advertisements. So using Google Adsense ads on your blog or website would certainly give you more clicks than any other programs online. 

To show Google ads on your blog is not very difficult as it doesn’t have any pre-requirements like finding sponsors or you have to have a good amount of traffic . But your site should be without any adult content. There should not be any topics like gambling and piracy.

Over all, if you think that you have created your site honestly, you can expect Google to approve your application. However, you must understand that joining Adsense doesn’t guarantee huge profit if your blog or website doesn’t receive good amount of visitors.

Step 1 ::  Just sign up for a Google account. This gives you access to Blogger, the blogging platform, and Google Adsense, which provides contextual advertising for blogs and websites.

Step 2 :: Do some keyword research to choose some popular topics for your blog.

Step 3 :: Set up a blog on Blogger. Use some of the popular keywords in the blog’s title. Blogger provides detailed instructions on template editing.

Step 4 :: Visit an article directory and read some articles to have an idea about how to start writing your own original article.

Step 5 :: Publish the articles on your new blog. For best results, publish daily or several times a week. You may also publish original material.

Step 6 :: Get an Adsense publisher ID, using your Google account login to sign up with Adsense. Choose some Adsense ad formats that suit your blog and add them to your blog’s template.

Step 7 :: Promote your new blog by commenting on other blogs and on forums. Use your blog’s web address in your signature. Submit your blog to the search engines, blog directories and web directories.

Step 8 :: Create more blogs in other niches. You will soon start to earn money from blogging.

Google Ads can be of two types – 1.“Pay per Click” 2. “Pay per Impression” and the good thing is that at any time of the day you can check your earnings.

2. Text Link Ads, Adbrite ( 3 ).

TextLinkAds and Adbrite are other popular sites for advertising. But their advertisements will not be contextual. These are quite popular sites with gambling, adult content and file uploading.

The reason that these programs are very popular lies in the flexibility and small entry-level requirements  –  an advertiser can choose to run the advertisements on your site, for just one day or maybe for seven days and they can immediately calculate the conversion ratio. No bidding competitors and the advertisements are  guaranteed to run on the blogger’s website.

4. BlogAds.

Blogads is the pioneer in blog advertising. The best thing about Blogads is that it offers a fixed payment being irrespective of your site visitors. The the main thing is about it, is you won’t get into this network easily. Your site must have a good amount of traffic. For a new blogger it may be a huge requirement but popular bloggers should definitely try it.

Here are some other programs you may, DoubleClick ( 5 ), Tribal Fusion ( 6 ), Bidvertiser ( 7 ) and ValueClick ( 8 ).

If your blog or website doesn’t attract good number of visitors, it may be quite difficult for you to make money with your blog. Earning money online entirely depends on traffic level of a site. Highly popular sites earn more than medium sites. The reason is only visitors.

So your site is not quite popular and doesn’t attract good number of visitors, it may not be the right time to start joining any earning programs online. Rather, it is time to focus on what you can do to build a better blog.

Putting ads on your blog and earning nothing significant will online reduce your confidence and demotivate you. So focus on building a popular blog at first. Once your blog is popular enough, expect to make money from it.


  1. An incredibly interesting article that will help you figure out where to get your first income from a blog.

  2. Google Adsense requires good amount of traffic and high quality content. It also requires some more time to earn.

  3. Thank you for this useful information. I think best choice is Adsense when you have good quality text and lot of visitors.

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