How Can Just Anyone Make Money From Yahoo Answers?

Yes! It is absolutely possible to make money from Yahoo answers.

Yahoo answers is definitely a wonderful place to make some extra income. Although it doesn’t directly help you make money, it does help indirectly.

Below are some of the brilliant ways to make money using Yahoo answers. But before I continue, please understand it takes time to get any significant income.

And I don’t make any guarantees that you will succeed.

However if you are serious and follow the methods described in the article, you would definitely be able to build a wonderful source of residual income.

I have personally made some money here. But I did not put it my best effort and time into it as I was busy in some of my other projects.

But I am sure if anyone puts their best effort into it, it would be a goldmine.

So let me tell you how it’s done.

Use Yahoo Answers to Promote ClickBank Products

It’s the reason of almost $1000 of my online income.

If you are not sure what Clickbank is, let me inform you that this is one of the best online marketplaces for digital products. Here, you get a commission for every product you sell.

Why I suggested you to sell Clickbank products is because most of the products here are good quality and the sales pages are attractive to make sales.

Although there are exceptions, you can expect to get well written sales page here.

Sales pages are what people see whenever they want to purchase a product listed on Clickbank. There is a different sales page for every different product.

Most sales pages are written by professionals to get the highest conversion rates.

This is NOT the only reason.

But their commission is as much as 75% of the selling amount. As an affiliate you always earn the most amount of money; neither the seller nor Clickbank.

You guessed it right. You need to promote these products on Yahoo answers.

But the biggest question is how to make sales. There is a system.

You can’t just choose any product and expect to get sales. You have to be smart and a little bit creative to make it possible.

Here’s How This is Done …

You have to find a very specific market where people are spending money now.

Or you have to find a product that provides a solution to a critical problem. It must be a problem that people would pay to get a solution to.

Here are some examples of problems …

Diabetes, Body fat problem,  Short height problem, S – E – X related problems, Ear & eye problems or low muscle mass related problems and a lot more.

The list will never end. If you think carefully, you will find a lot more.

Clickbank has many products that provide solutions to these problems. Now your job is to choose a great product and promote it on Yahoo answers.

You will find a lot of people ask questions on these problems and they are looking for a solution. If your chosen product is providing the solution, let people know about it.

Obviously everyone is not going to buy. But since they are already looking for a solution to the problem, the chances of making sales increase a lot.

If you answer many questions and some of the questions get ranked high on Google, you will get traffic from Google for a long time to come.

Then it becomes a source of passive income.

Things to Remember …

If you continuously answer same kinds of questions with the same link in your answers, you might get banned. So you have to be careful.

So what can you do about it?

Even when you are promoting a particular product, don’t only answer questions related to that. Answer questions on something else. Make it look natural.

Link to some other products without any affiliate link; if possible.

Don’t ever use your direct Clickbank affiliate link. That’s a bad choice. Instead, buy a keyword rich domain and redirect it to the affiliate URL.

A domain costs just around $10 a year. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me tell why this is important. Unfortunately if the vendor of your product is banned or for any reason, if the product is not available, you can always choose a different product.

You just need to redirect your domain to the new URL.

So even if you have hundreds of links posted on Yahoo Answers, you have control on which link they should be directed to.

You should choose some keyword phrases that people would most likely put in Google search to look for a solution to the problem. Use these key phrases when you write your answers.

If any of your answers is ranked on Google near the first page, try bookmarking the URLs on some bookmarking sites. It will increase your chance of getting it ranked better and get more visitors.

Ask your friends to answer questions for you.

It definitely involves a lot of work. But after a certain time, you would be able to make money automatically even when you don’t work.

Yahoo answers is visited by thousands of people every single day. It’s a huge market to promote affiliate products. But you have to be smart to promote them.

It involves some hard work. But it can pay your bills after a certain time.

So don’t think …. Take action.

You Can Even Sell Your Yahoo Answers

Yes! People will pay you to write answers for them. Basically what they want is to promote their links through your answers.

So if you are a high-level member here, you have good chance of making money selling your answers. Take a look at the below picture …

yahoo answer service on fiverr

This is a screenshot from Fiverr where people are selling their services for $5.

So if you are already a high-level member and write answers everyday, why don’t you write some answers for others. As a result, you will make money.

Fiverr is a completely free place to create an account and sell your services. Whenever you get a sale, they will take $1 and give your $4. So every time someone orders your service, you earn $4.

So if you don’t already have an account now, feel free to click here and create one. It doesn’t cost you money and doesn’t take long to list a service. Hopefully you will make a lot of sales.

But whatever you earn in this way is completely passive. This is an income you wouldn’t have earned if you never created an account here.

Since you are making money doing something you are already doing, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for you.

So what do you say? Can you do it?

You Should Promote Pay Per Lead Programs

This is one of the best ways to make money from Yahoo answers. You can even make $100 a day. These programs actually pay you for every Free signups.

Yes! you get paid whenever someone signs up using your link.

This is far better than making sales. However, it requires a little more work to get any significant income.

Now you may ask me where you would get these programs.

Would they cost you money to join?

No! It’s completely free. You need to visit a site called It’s free to sign up and it provides you a huge list of pay-per-lead programs.

Take a look below. This is a screenshot of how many PPL leads are available right now in ShareaSale at the time of writing this article.

shareasale ppl screenshot

You can see that there are 287 different programs available. Look below how much some of them are paying for every every free signups.

shareasale ppl programs

You can expect to make anywhere from 1 cent to as much as $50 per lead.

People love free things and would happily join if you recommend them the right program they may be interested in.

It involves a lot of research. But it pays really well.

Look! If you want to earn money, you have to work. Nobody can deny it. But to succeed, you need the right methods and that’s what I am here to tell you.

If you work on these methods seriously, you will make money. That’s for sure.

All the payment related things are controlled by ShareaSale.

What else do you need?

There can be many other smart methods that should work. But these are some of the most popular ways to generate money from Yahoo answers.

Now you know what you need to do. So take actions.

If you can, please share this article. Thanks!


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