How to Make Money By Giving Small SEO Services?

If you are an expert in SEO and want to help people in need of SEO services as well as make some money, you may find a suitable place online. Everyday thousands of new sites are being created with thousands of different purposes. The aim of these site owners is to rank their sites on search engines for their preferable keywords. If you help them do it, they will not mind paying you for your work.

These people basically look for people expert in SEO field with good knowledge and experience. If you consider yourself as an expert in SEO and feel that you can help these people, you really have a good future in this market. With thousands of new sites being created every single day, the opportunities are truly endless in the coming years.

People gather at seo marketplace

A professional SEO service for a new site costs really high. Since it’s an ongoing process, people with small budget can’t afford it for most of the time. However, there are people who can offer this kind of services for a small fee that many would be able to afford. 

If you consider yourself as the one who can help these people and provide a few small SEO services like link building, directory submission, article marketing, blog commenting and a lot more, you should utilize your talent to make some money.

This article consists of some of the best places online where you can find this kind of opportunities to make money. If you are highly interested to make money online as well as an expert in providing SEO services, you may join any of the sites mentioned below to test your ability.

Fiverr – The World’s Largest Marketplace.

Fiverr, known as the largest global online marketplace for small services, is probably the best place to utilize your SEO talent. Although, it’s not basically built for SEO services, it is one of the biggest marketplace for small SEO services with millions of visitors every month. As a SEO expert, it is the best place to look for your customers.

Fiverr is basically a marketplace of tasks and services categorized in 13 different categories and 115 sub-categories. These tasks or services are also called ‘gigs’ or ‘micro-jobs‘ beginning at a cost of $5 for each job performed. Currently, Fiverr lists more than 1.3 million services on the site that range between $5 and $500.

Make money on fiverr

The site has a reputation-based promotion system. If a seller can successfully complete at least 10 transactions, Fiverr increases their value on their site. The seller is also provided with advanced tools to offer add-on services. In this way, the seller becomes popular and the number of orders also increases for their high rating. As a result, the seller makes more money on Fiverr.

So you can understand that it all depends on the quality of the services you provide. If your customers like your services and provide positive reviews on the site, you will be rated higher. More people will believe in your words and you will get more orders. Around 15% of the sellers consider Fiverr as their main source of income. Read How To Make Money From Your YouTube Videos?

It is a place where you can create an online business out of your hobbies. This is something that most people on Fiverr actually do and make money at the same time. If you want to utilize your talent even not only in the SEO field, Fiverr is a highly recommended platform. Although, there are many other sites built later with the same kind of concept, Fiverr is a much better place comparing to all.

Click Here to Sign Up for Fiverr. But you must remember that it takes time and effort to build a solid reputation and make money on the internet. Take it just as starting a new business and making it a successful one. Just as it takes time to make a business successful in real world, it takes the same amount of effort online. As you make your reputation through your services, money will follow.

SEOClerks: Affordable SEO Marketplace.

The next biggest global marketplace for small SEO services is certainly The SEOClerks. SEOClerks is basically a marketplace for SEO services. Thousands of people gather at SEOClerks every day to satisfy their SEO needs. More than 25% of SEOClerks sellers who are expert in providing SEO services consider it as one of their primary income source.

Make money with seoclerks

It started in 2011 and has soon proved itself as one of the best global marketplace for SEO services. There are people who consider SEOClerks is much better than Fiverr for their $1 services. On Fiverr, you will not find any service that costs as low as $1. The smallest amount that a buyer has to pay on Fiverr is $5. But, on SEOClerks, a seller can list the services for even $1 and it makes SEOClerks a much better place for people with small budget.

Apart from SEO services, they have a special category for site reviews which is really awesome for marketers. If you are just looking for traffic to your site, they have a special category for that as well. Fiverr doesn’t provide these features and these facts make SEOClerks a much better place comparing to Fiverr.

For a beginner, you can earn $2 just for tweeting a message about them using your Twitter account. The site has a splendid support with loads of competitions, affiliate programs, more IM based services and money giveaways.  As a seller, you can make money doing what you can do and as a buyer, you can fulfill your SEO requirements. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. If you want to join SEOClerks to make some additional income, Click Here to Visit SEOClerks.

How These Sites Work and Help You Make Money.

You may have already realized that this kind of sites work as a place where people gather as a buyer or as a seller. You can join these sites using any one of these roles or both of the roles. It doesn’t matter which role you choose to join, you always get a benefit. Either you make money as a seller or you fulfill your own requirements as a buyer.

These sites work like a super market of real world where you get a lot of options to choose from as a buyer and you get huge audience for your products or services as a seller. If you choose to be a seller and provide an awesome service, it is not really difficult to gain attention within a few days.

When more people will know about the kind of service you provide, you will get more customers for your services. As a result, it will not be difficult for you to make money on these sites. However, the amount you will make here will entirely depend on the quality of your service. If your quality of service is excellent, you can expect repeat customers and stick to these sites for long.

Here Are Some Recommended Alternatives.

There are many other sites created with the same concept. But, it must be mentioned that Fiverr and SEOClerks are the biggest player in this market. Since, all of these sites work almost in the same way; it is a good idea to give a brief description about all of them. Because, you can easily find it visiting the sites. What is more important is to know about them.

Here are some more sites that you can use as alternatives. Since, all the sites work in the same way; it’s better to directly visit the sites for more information. Some of these sites you can choose to make more money and expand your reach are : BuySellSEO, Yooker, Gigbucks, Fourerr, Tenrr and Twentyville.

Important Things To Remember.

Of course, there are many other sites like this. If you search Google for Fiverr alternatives or SEOClerks alternatives, you will discover many more sites. But it is not recommended to join all the sites you visit. Before you make your mind to join a site, have a look at the Alexa rank of the site as indication to how much visitors it receives. Read How To Really Make Money Online For Free?

A low ranking means more visitors and a high ranking means that the site doesn’t get significant amount of visitors. Before you choose a site to join, you should know that if a site doesn’t receive a lot visitors, it may be scam and just created to make money out of your pocket. If a site receives high volume of visitors, it means that the owner of the site is quite serious about the business. Buyers and sellers are happy resulting in more visitors.

Although, we can’t say that all the sites that don’t receive enough visitors are scam, it can surely be said that there is less opportunity for you to make some money.

Less people visiting the sites mean less customers for your services. You can’t expect to earn well using these sites. So it’s better to stick with the sites that receive thousands of visitors.

However, if you are looking for ways to reach more customers to make more money, you may sometimes test these sites. After all, you are intelligent enough to make your own decisions.

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