15 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Seriously.

15 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Seriously.

When it comes to making money online, people often get confused about which way to choose. Today I have tried to list some of the most popular money making methods available online in one place. This article should help you take the right decision at the right time using the right methods.

The methods described in this article are some of the most common methods to earn online; not only for beginners; but also for people with experience.

It’s not unknown that there are hundreds of ways to make money online and hundreds of more ways you can create yourself. But the question is how many of these methods can actually give you enough freedom to live and enjoy your life fully. But the reality is a little different.

To discover the truth, I recently published an article ( Can You Make Money Online? The Reality Will Surprise You ). Don’t miss this post before you start.

Most people want to start an online business to get this freedom. But, according to me, it doesn’t matter whichever ways you choose; you have to work hard to make your dreams come true. Remember it takes time. So don’t rush. The methods I will be describing here are not going to make you rich quickly. But you can definitely find a legitimate way to earn some money at least.

The article is a little long. So take your time to read or if you don’t have enough time, make sure you bookmark it for future visit.

Are you looking for some quick money making ideas? Then this article is not for you. But if you are looking for some good and reliable source of income on a continuous basis, start reading … 

1, Build a Blog or Website

Build a blog

Building websites or blogs to generate online income is the most popular one. You can create a website or a blog. But I would suggest you to create a blog as it is much easier and gives you almost the same benefits in terms of making money online. It just takes a few minutes of your time to start a WordPress blog with HostGator ( I recommend HostGator. Read Why? ). But it can be a highly profitable choice if you can make it popular.

How much money you would earn depends mostly on the amount of traffic or visitors your blog receives. The more traffic your blog receives, the more money you can expect to earn. Usually the money comes from paid advertisements, affiliate commissions or selling your own products directly through your blog. There are many ways to generate money from your blog. Once it becomes popular, it becomes a continuous source of online income.

2, Promote Affiliate Products Online

Affiliate income online

Affiliate marketing is another lucrative method to generate online income. It is known to have made people online millionaires. But unfortunately the story is not same for everyone who jumps into this market.

It is said that only smart people can make it possible. If you are smart enough to promote products, convince people and make them buy the products you promote, you are the right person for this market. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting products or services for a commission.

The earning potential is limitless. You can always find creative ways to promote a product. For most affiliate networks it doesn’t matter how you promote. What matters is how many sales you can generate. Read How Top Affiliates of This World Make Money and you can too.

3, Create Videos on YouTube

Youtube videos

If you can create good quality interesting videos that people would like to watch again and again, you can upload your videos on YouTube. There are many other online video sharing sites available. But YouTube is the most popular. So I would recommend targeting YouTube audience.

Just create a YouTube channel and upload useful videos that you create. Build your audience gradually. Promote your videos online. As long as you create interesting videos, people would subscribe to your channel. Slowly you would build an audience on YouTube. You would also start getting organic traffic from Google or other search engines.

Now you are ready to apply for YouTube partnership program. It pays well and definitely a continuous source of income. For more information on this, Read this article : How to Make Money From YouTube Videos?

4, Sell Your Own Ebook

Sell ebooks online

Assuming that you are a good writer, you can easily earn money by writing an eBook and selling it online. If you have good knowledge on a particular subject and you can write, start writing an eBook right now. It’s highly profitable and it doesn’t take very long time to create it.

Once you have completed an ebook, you can sell it using Payhip, Lulu, Amazon Kindle, Ebay, Smashwords, Booktango, E-Junkie and a lot of other platforms. These sites usually charge 10% to 40% royality and the rest is yours. Without some sites, you can even start an affiliate program for your eBooks. As a result, affiliates do all the work and you get the money. But in the beginning, you have to market your eBook effectively. If you work hard on this method, it’s not very difficult to build a continuous source of residual income.

5, Provide Ghost Writing Service

Ghost writers

If you are a good writer, you can provide writing services to people who are looking for writers. Ghost writing is basically writing articles for which you don’t take the credit. But you get paid every time you write an article. For good writers, internet is full of writing opportunities. Remember, content writers are always in high demand online. Read How to Become a Good Writer?

As a beginner, you can start with Fiverr. It’s a place where you can advertise yourself as a good writer. Just create a writing gig and once it gets approved by Fiverr, you are ready to get orders from all over the internet. This is not the only place, you can join SeoClerks, Freelancer, Odesk, Elance and a lot of other sites.

6, Take Paid Online Surveys

Take paid surveys

There are a lot of paid survey sites online. These sites basically conduct surveys for market research and to improve a particular product or service. As a member, you get paid for the surveys you complete. But you have to be a qualified member before you start receiving survey offers. Basically, you will get survey offers depending on your profile.

If you are interested, here are a few survey sites you can join. Remember to complete your profile just after you join each of these sites. It is very important. If your profile is not completed, you may lose survey offers. As I mentioned previously, most survey offers come to you depending on your profile only. There are many also many scam sites that ask for money before you join. Sign up for SurveyPolice as it can help you join only the legitimate survey panels.

7, Flip Websites or Domains

Domain flipping business

It’s another legitimate way to make enough money online. Flipping is basically buying something and then selling it for a profit. Every day thousands of domains are being expired. The owners of these domains don’t renew as they don’t need it any more. You can buy these domains on domain auctions.

Once you purchase a domain, you can sell it asking for a little more price. Once it gets sold, you get the profit. The same method works for websites. You can purchase a website that’s not ranking in search engines well in search engines, but has a good chance with a little development work.

The whole process is not very difficult as it may sound. This method works really well and you can even earn thousands of dollars quickly. Click Here to Watch a Video as it proves how profitable it can be.

8, Email Marketing to Sell Products

Email marketing

To make it work, you have to build an email list. You can sign up with Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp or any other email marketing services. Write a small eBook on a Topic related to the products you will be promoting.

Make the title interesting and let people download the eBook as long as they subscribe to your list. You can create a squeeze page or an attractive landing page to promote this eBook. All the big email services providers have this feature to giving away an eBook for subscribing to an email list.

More than 99% of people don’t usually unsubscribe after downloading an eBook. Once you have a big list of email addresses, you can directly contact them and promote any product. If they purchase, you get paid.

9, Write Sponsored Tweets

Write sponsored tweets

Sponsored tweets are basically written to promote a particular service or product. If you are an active twitter user and have good quality loyal followers, you can easily earn money. Here, you get paid just to tweet a small marketing message to your Twitter followers.

Depending on the quality of your followers and how much they engage with your tweets, you can charge for each tweet. There are many places online to advertise this kind of service. But, the best place would be Sponsored Tweets or MyLikes. You would be surprised to know how much some celebrities earn from Sponsored Tweets. Just read the article mentioned in the previous link.

10, Get Paid to Upload Files Online

Make money uploading files

Yes, you can make money uploading your favorite files online. There are many file sharing service online where you can upload your favorite files. You get paid when another user likes your file and downloads it. You get paid on Pay-Per-Download basis. The more files you upload, more money you can earn.

Usually we keep a lot of files on our computer or PC. Think about the files that can be helpful for others. Upload these files to these sites. Whenever someone downloads your file, you earn. Sharecash is highly popular and the highest paying Pay-Per-Download network around. You can even join Docstoc. Here you will find some other sites that will pay you to upload files.

11, Use Link Shortener service

Shorten long urls

There are a few link shorterner services that pay its members to shorten links and then share it online. A URL shortening service is basically a service using which you can shorten a long link. These services basically insert an advertisement in the shortened link. So whenever someone visits these shortened links, they are shown an advertisement before the actual content.

If you use these services to shorten a link whenever you share anything online, you will slowly build a solid residual income source. Because whenever someone visits your link, you get paid. The more visits you get, the more money you earn. It’s a continuous process and builds up your income slowly.

Though there are many alternatives available, I suggest you to sign up for Adf.ly. It is a legitimate site and highly popular in this market. Read my Adf.ly Review here to see how profitable it can be for you.

12, Provide Paid Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking

First of all, you need to understand what bookmarking sites actually are. These websites basically help you keep all your bookmarks in one place and manage them. There are hundreds of bookmarking websites available online. Here are some popular bookmarking sites you can check.

Money comes when you bookmark links on behalf of others. There are many online marketers who look for bookmarkers who can help them spread their website links all over the internet. If you visit Fiverr and search for bookmarking service, you will soon discover how a lot of people are earning money. You can easily join some of these sites and provide your own service. There are many other Fiverr alternatives. One of my favorites is SeoClerks.

13, Be a Ghost Blogger on Popular Blogs

Ghost bloggers

This is a little different from providing writing service. Here you will have to write blog posts. There are hundreds of blogs that are looking for writer to help them update their blog. It’s very important to update a blog after a regular interval to keep it active. If a blog is not updated for long time, its search engine rankings may also fall. So it’s very important to update a blog.

Many popular blogs look for good quality writers to update their blogs regularly. If you help them, they will pay you. The payment is usually quite good. You can find blogging jobs on ProBlogger job board. You can even search in Google for blogging jobs. You can also visit Blogging Pro, Freelancer, Odesk or Elance.

14, Use the Power of PTC Sites

Convert free time into money

PTC sites are also called Paid-to-Click sites. You get paid to view advertisements. It all starts with advertisers who want customers for their products and services. Every new website is not so popular that it can get enough number of visitors to attract new customers.

A PTC site helps these advertisers to get customers by showing their advertisements to its members. As a result, advertisers pay them and they pay you as long as you click on these ads. Obviously, you can’t expect to earn a lot here. But it can be possible with a lot of referrals. Each PTC site has a referral program where you can earn every time one of your referrals clicks ads.

You can expect to earn hundreds of dollars from these sites as long as you have a large number of referrals. For more information on this, read How To Really Earn $100 Plus Per Month From PTC Sites?

15, Work for Paid Review Sites

Earn money reviewing

Paid Review sites are where you get paid to write reviews about any product or service. Different sites have different ways to pay for your reviews. Depending on the quality of your review, you can expect your earnings. So it’s important to write good quality reviews and provide only honest opinions.

Ciao, Review Stream, Shvoong, Dooyoo and Epinions are some of the best review writing websites where you can post your reviews and make some money easily. You are not going to earn a lot of money using these sites. But you will definitely start earning quickly. The best part is that these are legitimate sites that will really pay you. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Till now, I have discussed about a lot of online money making methods that are legitimate. Fortunately this is not the end. But there are hundreds of other ways and hundreds more you can create. Just be smart to find out the best ones.

Here are Some More Useful Ideas …

1, You can find online data entry jobs.

2, You can even invest your money online for profit.

3, Be a game tester. It’s a way to earn money playing games. Check this link.

4, You can sell music on Apple iTunes store

5, Build a community forum or membership sites and charge for membership.

6, Open your very own web store on Amazon.

7, You can get paid to answer questions. Check JustAnswer.

8, You can directly sell your articles online at Constant Content.

9, Just Transcribe an audio file at Scribie, Quicktate or SpeechInk.

10, Create a video reviewing affiliate products and upload to YouTube.

11, If you know SEO, help local businesses develop an online presence.

12, You can edit audio files or design a company logo.

13, Open a online business directory for local businesses. Charge a monthly fee to get listed.

14, If you can, simply ask for donations or sell your talent on micro job sites.

15, You can even sell your photos online at stock photography sites.

There are many more ways to start an online business that will never end. It is assumed that it is difficult to make money online. Yes, it really is. But you need to think about its security and profitability.

Most online businesses are secured and highly profitable as long as you build your reputation in the right way using the right methods.

Hopefully, this article would help you find the method you want to choose to start your journey. Don’t forget to share this article if you find that it’s helpful and useful. GOOD LUCK …

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  1. I was very much confused when I planned to start my job with freelance online projects. I struggled a lot which platform to choose. But I am passion in writing. So one of my friend offered me writing service for their blogs. Slowly I improved my skills in writing field.

  2. I didn’t even realize that I can earn money by just uploading my files online! I must try that sharecash.org and start to earn money online. :)

  3. Debasis says:

    Hey bro, I really love your article. But could you please mention some online data entry sites that are really paying and not cheating people. Please reply.

    • Hi Debashis, usually you won’t find any legitimate data entry job sites. Because most of these sites are created just to take your money or sometimes just waste your time and don’t pay back. Many sites would ask for money before joining their program with many attractive earning opportunities. Most of these sites are fake. They just need your money. If they need people to work for them, why would they ask for money? However, there may be exceptions.

      If you are really looking for legitimate data entry jobs and want to do it online, create your profile at Freelancer.com, Elance.com and Odesk.com. Thousands of jobs including data entry jobs are posted every day on these sites with good payment rates. So you can expect to get some work. If you work well, slowly your reputation will increase and you will get more jobs. You can even search in different online job boards for data entry job opportunities.

      You can be sure that you will get paid. Thousands of people are earning and probably you can be one of them. Good luck …..

  4. Hey can you provide some more details or and reference article on
    5, Build a community forum or membership sites and charge for membership.
    I am quite interested to learn this method.

    • I would remember your request Sourabh and soon try to publish an article on this topic. It’s good that you subscribe for updates from this site to get new updates. The site gets updated just twice or thrice a month. So your email account is never going to be full with my updates.

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