Top 4 Legitimate Online Paid Survey Sites That Do Pay.

Making money taking online paid surveys has been quite popular these days. But the problem is that finding a good survey site that genuinely pays its members to take surveys is quite difficult. Because there are hundreds of scam survey sites out there. But there are still some legitimate survey sites that will pay you to take their surveys. You Can Join This Site to make the highest income through online surveys or just continue reading.

Here is a list of some of the most legitimate online survey sites that do pay and help people make money from home. However, you should remember that you cannot earn a lot of money only taking online surveys. Survey sites are a perfect choice for people who are looking for ways to make some quick money from home, although it’s no so quick.

Survey Savvy – Intelligence Adds Up

Survey savvy homepage

Click Here To Visit Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is an online paid survey site where you get real surveys with really good payments. It is an international survey site. So anyone can join from any country. This is owned by Luth Research and has over 3 million members to participate in their surveys.

They do pay quite well. Their surveys will be anywhere between $8-$10 range. They claim that they have paid much more money than any other paid survey sites online.  But you can expect to receive a few survey opportunities per month. You may have to be qualified to take a survey with Survey Savvy. 

It is completely free to join. Once you are a registered member there, log in to your account and try to be familiar with the site as much you can and fill out any available profile enhancers. Because you will receive survey offers depending on your profile that you create in your account. Before sending any survey to you, they would check if your profile is suitable for the survey or not. So it is better to complete your profile as much as you can with all the possible details.

After loging into the account, you can check your balance, refer your friends, check your referral count. They don’t have any minimum withdrawal amount. Anytime you can request a check, but for that you have to log into your account and request payment in order to receive a check.

Apart from all these, there is also an excellent referral program. Because you will get $2.00 every time one of your referrals takes a survey and you will receive $1.00 for every survey their referrals complete. Survey Savvy is also known as one of the highest paying survey sites online. It can be an excellent way to earn money online. So join Survey Savvy today and share your experience with others.

American Consumer Opinion Panel

American consumer panel

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The American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) is a trusted online survey site owned by Decision Analyst, Inc. International members can join here. Joining is completely free. Typically, they will send a “screener” survey which will be used to qualify you for the longer paid survey and if you qualify you will be entered into the drawing for multiple cash prizes.

If you qualify for their paid surveys, you will be rewarded for their paid surveys with cash payment between $4 and $50, depending on the length of the survey. You may get nearly 2 to 3 survey opportunities every month.

If you live in the United States or Canada, you payment will usually be paid via check. If you are from outside of the United States and Canada you will be paid by American Express gift cheques.

ClickIQ – Get Paid For What You Know


Click Here To Visit ClickIQ

ClickIQ is another legitimate survey site that can help you make money from home. The ClickIQ e/visor Panel(USA) is an online research panel where consumers, like you, can influence the products and services you use everyday.

You thoughts help companies take decision. After Joining, you will be answering surveys, reviewing new products and previewing marketing messages. As a result, you will be paid for sharing your opinions and knowledge. Surveys can be completed at your convenient time and will take nearly 3 to 15 minutes.

To pay you it uses a point system. That is called IQPoints. All your earned points will automatically be diposited to your account. Accumulate points in your account and you can redeem them in cash via ACH direct deposit or mailed check. At ClickIQ, you could earn hundreds of dollars in your spare time. But it must be mentioned that the ClickIQ e/visor Panel is currently available only to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Global Test Market – Paid Online Surveys, Take Surveys

Global test market homepage

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Global Test Market is one of the most legitimate online survey sites in the world and it is internationally available. So anyone can join Global Test Market. They usually offer many survey opportunities with a certain amount of points. Once you register, you have to log in and complete your profile to start getting paid survey offers.

Each survey will basically start with a qualifying section, followed by the actual survey. But even if you don’t qualify, they will offer you a certain amount of Market Points. When you Market Points will hit the 1,000 point level. You can login and redeem your points in cash.

They will reward you with Market Points to complete their online paid surveys. Each Market Point has a value of $0.05 and minimum cash-out is 1,000 points ( $50.00 ). There is also a referral program giving you additional opportunity to make money.

The article doesn’t mean that all other paid survey sites online are not legitimate. If your favorite was left out, it doesn’t mean that I hate it. I understand it’s a bit of popularity contest. Hope, you will understand it as well.


  1. You’ve remembered my earlier days I’ve entered the blogging planet through surveys.

    That time I use over 50 of survey programs and most of them won’t pay by cash, pays by Amazon or Ebay ur any gift cards that we can use to redeem on purchases.

    Thus I’ve jumped in to blogging back in 3 years, I use surveysavvy and unable to join American consumer panel as it only allows US residents.

    I earned weekly cash about $1 from one survey programs total net of $4.


    • Yes Naveen, survey sites are a great way to earn some extra money. Although you can’t expect to earn huge amount money here, but what you earn is quite fine. You just need choose some of the best survey sites available online.

  2. shounak bhattacharje says:

    Hi, I knew about Survey Savvy and Global Test Market, to add only Global Test Market in india will offer any survey, but still the money you can generate is good. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes Shounak, joining some of the good survey sites is obviously a good choice if you want to make some extra income. But you should consider that you cannot earn a lot of money here. So you join keeping that in mind.

  3. Alex Samuels says:

    Hi Tamal, Nice post… I also have tried survey savvy but the problem is if your profile is not good you get very less payment per survey… Otherwise generally for each survey they pay about 1-2$ if your profile is not that good.

  4. Some great advice here.. Another great idea? If you have a smart phone? There are some fantastic apps that can earn you cash. The rule of thumb of course is you ‘wont’ get rich? but its worth it to download them and make some extra spending cash. One of my favorite is Perk Tv? I earn about $40-50 a month- it streams videos for movie trailers, game apps and also allows you to take surveys and other tasks but the absolute best part is it runs itself so if your not using your smart phone you can just run the app on the side and get paid for the entertainment. Another one is Swagbucks TV- same thing- videos streaming? but these guys have a huge selection of interesting topics to choose from.

    I also do all my internet searches with various sites that pay- the big one is Bing. They have various levels so the more you use them? you eventually get to gold status which affords you a bigger payout..

    Hope this helps.. stop by my blog for some more ideas and keep sharing!!! Its unreal how word of mouth spreads these ideas- Im actually making some real nice spare cash incorporating a lot of these ideas into my daily routine. For me that has been the best way to approach this- dont spend hours slaving over surveys and tasks? Fit it into the time your already at the computer.. I even make about $30 a month listening to radio loyalty.. Why not?

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  6. Survey sites are a perfect choice for people who are looking for ways to make some quick money from home, although it’s no so quick.

  7. Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them about how much you can make taking paid surveys online…

    So I took a video of myself actually getting paid $500 for paid surveys to finally set the record straight.

    I’m not going to leave this video up for long, so check it out now before I take it down!

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