JustRetweet Review : Get More Retweets, Followers & Shares.

Today I am going to review JustRetweet, a new social sharing platform that can really help you grow your online business. If you are an online marketer or businessman, you definitely understand the value of a strong social media presence. It’s very important for bloggers as well as online marketers.

You have to agree that the success of any of your online business depends solely on your online reputation. The quality of your service doesn’t matter until or unless people actually get to know about it. Social media platforms play a very prominent role to get your business to the biggest audience online.

JustRetweet makes everything a lot easier for you.  I recently discovered its power and couldn’t stop myself to write a positive review about it. After you complete this article, you should be able to know why you should join JustRetweet right now and why I highly recommend it to you.

What Is JustRetweet & How It Works

Justretweet homepage

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As previously mentioned, it is a social sharing platform mainly built to get your more retweets, followers and shares. JustRetweet has its own Twitter-based economy. You have to earn credits sharing other people’s stuff and then, you can spend your credits to get others share your stuff.

The more you share, the more credits you will earn. More credits mean more chances to get your contents shared by more people. You can even buy credits if you don’t want to share other’s stuff. The best part is that it’s a very active community and people will actively share your contents.

Most of the members are either active bloggers, online marketers or businessman. So your contents will be shared by real people to their followers. As a result, you get huge exposure for your business. Whether you are a blogger or a small business owner, you must join JustRetweet for better audience.

Here’s What You Get When You Join JustRetweet

Get more retweets

If you are a blogger, you will get more attention to your contents. Your articles will be shared by real bloggers and by active online marketers. If you join JustRetweet as a blogger and promote your own articles, you will soon discover that your contents are being promoted by a very active community.

You are getting more retweets, more Facebook shares and even more Google plus votes. It helps you to get your articles in front of more people. More people will be able to know about you.  More people will be interested to whatever products you promote or whatever service you provide.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or a small businessman, it will always help you reach more people. More people sharing your contents means more customers and more sales.

When you join for the first time, you will able to promote one of your tweet. This tweet will be moderated within 24 hours. Once your tweet gets approved, your account will be fully activated. Now whenever you post a new tweet, it will be instantly available for others to share.

To submit your tweet, you will offered a form ….

This form contains the followings ….

Your Message : This is the place where you can add your message that you want others to post on twitter. People can even share this message on Facebook or Google Plus. It gives you the maximum benefit.

You can even use short URLs if you need. You will have only 140 characters to write as Twitter doesn’t allow more than that. RT @username is automatically added in the beginning of the message.

Credits You Want To Offer : Here you have to how many credits would you like to offer other members to promote this message. The credits will be deducted from your credit balance that you can earn promoting others’ stuff.

Maximum Times To Offer : This is the number of times you want your messages to be shared. There is no limit. But use a good number. I usually want my messages to be shared for 100 times. You may use more. But remember, it will cost you more credits.

Use only your best contents while promoting. It will help you get more retweets and more shares. People always like good quality contents while sharing on social media. If you can offer value to the community, JustRetweet will definitely help you grow your business.

Which Social Networks To Allow : This is where you will able to choose the social networks where you want the message to be posted. If you just want to share your message Twitter, don’t choose Facebook or Google Plus. However, I recommend you to choose all the networks for maximum benefit.

Minimum Number of Twitter Followers : This is the best option I like. Here you can choose only the members who have a specific number of followers. Suppose you want to offer your message only to members who have at least 2000 followers on Twitter, you can choose 2000. JustRetweet will show you the percentage of members who will see your message.

Choose the best number that you feel will be suitable for your marketing needs. It is definitely a good option to filter out low quality members who do not have a lot of followers. But it effects the number of times your messages are shared.

Now choose the category of your message and hit the submit button. Your message is now posted on the dashboard for all the other members to see. More credits you offer, more people will be interested to promote it.

As previously mentioned, If you don’t have time to spend on earning credits, you can buy. There is another benefit of purchasing credits. You will be able to list yourself in VIP slots or getting Sponsored Retweets.

For more information, visit http://www.justretweet.com/feature

Why I Like JustRetweet and Recommend It

More people and more reputation

It’s very easy to join and takes less than one minute. You have to login using your Twitter account and all the other details will be filled up automatically. It’s very easy to earn credits and spend them. It is highly moderated to limit spam. Here are the reasons to recommend JustRetweet.

1, You get more Retweets for your contents. It is helpful to increase your reach on Twitter platform. More people will know about your contents.

2, You will be able to increase your Facebook and Google Plus shares. Real people will share your contents on Facebook and Google Plus.

3, Your audience will increase virally on a continuous basis. As a result, you will get more targeted visitors to your offers. Of course, better reputation will help you make more money.

By using JustRetweet, you will be able to take your online business to the next level. Once you join, buy VIP package if you can. It will give you more exposure and better visibility. Try to compose only interesting messages that people would like and share. Don’t promote affiliate links, sales page or squeeze page. JustRetweet does not allow it.

Give them a good reason to click on the links you promote in your messages. A catchy message will attract people’s attention. Offer higher amount of credits so that you can get quicker responses and shares.

Still not convinced? Visit JustRetweet & Join To Discover Its Power.

I must conclude by saying that it doesn’t matter how effectively you promote your contents, if it doesn’t provide value, it won’t bring any positive changes. Every time you share on JustRetweet, make sure to share only high quality contents that people would like and share. Gradually, you will realize its power and effectiveness to help your business grow virally.


  1. Seems this tool keeps popping up for me recently. I’ll be leveraging this here shortly as our product is nearing launch so excited to see what the results will be!

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