Infolinks Review : Is It Really a Good Choice to Make Money?

Making money online has always been difficult for most of the beginners. Although it doesn’t seem to be difficult for many beginners, it really is until or unless you choose some of the best programs online.

Infolinks is one of these online programs that can help you make money.

If you are not already aware of how Infolinks works and how Infolinks can help you make money online, you are going to find it out through this article.

Infolinks is an online advertising platform

As the title suggests, Infolinks is an online adverting platform that basically helps people make money from their sites’ text contents. Infolinks mainly provides  in-text advertising solutions and leads the online advertising industry by driving new revenue opportunities for publishers.

In-text advertising doesn’t take any extra space of your site as the ads are inserted directly into the text contents.

It helps the publishers make money without sacrificing any space of their site. This is helpful if you are interested to utilize the space of your site.

Here is How Infolinks May Look On Your Site

How infolinks may look on your site

As you can see in the picture above, Infolinks provides advertisements that are shown through some special links inserted into the text content of your site.

When a visitor visits your site and hovers the mouse on one of these links, an informational window opens up featuring an advertisement. So it makes an adview. The more adviews you can make, the more money you can make.

Previously, Infolinks used to pay per click on an advertisement. Later, it started paying its publishers for each adview. As Infolinks says that they don’t have any fixed CPM Rates ( CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions ).

Because each advertiser sets their own price per view. So if the adviews you receive are coming from an advertiser who is paying high CPM rates, you make more money. But if the advertiser doesn’t pay well, you don’t.

Apart from In-text advertising Infolinks provides some more ways to show advertisements on your site. These are In Search, In Tag and InFrame ads. In Search ads are shown when your visitors visit your site through a search engine.

In Tag ads recognizes the highest paying keywords within your content and displays them in an attractive tag cloud.

InFrame ad banners monetize your margins by displaying banner ads relevant to your content in the side perimeters of your site.

Should You Use Infolinks On Your Blog Or Website?

Truly speaking, the decision entirely depends on you. If you want to use it to earn some money from your blog, you may be taking a good decision.

But if you are highly interested to make hundreds of dollars from Infolinks, your decision may be wrong. Because the amount of money you could make using Infolinks entirely depends on the number of pageviews your site receives and the geographical location of your visitors.

Infolinks is known to have been profitable for sites getting visitors mainly from USA or UK. It’s not that you don’t earn well if your site receives visitors from other countries. But the amount of money you can earn is comparatively low.

However, if you manage to get high number of pageviews, you may expect to earn well even with visitors from from countries.

The reason behind this is that most of Infolinks advertisers mainly focus on customers from USA or UK. Visitors from these countries are known to spend more money online than visitors from other countries.

Advertisers don’t just want a visitor to visit their site, but they mainly focus to get a customer. So they take more interest for targeted visitors from the countries where there is a chance for the visitor to be a customer.

Although, people from other countries spend money online to buy products and services, visitors from English speaking countries have always been the centre of interest for most online advertisers.

If your blog or website receives more visitors from these countries, you should expect to earn well. It also depends on the number of pageviews. Because, the more pageviews your site receives, the more adviews you will receive.

As a result, you will make more money from Infolinks.

However, you are intelligent enough to understand what kind of visitors your site receives. Finding out the navigation pattern of your site visitors, their geographical location and how they use your site should be the part of your research before you make your mind to join Infolinks.

It is easy to sign up for an advertising program and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. But it’s really difficult to make it profitable. Just as a real world business, you need to work really hard on it.

How Much Would Infolinks Pay?

Truly speaking, the earning potential is limitless. But to make it true for yourself, you need to work hard to get the best targeted visitors.

The average CPM rates ranges from $1 to $10 for Infolinks depending on the quality of visitors and the amount the advertiser sets for 1000 impressions.

On an average, if a site receives 1000 pageviews in a day, it receives around 250 ad impressions. Of course, the numbers may differ from site to site.

But it is an average calculation of how much you may earn if you implement Infolinks on your site. Not to mention, if your site receives high number of pageviews, it will not be difficult for you make good amount of money.

Infolinks provides convenient ways to receive your payments. Infolinks supports Paypal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union and ACH for U.S. bank accounts. Infolinks can also pay you through Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard.

Their minimum payment threshold is $50 and $100 if you choose a Bank Wire or Western Union Transfer. As a whole, it makes it easy for you to receive your money out of your Infolinks account.

What about Other In-Text Advertising Programs

Infolinks is not the only advertising programs available online.

There are many other online advertising platform where you may receive in-text advertising like Kontera, Clicksor, Affinity and Vibrant Media. There are some other small advertising networks as well. But these names are most popular in this industry.

Infolinks has always been the most convenient way to monetize your site using in-text advertising. Infolinks mostly competes with Kontera.

But it is totally up to you which site you would like to use to make money from your blog or website. Each site has their own requirements to accept your site in their network. Read How to Make Money By Giving Small SEO Services?

Infolinks is quite popular. Because they don’t have any strict requirements. Even with small amount of visitors, you may get approved for Infolinks.

It is a different thing that you wouldn’t earn significant amount of money without enough visitors. However, if you decide to join Infolinks, remember the points described here to make it profitable.

Some Disadvantages Of Using Infolinks

The main disadvantage that should be mentioned here is that Infolinks doesn’t have an affiliate program. It’s not sure whether they will start it in the coming future or not. But, as of now, they don’t offer any affiliate program.

Affiliate programs have always been one of the best source of income for most webmasters. Since, Infolinks doesn’t have any affiliate program, it surely fails in that field. However, if you are not very interested in affiliate programs, you should be happy with Infolinks.

Apart from that, there is no other mentionable disadvantage.

However, your experience might help you find out some more. But if your low earnings are the problems, you are surely making a mistake.

As previously mentioned, it entirely depends on the number of pageviews and your visitors’ geographical location. Being careful about the quality of your visitor would help you make more money here.

My Final Thoughts

Of course, you are the best decision maker in terms of choosing the best advertising program for your site. But Infolinks should not be a bad choice as long as the requirements are fulfilled perfectly.

If you feel that your visitors wouldn’t like ads within the content, you may not use it. But, you may still show the ads without sacrificing user experience by showing lesser number of ads.

You have almost all the customization options available in your account. So you can customize the ads to be best suitable for your visitors.

You could change the color of ads to the same color of text. Most of your visitors wouldn’t find it irritating. After all, it must be mentioned that if everything is done correctly without sacrificing the user experience, Infolinks should be one of your main source of income online.


  1. Sahil Garg says:

    Hey this Was Great Review Shared here.
    Thanks for Sharing this Review, some Points i really Doesn’t know About Infolinks. yeah this is big Demerit of Infolinks it Doesn’t have Affiliate Program. but now i will Take my Infolinks Account Seriously. 🙂

  2. really nice post. thanks admin for the info on infolink. recently I registered my site with infolinks. the site is 1 month old with 40 posts. how much would I earn by the end of march?? any idea???

  3. I installed Infolinks on my site and had many people complain, so I removed them. I have AdSense, though, and do not get any complaints about them.

    • I understand. Different people see it differently. But you can still use Infolinks without irritating your readers. Just don’t use in-content ads. This blog uses Infolinks. But you can see there is no in-content ads from Infolinks.

  4. Hey,

    Great Review, but I have few questions in my mind after reading this.

    I want to know, whether Infolinks is good for small blogs or sites having visitors around 4-5k monthly?

    Will it work converting those visitors into some secondary income or I am also thinking about using CPA network?

    Which should I use for best secondary income? CPA or InfoLinks?

  5. Hello Tamal,

    Is it possible to have adsense ads and Info links ads on the same website/blog?

    I am just getting started with sports niche, so also want to know whether Info Links is good for Sports traffic or I should try some other option?

    ~ Shemmy Hein

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