How To Smartly Increase Your Infolinks Earnings?

Infolinks has been online for quite some time now and has already proved itself as one of the best intext advertising networks online.

In one of my previous articles, I have already reviewed Infolinks. It should provide you complete knowledge about how Infolinks actually works.

Now it must be admitted that it is not sufficient to know about it only. But it’s more important to know how to implement it on your site so that you can make the maximum profit.

This article is going to help you in doing that quite smartly.

It’s not difficult to increase your Infolinks earnings. You can certainly earn more than what you are currently earning. What you need is to follow some basic guidelines that will help you increase your income at the same time.

There are some basic things you need to rememeber as well. So why not find them all right now. So continue reading my friend …

Infolinks advertising

Utilize The Power Of Profitable Keywords.

As previously mentioned, Infolinks basically pays depending on the number of impressions its ad units are receiving on your site. It simply means that if you can get more impressions, you will earn more.

But it may not always work for you. Because it’s also important to be careful about the kind of keywords or key phrases you have on your site content.

Obviously, Infolinks algorythm tries to find out the most profitable keywords on your site. But you shouldn’t always depend on them. You should also help them in doing that in the best possible way.

It just means that you need to be careful about the keyphrases you are using when you write contents for your blog or site.

Let me give you an example of how it works.

If you really want to maximize your earnings you have to be very carefull about keywords. Here are some of the highly paid Infolinks keywords you must check.

1. Educational Loans    2. Online Degree   3. Student Loans

4. Personal Loans   5. Reward Cards   6. Free Forex Trading

7. Loan Calculator  8. Mortgage Loans  9. Web hosting

10. Web Hosting   11. Make Money Online   12. Insurance

Obviously there can be many more.

But the purpose of mentioning it is not to find out all of them. But it is to make you undertand the importance of using the right keywords. Advertisers promoting the above services will most likely pay more for each impression.

If advertisers pay more to Infolinks, Infolinks will pay you more to show their advertisements. So it’s a win-win situation.

Fortunately, the list of keywords doesn’t end here. You can find hundreds of keywords depending on your site category. But you need to conduct a thorough research to find out best keywords for your site. Invest your time with Google Keyword Planner. This is a wonderful tool to search for keywords.

Although, it has been built mainly for Google Adwords, it will help you to find out those keywords for which advertisers are paying more.

Utilize your intelligence to find out the best ones for your site. You may not use all the above keywords on your site and I don’t recommend it at all.

If you are planning to use Infolinks as one of the income sources from your site, I would highly recommend build a list of profitable keywords to maximize your Infolinks earnings.

Use The Right Keywords In the Right Way

It’s not only important to find out some profitable keywords, but also you need to implement it in the right way. You cannot use all your keywords on the same page as it will look funny and really disturbing sometimes.

An user can view an advertisement only when they will stay on your site. They will have to love your content to interact with your ads as well.

So you can’t directly irritate them by showing something they don’t appreciate. It only means that you shouldn’t forget the quality of your content.

A good user experience makes sure that your site is improving and your earnings as well. Hopefully, Search engine ranking will go up bringing you enough amount of money to spend.

So when you are creating contents for your site, make sure you are not irritating your readers. Blend your keywords within your articles in such a way that the readers don’t understand it at all. Let them come to your site, read your content, interact with the ads, find the answers to their questions and ultimately leave your site to come back again for more. So be careful about user experience.

Be Sure You Activate All Type Of Ads

This is the most important part of optimizing Infolinks for your site. It is very important to activate all type of ads to get the maximum benefit. It makes sure that you are not losing the benefit of a particular feature.

The way Infolinks helps you monetize your blog is wonderful.

But you also can certainly make it better.

Infolinks provides four different kind of ad unites. Each of the ad unites has its own feature. So before you blend the ads within the content of your site, it’s better to know about them a little.

Infolinks ad units

InSearch Ad Unit

Infolinks offers another excellent feature where you can directly target visitors coming from search engines. This is called InSearch. This feature enables you to show advertisements related to the keywords an user is typing in the search bar to ultimately  visit your site.

Since the visitors are coming from search engines and the ads are targetted to the words they have typed in the search bar, there is a high chance that they would interact with the advertisements.

Studies have shown that InSearch ad units help increase Infolinks earnings 30% more. So it’s always a good choice not to neglect this feature.

InText Ad Unit

This is the most important Ad unit that Infolinks offers. Rather, Infolinks is highly reputed for its intext advertising. Their brilliant algorythm makes sure that only the best suitable ads are inserted within the content.

It doesn’t require any more space as it blends with your content very efficiently.

The CTR is comparatively higher for intext advertisements than text or banner ads. People are more likely to click the ads since whenever someone hovers a mouse on a link, it instantly opens an ad bubble containing an ad matched to the context of your keywords.

You can insert maximum 12 ad units within your content. Be sure not to irritate your readers at the time of reading. So it’s sometimes better to use less number of ad units depending on the length of your content.

A small article with a lot of links doesn’t really look good and not suitable for reading. However, if your articles are long enough, it is better to use all the ad units to gain the maximum benefit.

InTag Ad Unit

This is basically a range of keywords related to the context of your site. Each keyword consists of an advertisement. Just as InText ad units, when someone hovers a mouse on these keywords, it opens the same kind of ad bubble.

Since, the keywords are brilliantly chosen from your conent, there is a high chance that people will actually click on them.

Usually InTag ad unit is placed after the content. But you can also choose where you want it to be displayed. It changes with every new article with a different set of ads making it look more attractive.

Remember to choose a suitable colour to make it more visible.

InFrame Ad Unit

InFrame Ads Will Really Increase Your Earnings. It basically works on wide screen monitors only. The ads are shown when an user visits your site using a wide screen monitor. The ads are placed in margins of the monitor and it doesn’t change the site’s layout at all.

Actually Attractive skyscraper display banners are placed in the extra space without disturbing your visitors. These ads are efficiently chosen to be the best suitable to the content of your site. If a lot of your visitors visit your site using widescreen monitors, you will certainly earn well.

Because each time a visitor lands on your site, you get an ad impression.

So these were all just an introduction about the different ad units Infolinks offers. Before you even think about optimizing the ad units properly for your site, you need to have to good idea about how each ad unit works.

Hope, you are now quite familier with Diffirent ad units and you can certainly make necessary changes to increase your Infolinks earnings.

Things You Need To Remember

Dont forget to remember

Infolinks is basically an intext advertising network. So it works best for intext ad units. So you must activate this feature to maximize your chance to earn more. It is a good idea to use dubble underlining to make ads more visible.

Also you can use an eye-catching colour for better CTR. However, some of your readers may not like it. So use it on your own risk.

Don’t forget to choose the right category. A right category will help you get more categorically targetted ads. Before making any changes, take enough care for user experience. Hope you are intelligent enough to brillinat blend the ads within your site’s content.

After all, you can always take the best decision for your site.

The most important thing you can do to increase your Infolinks earnings is to do a thorough keyword research and find the most profitable keywords for your site. And ultimately use them efficiently on your site.

Please note that following the above methods doesn’t guarantee that you will make more money with Infolinks. Because nobody really knows how much Infolinks pays for a click or impression.

So it is always something we can only guess. The rest depends on Infolinks.

Let me know what you think.


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    Thanks for guiding us for Infolinks Earnings. It can be better alternative for those bloggers who are banned from Google Adsense. Infolinks earnings depends upon keywords, traffic to your blog and the way how you implement it in your website.

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    Payment is very easy and almost instant.

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