How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Or Website?

Increasing traffic to your blog is perhaps the most important factor to think about after launching a blog. Because without visitors or traffic, your blog is just a dead page on the web. So it is very important to attract traffic to your blog. Increasing blog traffic is perhaps the most difficult part of blogging journey. Now the question is how to increase traffic to your blog.

Remember, without visitors to your blog, your blog is simply nothing. If there is nobody to read what you are writing on your blog, there is no point to have a blog. Because blog is about sharing your ideas and knowledge with the world.

This article describes every important points you need to remember if you want to get significant number of visitors to your blog. It also describes what you can do to make your blog a better one. So if you are a blogger and want to build a high traffic blog or website, read every point in the article very carefully.

Increase Blog Traffic

1, Write Quality Content.

This is the most important factor to remember. Because if your blog content is not interesting or useful, people would hardly visit your blog. Give something special every time a reader visits your blog. Understand what your readers want from you. Read 17 Biggest Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid.

Solve problems of people and let people understand that your blog is really useful in their daily life. Remember, the quality of your article is the most important factor. Because, even if you don’t have a lot of contents, you can find readers to your blog as long as it provides valuable content. 

2, Write As Many Articles As Possible.

Remember, the more article you have, the more pages will be indexed by search engines. The more pages are indexed, there is more chance to be found in Search results. If you have a lot of contents on a certain type of keywords, you would get more visitors than the sites that have more pagerank and older.

Search engines consider how many contents you have indexed from your blog. But do not forget the quality of your content. If you can’t provide quality, don’t produce content. Because it will damage your reputation.

3, Submit Your Blog To Search Engines.

The most search engine is surely Google. Then we can take the names of Yahoo, Bing or Ask. There are thousands of others search engines online. But you don’t have to submit your blog to all those search engines. Because more than 98% of searches online made by the search engines already mentioned. However, you can submit your blog site to some of those search engines if you want.

4, Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories.

There are many blog directories. Some are paid directories and some are not. Choose your preferable ones and submit your blog into these directories. Blog directories are places where you can meet many other bloggers and you can also promote your blog to find new readers.

5, Submit Your Blog to Website Directories.

There are thousands of website directories. You can submit to all of them. People don’t usually search these directories. So there is very little chance to get good number of traffic to your blog from these directories.

But these directories can provide you backlinks which is very helpful to increase your search engine rankings. By submitting your blog to these directories, you are actually making it easy to get more traffic from search engines by increasing your search engines rankings.

Do not submit your blog to a lot of directories in one day. Gradually submit your blog to all of them. Remember, there should be a normal flow of backlinks to your blog. There are sites Directory Critic where you can get huge list of directories.

Regularly submit to minimum of 10 directories until you finish all of them. Before submitting, keep in mind that your blog provides value to its readers. Otherwise most directories will reject your submission. So start submitting your blog only when you have a good number of valuable contents.

6, Create A Facebook Page.

Facebook pages are a great way to promote your blog. You can create a Facebook page and post every new article. Promote this page to your Facebook communities and ask them to like it. It will take some time to build reputation. But it is worth it.

The more number of likes you have, the better. This way you will be able to build a huge list of followers for your blog only. Let people know that you have a valuable blog and ask them to review your blog.

7, Join Twitter And Start Following People.

Twitter has millions of members. If you search Twitter, you can find thousands of like minded people. Follow them to let them know your existence. They might follow you back if your twitter posts are interesting. Post your blog link on your Twitter Profile page. Read JustRetweet Review & increase your Twitter exposure.

Make posts frequently and ask people to visit your blog for more. This way you can build a huge list of followers. Now every time you tweet any of your blog post, some of your followers might visit your blog to read the posts. So you get traffic to your blog.

8, Join Stumbleupon And Start Following People.

Stumbleupon is a place where you can share your most favorite articles online. Every Stumbleupon user do the same thing. You can surf what others are stumbling about. It works on a voting system.

The more stumble a web-page gets, the more traffic it will receive from Stumbleupon. So if your content is interesting and useful, you can expect of getting a lot of traffic from Stumbleupon.

9, Start commenting on Blogs.

Commenting is perhaps the best way to let other bloggers know about your blog. Make useful comments on blogs in your niche. Those blogger will check your blog while approving your comment.

Make valuable comments so that your comment doesn’t get deleted. Regularly post 10 to 20 comments on blogs in your niche. Very soon you will see traffic to your blog as well. Read 5 Powerful Reasons To Allow Comments on Your Blog.

10, Join Social Networking Sites Actively.

Join Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Google plus and Twitter. Actively utilize all of these sites. These sites are very popular place where millions of people gather to share ideas and knowledge.

Join these sites and attract their attention to what you have to offer. Introduce your blog to them and expect to get traffic as long as your blog as valuable content.

11, Write An Article For Wikipedia.

Write An Informative And Useful Article on Wikipedia.Wikipedia get millions of traffic everyday. It also has a very strong pagerank. Having an article published on Wikipedia with a backlink to your blog is a goldmine.

If you can write more than one article, that’s far better. But Wikipedia is very strict about quality of your article. So be careful about the quality. Do not promote yourself and just provide value to its readers.

12, Join Squidoo And Create A Lens.

Place a few backlinks to your blog using Squidoo lens. These links are dofollow. So you can get dofollow link juice as well. Squidoo pages are indexed by Google very soon and Squidoo pages also get a lot of traffic.

So create an interesting and informative Squidoo page and promote it online. While reading your Squidoo page, people might be interested to check your blog. Give your readers reason to visit your blog. Let them feel that they would get more if they visit your blog.

13, Create a ‘How to Link to Us’ page.

Create a “ How to Link to Us “ page on your blog. It is helpful for non-technical readers to link to your blog. Make it easy for them to link to your blog if they want. Read Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Enough Money Blogging.

14, Join Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo answers is a forum where millions of questions and answers are posted everyday. You can also always find question on the subject of your blog. Answer these question and help people. If your answers are valuable and informative, people would like to know who you are.

So create a nice profile with a backlink to your blog. Whenever possible use links to your blog in the answers you post. But do not forget the quality of your articles. Do not do it only to promote your blog, but to build a brand around your blog. Otherwise, Yahoo community may disable your account temporarily.

15. Join Social Bookmarking sites.

Join Social Bookmarking Sites and bookmark your favorite articles there. Check what others are bookmarking as well. Follow them and make comments on their bookmarks. They would also check out your profile. Fill up your profile with all the possible information about yourself to attract your profile visitors to your blog. Let them feel the value of your blog.

16. Turn Your Articles Into Videos.

You can turn your articles into videos and submit them to Youtube. You can also submit your videos to other video sharing sites like Dailymotion or Metacafe. Place your blog link in the video description. Many readers would like to visit your blog and this will increase your traffic.

17, Register With CommentLuv Dot Com.

Register with the site called and download their plugin. Now use their Global CommentLuv Search to search for blogs related to your niche and make comments. It will return up to ten (recent) posts that will be sent back when you make a comment on a CommentLuv enabled site. Most are dofollow blogs, and you will get dofollow backlinks to your most recent posts. This is a great way to build backlinks and getting some good traffic.

18, Post Classified Ads For Your Blog.

You can also post classified ads and create a ebook and give it free to your readers who subscribe to your blog. When they would know that they are going to get a gift for subscribing to your blog, they will be more interested.

19, Submit Your Blog to Rss Directories.

There are a lot of Rss directories as well. Submits your blog feeds to these directories. You don’t have to visit these sites every time you make a new post. But these sites will automatically capture your most recent posts.

20, Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs.

Guest posts are the best way to create valuable backlinks for your blog. Search for high pagerank blogs that accept guest posts. Write a nice article and post it with a backlink to your blog. Don’t just submit the article and leave. Make sure you follow up and respond to comments and questions readers of those blogs ask.

Hopefully, there are hundreds of many other ways to increase traffic to a blog. But if you actively follow the ways described in this article, there is nothing more you need to do. The traffic will increase over time.

Remember, it takes time to build traffic to a blog. It’s not that you are going to get thousands of traffic within a few months. Even for some blogs with valuable contents, it takes several years to build significant amount of traffic.

So be patient and follow every way possible to attract visitors to your blog. Do not expect to increase it very soon. Rather, focus to build a interesting and informative blog that provides value to its readers.


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