How to Search Google With More Intelligence and Efficiency?

Google is not just a search a engine, but a powerhouse of information. It started its journey in September 4, 1998 as a search engine to help users find information. Since then, Google has proved itself as one of best resource of information in the world. You can say that Google is the biggest free encyclopedia in the world.

Google has indexed billions of web-pages since its beginning. It is the world’s biggest search engine and 99% of people using internet search Google to find information. But the question is how to search Google to get the most out of it? How to search Google more efficiently and find what you are actually looking for?

Just typing what you are looking for, in Google search box is not enough to get your information. Sometimes, you need to do something more. There are a lot of things, you can do with Google. There are various ways to search Google for different kind of information. Here are some of the best search tricks to master Google and find the best results faster.

Google search tips and tricks

Get Latest Movie Times Through Google.

Do you want to watch a movie? Do you want to know the movie timings of your nearest cinema halls? Don’t Google is there. Just visit Google and type Movie and hit Search. This will bring out a list of all the recent released movies in your country. You can even view trailers of new released movies.

If you want to know movie timings, just click on the movie name and you will be presented with the list of movie halls in your city where the movie is running with the timings. If you click on the name of a cinema hall, you will even get the address of the cinema hall and the timings as well. 

For some small cities in your country, this trick may not work.

Get Date and Time Through Google.

Google can even show you date and time perfectly. Just type Time and hit Search. You will get the date and time of your place. Google shows timing very efficiently and works for every country worldwide. But you can check only the time of your place, not the time of other countries or places. It only works when you open Google Dot Com or your country specific version of Google Search.

If you want to know the time of any other country, just type the name of the country followed by the word Time. As an example, if you want to know the time of Japan, just type Japan Time and hit Enter.

Google showing time

Discover Local Business Easily.

If you want to find a store, restaurant or other business in your neighborhood, just enter the type of business and the location in the search box. Google will now deliver a list of nearby places, along with a map, reviews and contact info. If you don’t include the location in your search, Google will just find locations close to you.

Find Address of an Unknown Place.

Are you looking for an address? Google can help you to search for an address. You just need to type the city name or the name of the location followed by the word Map. You can even just type the zip code or pin code number of the area followed by the work Map. This will bring out a map of the location. Now click on the map to see it on Google Map.

Check The Weather Report.

To check the weather condition of your place, just type the name of your city or location followed by the word Weather. Hit enter and you get the weather report of your place. You can even type the zip code or pin code of your area followed by the word Weather. Google would still help you check the weather.

Use Google as a Calculator.

Google can be used as a calculator. Just enter any math equation into the search box and Google will calculate the answer instantly. You don’t even need the calculator inbuilt in your PC. Google works as a very efficient calculator when used properly.

Google calculator

Track Flight Status By Using Google.

You can easily check arrival and departure time using Google search. Just type the airline name and flight number. You can see flight schedules to or from a particular destination. Just type flights from or flights to followed by the city or airport of interest.

Get Definitions of any Word.

Google can be used as a great dictionary where you can get definitions of almost every word in the world. To get definition of a particular word, just type ‘define :’ in the beginning. As an example, if you want to find the definition of loquaciousness, just put “define : loquaciousness”

Realtime Stock Quotes Update.

If you type any ticker symbol in Google search box, you will realtime stock quotes that update live in the search results. Now you just need to click on the results page to get a detailed market analysis about the same. As an example, if you want to find Google stock updates in realtime, just type GOOG and hit Enter.

Realtime stock updates in google

Get local Sunrise Or Sunset Times.

To get the sunset or sunrise time of your city, just type sunrise or sunset followed by the name of the city. As an example, if you want to know the sunrise time of Baltimore, just type sunrise Baltimore and hit Enter.

Convert Currency, Metrics, Bytes, and More.

Google has a powerful built-in converter calculator. It can help you out. It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking dinner, travelling abroad or building a PC.

You can easily find out how many teaspoons are in a quarter cup ( Type quarter cup in teaspoons) or how many seconds there are in a year ( Type seconds in a year) or how many Euros there are to five dollars ( Type 5 USD in Euro). Bits in kilobytes ( Type 155473 bytes in kilobytes) and numbers in hex or binary ( Type 19 in binary) are also quite useful.

You Can Make Google Recognize Faces.

Are you using Google search to find images? Google is truly fantastic at recognizing faces. There is a special search operator to make it work for you. Just type &imgtype=face at the end of the URL. Then whenever you search anything in Google Image search, Google will try to get only images of faces.

As an example, if you type Rose in Google Image search and hit enter, you will get pictures of flowers. But Rose can be the name of a person as well. Now if you type &imgtype=face at the end of the URL, the results will totally change with only Faces. Try it by clicking Rose that returns a lot of images of flowers. Now click Rose with the parameter at the end of the URL, you will see results of faces only.

Make Google Search Only One Site.

You can use Google to search only one site. Whenever you perform a search in Google, you may have seen that you get results from a lot different sites. But what if you want results from only one site? What if you want to get results of Amazon only?

The trick is very simple. Just type the keywords you want to search, leave a space and put In place of, you should use the site URL you want to search. As an example, just type how to search google in Google search box and you will get a list of results. Of course, all the results are only from

Make Google Search a Particular Phrase.

To search a particular phrase, you need to use quotation marks around the words as “[any word]”. This will search for that exact phrase in the exact order. However, it should be remembered that you may not sometimes get relevant results. As an instance, if you are searching for “Alexander Bell”, Google will ignore pages that refer to Alexander G. Bel.

Include Or Ignore Words And Characters.

Highlight common words and characters such as the and & if they are essential to your search (as in a movie or book title) by putting quotation marks “the” around them. You can also use the minus ( – ) sign to specify particular items you don’t want in your results, like ingredients in a recipe.

Find Related Pages Using Google Search.

If you want to search for related pages only, use related: as a search operator in the beginning of your search keywords. If you are looking for similar websites use as a search operator. Here is the site for which you want related websites.

Search By File Type in Google.

To search for a specific types of files such as PDFs, PPTs or XLS right inside Google search results, just add filetype: followed by the three letter file abbreviation. For an example, if you are looking for PPT files for a document on affordable health care act, you need to type affordable health care act filetype:ppt in the search box.

So you can see how powerful Google is. It is not just a search engine, but a powerhouse of information. This is why Google is known to be the world’s best search engine where millions of searches are performed every single day.

To search Google in the best way and find the information, you are looking for, you can use the above methods described here. However, there may be many other tricks that Google will introduce in future.


  1. Have to admit that I offen check the time in different timezones as well as weather. Actually sometimes I try the calculator too, when there are to many programs open and I don’t want to go into calculator app. Nice one.

    • Hi Kaloyan,

      I also believe that Google is not only an information powerhouse. But it is an wonderful place to answers to a lot of your questions. It feels wonderful when there is always something available to get answers to almost all of our questions.

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