How to Make $500 Plus Per Month With ClickBank?

This step by step guide will help you make money with ClickBank.

Around $500 a month or even more. But wait ….

You have to read this guide completely.

So let me start with why you should be with ClickBank and why it can help you make your dreams come true and earn enough money.

If you are already into affiliate marketing, I’m sure that you have heard of ClickBank before. But if you never heard of this, don’t worry! You will now.

The title says that you are going to make $500 a month or even more than that. Truly speaking; it entirely depends on the strategies you choose to promote a product and the kind of audience you have.

ClickBank has made millionaires, not a few; but thousands of them.

So if you are straggling for money, right now is the best time to try it.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Because I am the person who knows how to do it. I have promoted a lot of ClickBank products and have been quite successful in making good income.

I don’t earn in millions. But what I earn is quite enough for me.

If you are struggling to make money online, listen to me. May be what you are thinking is wrong or the process you follow doesn’t let you do that.

Thousands of people struggle online to make good income. Don’t be one of them.

Don’t forget! There are thousands of people who have made their fortunes online. If they have been able to do it, you should be.

There IS something you can do about it.

Do you know what that is?

Take a decision. Have a burning desire for success. Take the right path and that’s all it takes. Yes! you have heard me right. There’s nothing impossible.

So What is The Right Path?

It is affiliate marketing.

This is nothing but promoting products that others have created. Whenever you make a sale, you get a commission. This system is so powerful that you can make so much money than any other methods available online.

So ultimately this is about making sales. Now if it makes you scared, I have nothing to do about it. But you definitely have.

Just forget everything you have in mind and focus on affiliate marketing.

The more you are focused and learn about it, you will realize how it can truly change your financial life. Hopefully you understood my point.

And if you didn’t, read this How I Built a Small Affiliate Site & Made $4750 in 9 Months. Do you see the power?

The story doesn’t end here. That’s one of my many success stories. It’s not that I have always been successful. But I failed a lot, but succeeded a lot as well.

Failure is a part of your journey to success. So it shouldn’t let you down.

Basically what I am trying to make you understand is that making $500 or more every month is NOT  big deal at all. It’s very much possible.

Why am I Talking about ClickBank?

Because I make most of my income from ClickBank only. When it comes to affiliate marketing, ClickBank plays a very prominent role.

ClickBank is simply the platform where you find the products you can sell.

It’s the biggest affiliate marketplace for digital products. There are definitely lots of affiliate programs for physical goods. But I am not sure why I don’t feel confident about promoting those products.

I believe that it’s much better to stick to digital products only.

Because it’s delivered to the customer as soon as the payment is made and buyer becomes satisfied getting the desired product instantly.

And when you find digital products to sell online, ClickBank is the best place.

Let me be clear.

ClickBank is not the only platform out there. There are many others to choose from. But ClickBank would always be my first recommendation.

In fact when I was first introduced to affiliate marketing by Peng Joon, I was suggested to use ClickBank.

He is one of the best affiliate marketers I have known.

I opted for one of his affiliate marketing courses called Work From No Home. It’s very unfortunate that the course is not available now.

But I learned from him how small ordinary sites can be used to make extraordinary income. One of such courses available now is Google Sniper.

What is The Best Way to Promote an Affiliate Product?

An affiliate product can be promoted in various different ways. But the most powerful and popular method that I suggest anyone is building small sites.

These affiliate sites work as an asset that pays you for a long time to come.

If you build them properly with quality contents, you don’t even have to work on it after a certain time. But it will continue to pay you for long.

Following is an example of one of my affiliate sites that’s making me money on a continuous basis. You can check the site later.

get neobux referrals

The site is making me around $50 every month doing absolutely nothing. I have many more sites with much more income.

But I don’t feel safe to disclose them all to you.

Hope you are an honest person and won’t do anything to hurt my income from the site I just disclosed to you.

This is how money is really made online.

You should read this How Top Affiliates Make Money & How You Can Too.

So How to Build a Content Site or Blog that Makes Money?

What you actually need to do is to built small content sites that are focused on a very specific topic. Niche sites are always the best choice.

Niche sites are sites that revolve around a particular niche or topic.

These sites do always well in affiliate marketing. Remember that all of your sites should be good enough with quality contents and professional design.

Scrappy or spammy sites won’t do the trick.

So while choosing a product to promote, make sure that you know about it so well that you can write about it.

However, it’s not a big problem.

You can take some time to research on the topic online. This is what I do whenever I start promoting a new product or build a new site.

Your hard work will eventually pay you.

And it doesn’t take long as you may think it would. You can even hire professional writers to write for you. But it will cost you money.

Your content is the most important part. Remember this.

For the technical parts on how to start a blog, Here Is a Step by Step Guide you can follow. Let me know if you have any question.

clickbank universityYou should know that ClickBank itself is teaching people how to make money with them at the ClickBank University.

But it’s not free. There is a joining fee. I highly recommend you to join them at least if you can afford.

You’ll be trained by Justin and Adam. These two young guys have made a fortune with the exact same system you are going to discover at The ClickBank University. You believe me or not; you can really turn $100 into $1000 or even more. I’m already a member and hope you become one too.

How Possible is Making $500 a Month With ClickBank?

Truly speaking, there is no guarantee. But if you follow the methods properly, this is pretty much possible. In fact, people are doing it successfully.

I have done it and I know it.

As with any business, your results may vary. But this should NOT stop you from taking actions and trying something so powerful to make you a millionaire.

Let’s assume that the main keywords of one of your affiliate sites is getting around 6000 searches for an entire month.

Your site is ranking high on the first page and gets around 25% of the traffic.

That’s 1500 unique visitors. Let’s assume that you also get 500 visitors a month from a wide variety of different keywords. This is very common.

If only 1% of that traffic converts, you get 20 buyers.

If you get around $30 commission for every sale you make, that’s $600 every month for the foreseeable future.

So if you had 10 to 15 sites like this, imagine how much you could earn.

This is really how money is made online.

The only investment you are going to make is the time you spend to learn about the products, build a site on them and getting it ranked on Google.

Then wait and watch money rolling in.

Promoting a site and getting it ranked might look difficult to you. But it’s not as long as your site is very specific and deals in a small not-so-competitive topic.

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