How to Increase Blog Pageviews to Over 10,000 a Month If New?

This article describes about some powerful ways to increase pageviews of your blog. Because in today’s world, blog is not only a platform to share ideas and knowledge, but also it is a wonderful way to earn money.

You can even earn enough money to live your life happily without having any other job. A simple blog can entirely change your lifestyle.  But all of these is possible only if your blog is significantly popular and receives thousands of visitors everyday.

Because these visitors will earn you money. If you don’t have enough number of visitors, you can not even expect of earning a few dollars every month. If the visitors turn into loyal readers of your blog, that’s wonderful.

But the question is how to make it possible?

Just blog

If you are looking for some ways to increase traffic to your blog, you may read the article How to Get Traffic to Your Blog. This article describes the best ways you can apply to increase traffic to your blog.

But most of the time, getting traffic is not only important part of blogging. The more important part is how many of your visitors are actually turning into daily readers of your blog. It is said that people don’t really read any article on the Internet. They just scan the content or read the first paragraph of your article to understand if it is really valuable or not. 

So you have to make your articles very interesting or informative that people would like to read. When they would understand that there is something special in your blog, they will become loyal readers.

How your blog is being taken by your visitors can be understood by the number of pageviews your blog receives. It’s not how many visitors you are getting to your blog everyday. But it is how many pageviews your blog is receiving everyday and it determines how popular your blog is in front of the world. You may receive one thousand visitor in a day to your blog.

But if the total number of pageviews on that day is somewhere around eleven hundreds, your blog is certainly not very interesting. Your blog is not being able to attract readers’s attention and this is the reason that most of your visitors are living your blog giving you only one pageview. This kind of situation is dangerous in terms of your blog reputation. You need to do whatever you can to increase the pageviews of your blog.

There is another thing that you need to consider that if your blog doesn’t have good number of pageviews, you are not going to earn a lot of money. As you have already understood that it is bad for your blog reputation as well. You should never think that you are unable to do it and leave blogging as you are not being able to attract your reader’s attention.

Because most bloggers online are not great writers. They just started sharing their knowledge and ideas to the world. Fortunately people liked what they were writing and they became famous blogger.

So follow these methods carefully to increase the pageviews of your site.

1,  Write More Quality Articles for Your Readers.

Write quality articles

In your blogging journey, you would always be advised to write more quality contents. Because contents is the lifeblood of a blog. A blog is a platform to share ideas and knowledge through articles.

So the more content a blog has, there is more to learn. Give your visitors something that they would like. Think about yourself as a new visitor to your blog and criticize your blog yourself. You would find out what you are missing. Remember that a blog becomes popular for its contents. A blog becomes popular for what it has to offer to its readers.

If you blog doesn’t provide any valuable information or doesn’t solve any problem of your readers, nobody would ever visit your blog. So create more valuable contents and share the best you can with your readers. Let them feel the value of your blog.

To make it possible, choose a niche you are comfortable with and you must have enough knowledge on the subject. Starting a blog on a subject about which you don’t have proper knowledge or you have started the blog only to earn money from it, you are actually wasting your time. Because this kind of blog will never become popular and can never attract readers.

2, Interlink Your Articles with One Another.

Interlinking your articles

Interlinking your articles is the best way to give your readers a chance to navigate your blog in a much better way. Do not just use a related post plugin to show some readers articles under every article.

Because most viewers don’t really on any one of those links if they are not really interested about your blog contents. So while writing your articles, whenever possible, try to link another article that you have already written before. But remember, the linking article must be related to the subject of the article.

Do not make irrelevant links as it will show your inability to share the best related contents to your readers. This is also harmful about your blog reputation. Remember not to create a lot of unnecessary links within a single article. Rather limit number within  one or two links per article.

While reading these articles, visitors may click on the link to find out more. This will increase the pageviews of your blog. This process doesn’t only help you to increase pageviews of your blog. But it also gives you blog so called Seo-Juice.

3, Create a Best Article Page with the Best Contents.

The best

Create a page about the best articles you have written on your blog. Promote this page everywhere online as you promote promote your blog.

You can also make a link on your blog to promote this “ Popular Article “ Ask readers to read this this page. Most of them will click to read what you have written. Many of them may even turn into your readers.

You can also show your most popular articles on the sidebar of your blog. It is not like related posts as it shows only the article which have got the most number of pageviews. As previously mentioned, the more pageviews, the more popular the article is. So promoting your best articles on the sidebar of your blog is a nice to way to increase pageviews.

4, You Must Use a Search Bar to Help Readers.

Search bar

Put a Search bar on your blog to let your readers search the contents of your blog. This process really increases pageviews. If someone likes one of your blog posts, he or she would most likely be interested to read some more articles from your blog.

If they have something in mind and want to search an article on that topic, you need to help them. Using a search is the best choice. If your blog has a search bar, people can use it to find more contents of your blog.

5, You May Also Show Your Online Reputation.

Online reputation

If you blog is already popular enough, you can show your blog popularity on the sidebar like showing how many rss readers you have, how many email subscribers your blog has or you can also show the Alexa rank of your blog. Any new visitor would be more interested to know more about your blog.

So it’s not bad to tell your new readers that you blog is really popular and there are hundreds of many others who like to read your blog. This way, some of your new visitors may turn into daily visitors of your blog.

You can also activate links in rss feeds, showing only excerpts of your blog post while sending email updates to your subscribers. You can also start a forum on your blog where people can join to ask questions and discuss about the subject of your blog.

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