How Much Money Can You Earn From Ad Network?

I already wrote an article to review URL shortening service as a means to earn some money by posting links online.

If you have no idea about what is all about and how it may help you make money, you may start reading from that article. It will help you get a better idea.

This article will help you understand how much you can earn on is basically a URL shortening service that shows advertisements when their links are shared online. As a result, they share a portion of their earnings with you and it helps you make money with them.

So whenever you use to shorten links and share it, you will earn if someone visits you link.

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So you can understand that your earnings entirely depend on the number of times your links are shared and visited.  Apart from this, there are several factors that will hugely affect your earnings.

Here are some of those factors that will influence your earnings.

Share your favorite links and earn

How Many Times Do You Shorten Links?

This is probably the best way to understand how much you are going to earn. As previously mentioned, is a URL shortening service. You may even use it as a URL shortener without adding advertisements to it.

But it won’t make you money.

Please note that this is not the only URL shortener available on the internet.

But there are so many more. So it depends on how many times you shorten URLs to share with friends on social media.

The more you shorten links, the more there is a chance that you will share it somewhere. As a result, there is more chance for people to click on your links.

As a result, you will earn more money from

How Actively People Click on Your Links?

Shortened URLs are not just to be shared. But they need to be clicked and visited. Only then, you have a chance to earn.

So it depends on the places you share your links.

Will people be interested to click your links?

Do you have enough reason that will force them to click the links?

In case of social media, how strongly you are connected with other people with whom the URLs are being shared?

The answers to all the above questions will certainly help you get a clear idea about your earning potential. You won’t get paid until someone clicks your links.

So you won’t get paid if you don’t share the links on a highly active community or forum. To get enough clicks, you need to have enough people interested in what you share with them.

Where are Your Visitors Coming From?

You will not earn enough if your visitors are not coming from certain countries like United States or United Kingdom. Their payout rates are pretty high if you get visitors from these two countries.

So if most of your visitors come from these countries, you should expect to make more money. The earnings from visitors of other countries are comparatively less than the earnings from these countries.

Also you won’t get paid if your links are visited from Iran or some Asian countries. So be sure to get more visitors from United States and United Kingdom. Because it will help you earn more.

Here advertising is purchased and targeted by country. So the geographical location of your link visitors is highly important.

Where Do You Share Links?

It is very important to share your links in the right place so that you get more clicks. If you spend most of your time posting links in the places where people don’t gather, you are hardly going to get any clicks.

Using social media accounts to post the links takes time to earn significant amount of money. If you don’t have an active friend circle, it’ll be very hard.

Sharing your links on Twitter, YouTube, Forums or Community sites may be a good choice. There are sites that allow shortened links and some don’t.

So before joining any community or forum, make sure that it allows these links.

As of now, YouTube doesn’t have any problem with links.

It cannot be predicted whether they will allow it in future. So don’t only post your links through YouTube and Twitter.

There are so many other places you can post these links.

With continuous effort, you will soon build a powerful source of residual income. Let me know any question you may have.

Best of luck from Tamal …


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