How Much Do Celebrities Earn For Sponsored Tweets?

Twitter is not always just a platform to interact with others, be connected with the world and make friends as well. But it can really be used to earn a very good amount of money. Unfortunately, everyone is not lucky enough to be treated as a celebrity. Are you Really?

Someone has to be a celebrity or should really provide some kind of a service most people can’t give. Or if you are highly talented to attract people  and make them follow you on Twitter, you may be the next online millionaire.

Do you want to know why I am saying this? Then let me tell you that there are some celebrities who are making thousands of dollars just by posting a 140 character tweet on Twitter. These celebrities are utilizing their fame to make big money online. Read Can You Make Money Online? The Reality Will Surprise You. But really, It’s not always about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

What Is a Sponsored Tweet and How It Works?

A sponsored tweet is nothing but a promoted advertisement of a product, a service or just anything a company is trying to promote. A tweet is basically a small message of 140 characters. Whenever you update your Twitter status with new messages, it shows on your followers’ timeline.

Just because most celebrities are followed by thousands of people, companies pay the celebrities to promote products and services to their Twitter fans. You may also do the same thing. But it is clear that it would take a very long time to build a huge fan base. 

I don’t say that you can’t make it possible. But you must give it a try. To know more on how you have to start, I would suggest you to read How To Really Make Money With Twitter For Free?

How Much Do Celebrities Get Paid?

You will be surprised to know how a small 140 character tweet costs thousands of dollars. Kholoe Kardashian demands $13,000 for a tweet to her 8,147,594 followers. Jared Leto wants the same amount to be paid before he sends a tweet to his 1,050,200 followers. Tyrese and Mellissa demands more than $7,000 to be paid for a tweet.

The question is not how much they get paid. The question is if it is really required. I am not sure. But I must mention that companies are surely making more money than what they are paying. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have paid these celebrities.

After all, it is clear that you can really make money from Twitter. What you need is followers and probably nothing else. The number of your followers will force companies pay you.

See what other celebrities get paid to utilize their fame in 140 characters. The information has been taken from a Huffington Post article. Please note that the number of followers may change from time to time and the asking price as well.

How much celebrities earn on twitter

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