How Top Affiliates Make Money And How You Can Too.

Do you know?

There are affiliates who make millions online?

They do nothing but promote products created by others. It’s one of the most well-known and highly profitable money making methods on the internet.

So how do these people make money?

Can YOU do it too?

The answer is here. This is highly possible for anyone interested to make money. ? This is an art. The best thing about it is that you can definitely learn it.

But today let me tell you how the top affiliates make their money.

And how you can do it too.

Have you ever tried to find out what has made them so lucky that they have been able to generate that kind of huge income?

Can you also do the same thing following the same methods?

If they have been able to make millions, you should be able to make at least a small percentage of it. Why not?

Probably it’s ENOUGH for you.

You may not need millions of dollars to run your life.

Perhaps, just a few thousand dollars a month or even less than that is more than enough for you. If it is, you should really read this article.

Because today I will show you how top affiliates are actually making money.

Let’s Start With an Example …

I don’t want you to read a long and boring guide book.

Rather, it is better to directly focus on what makes a small affiliate site so profitable that it can generate enough income for you continuously. 

Here is an example of a simple but highly profitable affiliate site … ( please type it manually to check )

If you visit this site, you can understand that the entire site has been built to promote a particular product called The Tao Of Badass.

It’s a very popular ClickBank product where you will be making around $66.84 for every sale you generate.

This is not the end.

You will earn also recurring commissions on a monthly basis.

Product pricing screenshot

Obviously the product is good enough.

So the seller is confident enough to ask for recurring payment.

Assuming the product is good enough; most people will be satisfied with the purchase and would be paying more.

As a result, both the seller and the affiliate will be making money continuously.

So it was all about finding a good product that can make a buyer happy.

Now let’s find out how this product is being promoted. Take a look at their attractive homepage in the below picture.

tao of badass affiliate

Obviously, it’s a proof of great professional design.

Remember a great design makes the buyer happy. A good design also makes a buyer trust the seller. Most links on the site redirects to the sales page.

It’s a perfectly optimized small affiliate site.

This site has the ability to really convert visitors into customers.

If you check the sitemap, you can see that the site has barely a few pages. All these pages have been created with high quality content.

All the contents are specifically written to promote the product.

Obviously, it didn’t take long to build it.

It is clear that the affiliate invested most of the time in bringing as many targeted visitors as possible from Google.

However if you follow the right methods, it’s NOT always difficult.

It mostly depends on your ability to find the right keywords to optimize your site for. The rest depends on how your promote and market your affiliate site.

You may read How I Built a Small Affiliate Site & Made $4750 in 9 Months.

Hopefully, you’ll get some ideas on how it’s done.

The top keyword I found out for the site is ‘The Tao of Badass Review’. Obviously, the site ranks for many other key phrases of that term.

Google Keyword Planner shows that this keyword is searched for around 2900 times every month. Look at the picture below.

But my experience says that it is usually more than the numbers Google shows.

I usually get more traffic from a particular keyword which is not searched for a lot of times according to Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword search report from google

Also this is not the only keyword the site may be ranking for.

There are a lot of other variations of the same keyword. According to Keyword Planner, this keyword group gets around 28710 monthly searches.

If the site gets around 25% of clicks from Google, it’s around 7177 visits a month.

Obviously, most of the people who are coming to the site from search engines are highly interested to the product. This is the only reason why they are looking for reviews.

Since, the people who would actually search for this keyword are looking for information on this product; it’s not very difficult to convince them.

With such a great design, high quality contents and awesome keyword-targeted visitors, it can easily be assumed that the site gets at least 1% of conversion rates.

Hopefully, it’s a lot more than that.

But still, it is making more than 50 sales every month. That is around $3342 ( 66.87 * 50 ) with recurring commissions. How does it sound to you now?

Oh! You just discovered that this site is making really a lot of money. The best part is that the affiliate is almost doing nothing but just keeping the site online.

You can see that the Alexa rank is not very high.

These sites don’t receive thousands of visitors. But still these sites are making a lot more money than a lot of other sites.

Remember that Alexa rank may be a good way to measure how many visitors a site receives. But it’s never a good measurement of how much a site earns.

I have seen people giving Alexa rank so much importance.

While I don’t consider it something to be very careful about, I must mention that Alexa rank is not directly connected to the earnings of a site.

Because there are a lot of different factors you should consider; most importantly how the site is monetized and the kind of audience it has.

Here are Some More Examples …

There are thousands of small affiliate sites online where people are making big money. The most important thing that you should learn is how these people are choosing a small market so confidently.

Hopefully, you can also do the same thing. Here are some more examples for you to research. The more you conduct research on these sites, the more you can learn. You can then utilize your knowledge to build your own sites.

WOWBLACKBOOK.COM ( Please type it manually to check )

Wow black book

The above site is promoting The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide. The commission for every sale is $70 and this affiliate is definitely making a lot.

GAIN-WEIGHT-MUSCLE-FAST.COM ( Please type it manually to check )

An affiliate site

At the top of the page this affiliate site, there is a section to display the “5 Star Weight Gain Programs”. If you click on these products, you will be redirected to the merchant’s page through the affiliate links.

YOUROWNWINGMAN.COM ( Please type it manually to check )

Your own wingman

This site basically promoting a seduction course called Supernatural Seduction System. Here the seller pays around $30 for every sale with recurring commissions every month.

There are thousands of sites like this. Probably you have visited a lot of them.

But you didn’t understand it. Many of these affiliates don’t disclose that they make commissions for recommending the products.

You can also build a small website or blog, choose a small market and promote affiliate products. Hopefully, if you are smart enough; you will make more money than you can imagine.

The Most Important Things to Remember

While I am discussing about the kind of sites that make a lot of money, I can ignore the fact that there are also sites that don’t earn a lot.

The reality is that more than 50% of affiliate sites don’t work. Most of the affiliates fail online and never make a single dollar.

If You Don’t Want to Fail, Remember These Points …

1, Affiliates who don’t choose a small market usually fail. Mostly it works for choosing a perfect keyword and a perfect product related to that.

Unfortunately most people are unable to do proper research and jump into the market. It’s better to review any product before you promote it online.

Use Long Tail Pro to find profitable long tail keywords. You may also use Keyword Spy, Moz’s Keyword Analysis Tool or even Google Keyword Planner.

2, It’s very easy to start.

But it’s not easy to make it a profitable online business.

Most affiliates choose products that many others are already promoting.

It is important to remember that there are hundreds of new products being launched every day. New products have comparatively low competition.

Join CB Engine. It’s free to join. It’s a good place to track performance of any ClickBank product and track newly launched products.

3, Don’t be lazy and get left behind.

Pick a system to promote any affiliate product and follow it with dedication.

There are many affiliate programs where you need to work with dedication.

Don’t always follow a particular program.

4, Increase your knowledge about the product before you promote it.

Practice writing sales copies. You need to Be a Great Writer.

Your visitors should trust you and your words. So it’s very important to be a good writer at first. Otherwise, you may need to invest money to hire writers.

5, Don’t keep unrealistic expectations.

Be sufficiently prepared and work hard. Stick to the methods you want to follow.

Don’t promote products only for commissions. Think about the people who will purchase. There are always great products you can recommend.

Find them and promote to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Believe me; it’s ENOUGH.

There may be lots of other reasons that can affect all affiliate marketing efforts.

However, the above list is quite enough and useful.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned, work smartly and find a genuinely good product, you should be a successful affiliate marketer.

DON’T keep unrealistic expectations, trust your ability and jump into the market. This is all you need to be successful.

Hope you have learned what I tried to share with you.

If you can implement what you learned today, it’s not really difficult for you to make pretty good amount of money.

Kindly share this article if you feel it’s OK.


  1. Amazing article Tamal, really helpful and interesting read for anyone who wants to start with affiliate marketing. Also it’s great to see that there are over 2500+ monthly searches for “The Tao of Badass Review” crazy ha..

    And nice to you see you have personally used some of those products and advices people to get use of it. This article should be shared more and build some backlinks to rank well on Google.

    I see a great authority site coming up in 2o14. I mean it’s already awesome. If you would like to write a killer post like this on and get the attention of thousands of visitors it gets, let me know and I would like to promote you over there for best visibility.

    All the best.

  2. I enjoyed the article. In every venture there is a lot of unknown and information to learn. I’ll definitely have a look into the product recommended.

    All the best with this current project of yours.

  3. Tamal,
    I came here from fernandobiz.
    this post is very useful. It piques my interest to do affiliate marketing.
    I have tried but it dindnt workout . obviously because of lack of knowledge. will try again sincerely. Is it necessary to register a domain for each affiliate product or a lengthy blog post per product reviewed (with all having desired structure like permalink as post name etc)is sufficient ?.

  4. Hi Tamal

    Excellent compilation for the topic. There are others ways too for affiliate marketer, I know few of them who earn without having their website from Affiliate marketing.

    But surely Affiliate marketing is the next big hit.

    Happy blogging

    • Obviously there are lots of ways someone can earn online. Someone doesn’t have to go only after affiliate marketing. But i consider affiliate marketing is the best and highly profitable if done correctly. I know everyone has different perspectives.

  5. Very nice and helpful article Tamal. I am thinking of opening a site for affiliate program but I am a bit confused. I am not sure which affiliate program to choose? Most people recommend Amazon. I am thinking of promoting a particular clothing line. Which one would you recommend?
    Also another query that I had was, for example, I choose Amzon, the description of each product on my website, I have to write myself? How I can write description of maybe 100-300 products which are in same category and obviously I haven’t used them? Any advice for that?

    3rd Query and the last one is can you recommend some free eCommerce type sites for affiliate programs for which I can only get the domain name and start the work?

    Sorry for too many questions but i hope you can guide and advice.

    • Hi Aaliyah, it seems that you are new to affiliate marketing. Just because affiliate marketing has huge potential to increase your overall income, many people get into affiliate marketing. But most don’t earn quite enough to proudly talk about it. This is reality and you have to believe it.

      Please understand that I am not discouraging you. Since, you want to promote affiliate products, here are some things i would suggest you.

      The way you are promoting a product should be attractive enough to a convert the vistior into a buyer. If you don’t know how to write product descriptions, you can hire writers. Let me tell you, Amazon is not the only affiliate program. There are so many programs you can choose anything you want. Just be sure to promote products or services to people who are hungry for it. You have to smart enough to attract the right kinds of people to your site.

      Before you invest your money and time into anything, i would suggest you do proper research on that.

      I have shared one of my affiliate marketing stories here: How I Built a Small Affiliate Site that Makes Over $500 Per Month.

      It should be helpful for you and you might have an idea as well. Good luck.

  6. Hi Tamal,

    I just have to bookmark this page for further reading, you’ve put together some of the finest information on how to get the best out of affiliate marketing.

    One of the very best advice I take away from reading this article is “we shouldn’t keep unrealistic expectation”.

    Most people who jump into online business are full of making unrealistic goals, something too far to fetch from their stand.

    Work along with your efforts, tweak things along as you go through, discover what works for you and weed out what may seems to a waste of your time.

    Thanks Tamal, I learn something new from reading this.

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