Google Sniper Or Work From No Home : What Should You Buy?

Google Sniper is actually an extensive course on how to make money online. George Brown, the creator of this program confirms that anyone can start building a highly profitable online business using this course.

On the other hand, Work From No Home is another similar course that also created a lot of buzz in affiliate marketing industry.

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Both of these products basically teach people how to make money from affiliate marketing. It’s true that nobody can ever show you a full-proof method to earn millions of dollars online. But when we listen to their success stories and how much money they earned, it makes us a little confused. 

Their success stories inspire us to do something big in our own life as well. Their stories help us believe that it’s possible. Oh … It’s actually possible to earn big money online. But the biggest question is whether it is possible for everyone or not. If it is possible for everyone, why isn’t everyone a millionaire?

Today I will do my best to help you find out the answer to this question. Hopefully, you will be able to understand whether you should purchase both of these products or any one of these two. My review is completely based on contents of these courses and your actual earning potential using them.

Have you just decided to buy Google Sniper?
Or do you want to go for Work From No Home? Then you need to read this.

It doesn’t matter which course you opt for, let me tell you; you won’t be successful until or unless you know what you are doing. There are many people who just bought and went through the entire course. But they were unable to implement the strategies properly. As a result, they didn’t earn anything.

Those who didn’t earn anything would actually blame these products. You would find these people telling you not to buy them in various places online. Even though the reality is different, most people would be discouraged and wouldn’t buy. By the way, you may also find a lot of positive reviews as well.

To clear these confusions and help general people understand these courses better, I decided to purchase both of these products. As an affiliate marketer, I wanted to see what’s inside. I wanted to know if these courses will genuinely help an ordinary person earn extra-ordinary income online.

Let Me Tell You What I Found …

As previously mentioned, both of these courses target online affiliate marketing industry. If I am not wrong, affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to generate income online. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting a product online. And when a sale is made, you get a commission.

How does affiliate marketing works

So in this case, you don’t have to have a product to sell. In most of the cases you need absolutely no investment from your part. The good news is that anyone can start it at any point of time.

Through these courses you will basically learn how to promote ClickBank products. ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks online and it contains thousands of digital products ready to be promoted. Once you choose product and promote it to the right people in the right way, most people will buy it. As a result, you will get commission. The more products you sell, the more money you can make.

The process is simple. But taking your products to the right people is difficult. This is the reason why you have to be trained. This is the reason you need to learn proper marketing methods. Both George Brown and Peng Joon are highly successful affiliate marketers who made millions from ClickBank.

This is the only reason why I have chosen to review their products online. Because someone who never made a single dollar online, can never teach you how to make money. But someone who has already earned millions can definitely teach you how to do it. So both of these courses got my attention.

Here’s What You Will Learn …

1, You would learn how to choose a profitable niche. You would be able to choose not only a niche, but also the products you should promote.

2, Learn to use Google trends and Google Keyword Planner in order to predict future trends of a product.

3, Every single details you need to know about starting a new website and getting it ranked on Google.

4, Learn to build small niche sites and rank it in Google within just one or two weeks.

5, Secret strategies to generate free unlimited traffic visitors who will actually buy your product.

6, The common mistakes most internet marketers make and why they fail.

7, How to use YouTube and video postings to skyrocket your mini site to the page one or higher in Google.

8, Why you only need about 5-6 pages of content to create set-and-forget websites that will bring you cash for the long run.

9, Legitimate ways of backlinking through various methods like blog commenting, RSS feeds and others.

10, Exactly what type of backlinks you must use in your SEO strategy to reflect the latest quality updates on Google.

11, Directories that you will want to post your articles to and those that you will want to avoid like the plague.

12, Learn how to have a site up and running with fresh content right before the boom in popularity.

13, You would learn how to get quick results for little to no effort at all.

Actually, you will learn so much more than this. Truly speaking the stuff will literally force cash into your bank account. It’s probably more than enough to quit your 9 to 5 job and enjoy your life in a much better way.

These courses will effectively teach people of all skill levels, from those who are just beginning to learn internet marketing to experienced marketers who want to improve and expand their online business.

As you can see that I want to recommend both of these products to anyone interested to earn money online. Since I purchased both of these products, I am confident about the quality. But make sure you follow the instructions carefully. If you are not serious, don’t buy.

Click Here to Watch a Video Presentation of Google Sniper
Click Here to Watch How Peng Joon Is Making Hundreds of Dollars

I must say that these are not the only courses available. But there are hundreds of courses like this and you will find a lot of them if you search Google. But it’s not a good idea to go for just any product. There are so many poor quality products available online. So be smart and don’t waste your money.

Do You Really Need to Take These Courses?

Woman using laptop

Both of these courses have been designed to teach new marketers as well as experienced marketers. If you are already in affiliate marketing, you should understand its earning potential. Assuming the fact that you know how profitable affiliate marketing is, you should definitely take these courses.

It will help you improve your earning potential from affiliate marketing. Even if you have no idea about affiliate marketing and you are totally new in this field, you should take these courses at least once. Because it will help you understand the actual earning potential online. It will be able to believe how an ordinary person can earn extra-ordinary income online.

But please don’t expect to earn millions of dollars. Because it’s not possible for everyone. But you will definitely make the amount of money you can be proud of. If you are serious, be smart and don’t waste your time.

But let me tell you there is a little difference in the price.

Although both of these programs teach you almost the same thing, the asking price is different. While the cost of Google Sniper is $47, Work From No Home costs only $37. While I recommend taking both of these courses, I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t afford to buy both of them. Opt for any one of these training courses and that’s enough.

But if you are looking for a similar product at a much lower price, Bring The Fresh will be a nice choice. I haven’t purchased it yet. But I have heard many good reviews about it. For just $7 you can get access to their program and try it.

Truly speaking, these kinds of products cannot be sold for free. So you must pay before you can access any one of these programs. Be smart and don’t waste your money on things that don’t work. Invest your money on the right things. Take it as a small investment in your future. … And the best time is RIGHT NOW.


  1. Google Sniper is the excellent way to earn money and your post detailed neatly. Thanks for sharing…

    • Yes, Google Sniper is a great product. But you must work on it. It doesn’t matter whatever methods to choose to earn money online or in your life, you have to work and obviously need right guidance. Google Sniper is the guide. But rest should be done by yourself.

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