CBEngine Review : It’s Legit or Scam? Here’s The Reality.

Today I am going to review CBEngine, the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web. If you are a ClickBank affiliate, you should definitely use CBEngine.

It’s a very powerful tool that lets you know about a lot of metrics you won’t get in ClickBank marketplace. Let’s find out why you should use it.

As a ClickBank affiliate, it’s very important to know which products perform well and which products don’t. Because it will lot you decide whether you would actually earn money or not. ClickBank already provides a few metrics about a particular product in their marketplace.

But these metrics are not always sufficient to understand how a product can actually perform if you promote.

Take a look at a product listing in ClickBank …

Clickbank product listing

Let Me Tell You What These Statistics Mean …

Initial $/sale: This is the average amount you would earn when any sale is generated for the first time for a particular product. This amount varies from product to product depending on the commissions vendors want to pay.

Avg %/sale: This is the amount you would earn from a product on an average. Usually the number is same as Initial $/sale. But if the vendor offers rebilling products, the number equals the average total of the initial sale & all the rebills.

Avg Rebill Total: This is the total amount you would earn from rebills only if the vendor offers recurring billing products like memberships or subscriptions.

Avg %/rebill: This is the average commission on recurring billing products.

Grav: The full form is gravity. It is unique and probably most important calculation by ClickBank. It is a time-based figure of merit on the success that other affiliate marketers have had selling the particular product.

Please understand that Gravity is NOT a measure of popularity of a product or its sales. So if a product has low gravity, it doesn’t mean that it will not sale and people don’t purchase it.

It only means that the product is not being promoted by many affiliates. So if a product has less gravity, you can think that there is comparatively less competition. You can get these metrics directly get from ClickBank marketplace.

Obviously as an affiliate, only these metrics are not sufficient to understand how a product would actually perform. This is why you need the help of CBEngine. It gives access to inventory summaries on all Clickbank products and sales metrics indicators on active and inactive products and so much more.

Cbengine marketplace products

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If ClickBank is one your online income sources, CBEngine can be called as the key to success. Let me show you why I like it.

Here are Some of the Most Useful Features …

1, Here you can see the refund rates of a particular product. It’s a very powerful indication to decide which products may work. If a product has high refund rates, it means that the products is of bad quality.

This is why most people who purchase it ask for a refund. A low refund rate indicates that the product is comparatively better than others. From ClickBank marketplace you can’t see the refund rates.

2, It shows metrics of which products are selling well, which are going down, and which are dormant. Dormant products are basically products that are old and not being promoted by any affiliates. Usually these products don’t convert well. ClickBank doesn’t let you know which products are dormant. Cbengine advanced search

3, Their advanced search feature is very powerful and lets you search for exactly the kind of products you need. Beside you can see a picture of how many different options are available.

4, You can analyze the entire historical ranking date quite easily. It helps you find out how the product has performed overtime.

5, You can track a product’s name change history.

6, CBEngine lets you see product graphs for rank, gravity and also EPS.

7, With the help of CBEngine, you can create custom ClickBank ads. You can Place ClickBank Marketplace product ads on your website in just a few minutes.

8, Here you get FREE Standalone PHP Storefront script and also WordPress storefront plugin. You get ClickBank one-click login manager. CBEngine also provides you all the statistics to monitor sales trends of a product and much more. To check it yourself, Click Here For a 7 Days FREE Trial.

Truly speaking CBEngine is the best source to find out ClickBank products that convert. With their help, you can monitor almost everything as an affiliate. You can definitely choose any product from ClickBank and start promoting. But to make sales, you have to make sure that the product is of high quality and has a good record. This is where CBEngine will help you.

What I like most is that you can get information about all the new products being launched in ClickBank. This feature allows you start promoting a product before anyone else does. As a result, you get no competition and a better success rate. If you are a ClickBank affiliate, I strongly suggest you to try their service.

Till now, I haven’t found any bad reviews about CBEngine and hope you won’t. Share your ideas and experiences below.

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