3 Highly Creative Ways to Get Quality Traffic without SEO.

In every online business, Traffic is Money.

The more traffic you have, the more you can expect to earn as long as you know how to convert your visitors into customers. But without traffic, it’s impossible.

It’s a general thought that Google is the only traffic source.

Of course, it does help. But who says you can’t get traffic without Google? There are plenty of other means to generate traffic to your blog. Today I will discuss about some creative ways to get high quality traffic to your blog quite easily. [Read more…]

32 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts for More Readers.

It is fairly easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. One of the most important tasks involved in doing so is active promotions and marketing. Without effective promotions it’s quite difficult to survive.

I already talked about some powerful methods to make your blog popular.

But today I will discuss about some places where you can promote your blog posts; new or old ones. If you actively utilize the places mentioned below, you will soon realize that your blog is growing.

Remember your primary goal is not increasing the number of backlinks coming to your blog, but increasing the number of people who know your blog. You should surely use it.

In five years of my blogging journey, I have built a lot of small niche blogs basically to promote affiliate products. I used hundreds of different methods to reach more people. Some worked and some didn’t. [Read more…]

Top 3 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog.

It is quite easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. It’s important to write useful articles for your readers. But if there is no one to read your articles, it’s of no use. Actually you will be discouraged after a certain time and quit blogging. It happens to more than 95% of bloggers in this world.

There are so many mistakes that new bloggers make. One of those mistakes is not promoting their blogs effectively. Today I will talk about a few powerful ways to promote your blog. As long as you are new in this field, you should read this article completely so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

The times of SEO tricks have gone. Now if you want to get serious amount of traffic to your blog, you have to work hard. Now it’s not about increasing the number of your backlinks anymore. But it’s time to increase awareness. How many people know about your blog is more important than how many backlinks you have. Here are a few highly effective ways [Read more…]