How to Build a Money Making Blog in Just an Hour?

I know the first question that came to your mind.

“How is it possible in just an hour?”

Is it really possible to start a money making blog in just an hour or i am just joking? But truly it doesn’t take too long to start a blog that can bring money for you. Believe me; it might take less than an hour.

So the question is how to make one? Obviously those who are into blogging won’t find it a very interesting article to read. But those who don’t know about it will find it very helpful. Truly speaking, it’s not for bloggers, but all those non-bloggers who want to build a blog site; but don’t know where to start.

You Need a Domain Name at First

Domain name is basically the URL address of your blog. The address that people would type in browsers’ address bar to reach your blog. My blog’s URL is and this is what people can use to reach here.

There are hundreds of different domain registrars  online. But i would suggest you to choose only the popular ones. The features you receive are almost same with all the registrars with a little difference sometimes. However, most of them do almost the same job. But they will charge differently.

This blog domain has been registered with

namecheap domain registration

However, there are many others online. Some popular names that come to my mind are GoDaddy, iPage, HostGator, Inmotion, Bluehost and many others. Most domain registrars also sell web hosting. But it’s completely your choice if you would like to opt for that or not.

So now visit any domain registrar site and search for a good domain name and register it. After you register your domain, you should be able to login to your domain control panel. From here, you can manage the DNS records.

Don’t worry if you are not aware of DNS. You don’t need to be an expert on it. You need DNS control for your domain to only connect your domain to your web host. If you contact customer support, they will also help.

Don’t be worried right now. I will tell you what to do.

Registering a domain name shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. However, if you use Namecheap like me, your account will be activated instantly.

So by now, you should have a domain name to use for your blog.

Now It’s Time to Register for Web Host

You need your blog to be somewhere on the web. So you need to rent a place to keep your blog. Web hosting companies will help you find this place. Just like domain registars, there are many web hosting companies as well.

Please note that your web hosting company plays a very prominent role to grow your online business. So before you choose any company, you should be sure that they can satisfy your needs like good bandwidth, satisfactory uptime and excellent customer support.

This blog is being hosted by Hostgator and i never faced any problem. So i recommend them to start your blogging journey and their prices are also quite affordable. Click here to open an account at discounted rates.

hostgator homepage

With HostGator, your account will be activated almost instantly.

The same way, this process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. You just have to choose a hosting package, pay for it and your account will be activated instantly.

Now Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host

As soon as you open an account with HostGator, you will receive an email with all your hosting details. What you need is your new hosting nameserver IP addresses. Now log into your domain control panel and update the nameservers.

It is said that it takes around 24 hours for the changes to take effect. But i have seen it doesn’t take that long. Hopefully within an hour, it will be updated and you will be able to open your site.

In the meantime, open your hosting account and install WordPress on your blog.

The detailed instructions is available in this article. Click on the link to read how to do it step by step. I am sure, within just next 10 minutes, you would be able to do it.

So till now, you have spent 30 minutes and now you have a domain and a hosting account and also a blog. That’s all we need. Right?

So in just 30 minutes, you have built a blog that you can use to make money. It’s time to create contents for your blog. So log into your WordPress admin, install a suitable theme of your choice and start blogging.

Write your first article and publish it online. Wow, you just did it in an hour.

The purpose of the article is tell you that it’s not difficult to start a blog; even if you have no idea about it. So if you are thinking of starting a blog and don’t know what to do, this article should be very helpful for you.

Please note that the purpose here is to tell you that it doesn’t take long to create a blog. For detailed step by step instructions, please read Start a Blog Step by Step.

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