Bethany Mota : This Teenager Earns $40,000 Every Month.

A teenager earns $40,000 every month. How does it sound to you?

After reading the title of this article, you may have thought that it is a joke. But it is not. Bethany Mota really earns such a huge amount of money.

However, it is not clear how much she actually earns.

But but several sources familiar with YouTube advertising estimate her YouTube videos would pull in $US40,000 ($A45,615) a month.

While it’s not clear how much she actually earns, it must be noted that she can’t earn anything less than this.

Because of her large number of followers on YouTube and other social platforms, it should not be difficult for her to earn such amount of money.

Let’s find out who Bethany Mota is & how she started it all.

Who is Bethany Mota and How Popular She is?

Bethany mota showing things she has purchased

You can call her self-made YouTube celebrity, YouTube superstar, social media goddess or an ascendant fashion icon. She is running a YouTube Channel that has over 5 million subscribers and growing every single day.

This is not the end. But over 2 million people follow her on instagram.

It is more than more than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan combined. Also more than 1.15 million people are following her on Twitter.

Just because of her huge popularity online, it is estimated that she earns quite a lot of money. She never disclosed her earnings online.

Probably she wants to keep it as a secret.

However, it’s quite inspiring to see how a teenage girl can build such a huge following online. I have just got to know about this amazing girl from Business Insider. Looking at her earning potential, I was surprised and you may too.

However, I found out that she started her journey at the age of 13. So it has been a long time now. As I learnt online, she graduated last year and lives with her parents in a quite northern California city.

However if you are looking for a way to make money with YouTube, read this : How To Make Money From YouTube Doing Simple Things?

What Does She Do to Make Money?

An interview with Bethany

She basically doesn’t do anything to make money. She just follows her passion. It is shopping and sharing online what she purchases.

Do you want to know what made this 18 year old enjoy internet stardom? It is her desire to shop and to share her purchases to the world. It is true that there are many others who share their purchases online or on YouTube.

But the popularity she has been able to gain is truly amazing.

She doesn’t only shop. But she presents her purchases in her videos so nicely that the videos become enjoyable. If you visit her YouTube channel, you will see that almost all her videos have been viewed for thousands of times.

As previously mentioned, she has a very large following on her YouTube channel. This is what makes it possible. She is not the only one who is earning big money online.

Here Are 8 More People who make serious money from YouTube.

How Much Money Does She Really Earn Online?

How bethany with fashionable dressesAs I said earlier, it’s not clear how much she actually earns from her YouTube videos. Because she doesn’t disclose it online and of course, it’s not what she does. So we can’t expect her talking about her earnings. But from a few sources familiar with YouTube advertising, it is estimated that she earns around $US 40,000 ($A45,615) a month.

Here is an article I posted already about how someone can make money from YouTube. Reading this article would help you understand how much she could earn.

Basically, YouTube shows advertisements on your videos as long as you are a member of YouTube partnership program. If your YouTube channel is highly popular, you can apply to be a member of this program. Google shares with you a portion of their advertising revenues generated from your videos.

Although YouTube doesn’t disclose how much it pays its publishers. But it is assumed that an average partner earns around $5 for every 1000 ad impressions.

So you can imagine how much money you can generate if your videos are viewed by millions of YouTube viewers every month.

Read How Most People Make Millions Online? You can literally turn $100 into $1000 or even more if you are serious. However, it takes time.

Is She Really an Inspiration For Us?

Inspirational pictures

Of course, it makes us think twice when we hear that an 18 year old teenage girl is earning such a huge amount of money which is more than the average income of most people in the world. It is definitely an inspiration for everyone who is trying to gain huge internet popularity.

What makes me think is how this little girl started doing it at the age of 13, recorded high quality HD videos and uploaded to YouTube. Just a few years ago, it was difficult to record HD quality videos and then edit it.

Really this girl was quite smart, I must say.

But was the girl really smart enough? Or some really smart people made these tools usable for really dumb people?

Who to give this credit for creating such awesome technologies that makes under-educated youngsters build their fortune online?

Who to give the credit for helping these youngsters enjoy stardom by just shopping and showing off what they bought with the money they don’t own.

I know that it is not easy to answer these questions.

But I must say that she was smart enough at her early ages. She knew what would work and what wouldn’t. I also can’t say that she is uneducated or under-educated. Because she is the person who has built such a large following that almost every internet marketer looks for.

And we can’t forget that it’s not easy to be successful on YouTube.

She Is a True Inspiration.

If you already know about Bethany or want to share your opinions about whatever I have shared in this article, let me know in the comment section.

What do you think made this young girl become a superstar?

What do you think made this young girl earn millions online?

Do you know it REALLY? Let me know …..


  1. Wow, 5,194,474 is huge.
    And growing at a very fast rate, I guess.

    Mmmh, I see a lot of money there!
    Thanks for sharing, very inspirational.

  2. She is really hard worker and nice article it show that there is too much money in online business

  3. True, the Bethany Mota’s story is an inspiring for teenagers. While a lot of people spend time online having fun, here Mota is both having fun and making money. Many teenagers should crave to like her.

    I have read about this teenager in an article published by on the 19th of January, 2014, and seen then have considered this Northern California teen an example of the modern inspirational teenager.

    Her video marketing strategies have made her an iconic brand! There is definitely something that makes her gain massive convertible followership from YouTube!

    In – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers, I have left the above comment where I found this post.

    Sunday – contributor

    • It is not sure how much see earns as she doesn’t disclose it online. But looking at her large number of followers, we must say that she might earn millions.

  4. This article is an eye-opener and also motivation. Goes to show that money can be made online and even teens are taking advantage of this.

    Thanks for the lovely article.

    • Thanks to the power of technology and awesome internet. It makes it possible even for teenagers to make millions online. We should understand that it’s not an easy work, but not impossible. Most importantly, anyone from any part of this world can do this if the person has real passion for doing it.

  5. Tamal,

    Following your passion opens some tremendous doors. Bethany is an absolute dynamo. She prospers by doing what she loves and then factors in the monetizing end of things too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You are right Ryan. Following passion makes people successful at anything they do in their life. If you are not passionate for something, you can never be successful as Bethany did.

  6. Hii Tamal,

    you shared a complete story of Bethany Mota that is so much inspiring for us.
    I became shocked to see huge amount of followers and earning. Within this age she has achieved a lot of things that are truly great.

    Thanks Bro for this awesome article. you mentioned all the important information that people like to see about a popular personality. Thanks again Bro…!!

    I got this post on and become forced to read complete post. I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

    • Hello Amit, thank you for sharing your ideas. This girl truly rocks. It’s all about passion. I truly believe that if you have real passion for something you can always do something bigger and better in that particular field.

  7. This is quite inspirational for those teenagers out there wanting to earn money and in the same time wanting to earn popularity using youtube.

    I’m a freelancer who reviews websites that have tips and facts about earning money.

  8. You know she has a clothing line at areopostale too right?

  9. Yes she does Ellie, They have clothing and also perfumes on her name as far as i know 🙂

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