Why Do I Allow Blog Comments & Why You Should Do It Too.

Do you allow comments on your blog?

If you are already doing it, it’s absolutely fine.

But if you don’t allow, I would suggest you to read this article for once. I am sure that it will change your mentality about blog commenting.

According to me, blog commenting system is a very powerful way to communicate with your readers. As a blogger, it’s very important to know what your readers are thinking after reading a blog post.

You can understand their whole experience only after they make a comment or by doing a survey on them. So without allowing comments it’s hard to get into your readers’ mind.

It’s important to allow comments to let your readers share their opinions as well.

Many of your readers may want to share their knowledge, their ideas or simply what they think about what you write.

If you don’t allow comments, it simply means that it doesn’t matter what your readers think. You don’t care about they might think about your blog.

You just need people to read your articles and leave.

Even comments can do a great job in driving traffic to your blog.

Most people who make comments on your blog would revisit several times a day, sometimes to find out if the comment has been approved or if there are some other articles they can make comment on.

Many of them would be familiar with your blog and it is very important. Because it will force them visit your site again in future.

If it continues, you will soon discover that you have built a huge audience. These people are interested to make comments, share their opinions and sometimes get traffic back to their own site.

Getting traffic is definitely not the only reason why you should allow comments. Here are some of the most powerful reasons you shouldn’t avoid.

It Helps You Connect With The World

Connections wih the world

Imagine about a world without bloggers you can connect to. If every blogger closes the door to connect with them, what will happen with the blogosphere? Google will still be able to crawl and index those blogs. But there will be no connections at all. People would not engage with blogs as much as they do now.

Successful blogging depends a lot on how many connections you have made with other bloggers in the world. It depends on how many of them know you. It depends on how many of them want to write about you. Do they really think you are helpful? Do you actually help them understand it?

Of course, commenting is not the only medium of connections. You may contact them using other means. But commenting is the primary step a person would take to be familiar with the blogger. The person would expect a reply. This reply would help them realize how active the blogger is. Now they might start asking questions, find solutions and gradually create a conversation.

It Helps You Get Into Your Readers’ Mind

Readers mind

Every bit of a comment has the ability to make the blogger feel how the blog is taken by the readers. The blogger will be able to understand what the readers want. As a blogger, you should always allow comments on your blog. It will help you understand what your readers like and dislike.

Also by allowing comments, you are giving importance to your readers. It shows your loyalty to your audience. Once they make a comment and you reply, a direct connection is created between you and your reader. This is very important to keep the conversation going.

Commenting is a great way to create a community around your blog. You can connect with like-minded people around the world, build much stronger connections and as a result, money will follow. Because it increases the amount of visitors to your blog. If properly used, most of the times, these visitors would convert to customers as well. Read The Reality Of Most Online Earnings.

It Helps You Communicate With Your Readers

Communicate with blog readers

You may have already realized that commenting helps you communicate with your audience. You can’t do it if you disable comments on your blog. By allowing comments, you open yourself to feedbacks and criticism. You may get intelligent feedbacks that will help you build a better blog.

If you open yourself to the world, more people will interact with you. More people will be able to know about you. You can build strong friendships with other bloggers. According to my experience, most people who comment on blogs do have their own blogs or websites.

These people may talk about you in their site giving your better exposure. As a result, your blog audience will virally increase. Also some people who visit your blog may know better than you. Their feedback is very important. Don’t close the door to be criticized. It really helps if you can face it.

It Helps You Improve User Experience

Girl happy at laptop

Feedbacks from your readers would even help you understand what they need. You will be able to understand what they want to write. You might know what kind of articles work better. This understanding will help you serve your readers in a much better way and make them satisfied.

A successful blog does not come without its readers. You should remember it at every step of your blogging journey. You may not believe that a very good percentage of readers find comments more helpful than the post itself. Because comments help them realize how the article is being received by people who read it. Sometimes comments are more informative than a blog post.

If an article receives hundreds of comments from readers, there is definitely something good about it. Many people spend quite some time reviewing comments after reading a blog post. It increases engagement and the average time a visitors spends on your site. As a result, it highly reduces bounce rates.

It Helps You Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Your blog to the next level

Do you want to take your blog to the next level? Then you really shouldn’t disable comments. I must repeat the line again ‘A successful blog doesn’t come without its readers’. Only a large number of readers can help your blog grow and take it to the next level. Read Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Enough Money.

As previously mentioned, allowing comments will help you create a community around your blog. If you ever visit a forum, you will understand why forums usually get a lot of traffic. Because, every high traffic forum is a huge community of like-minded people. They visit it frequently to join discussions. As a result, most forums are flooded with traffic. You can do the same for your blog.

The only reason I find that makes a blogger disable comments is that it takes good amount of time moderating comments. For large blogs, you may have to invest quite long time moderating comments only. Sometimes you may feel it doesn’t worth it. But it really does, at least what I think about it.

I can’t find out any other brilliant reason to disable comments. If you have any, don’t forget to share.

However, I know that different people have different opinions. I don’t force anyone to believe in my words. These were all my own thoughts. I love the people who leave incredibly intelligent comments. I want them to come to my blog, read my articles and share their valuable feedback.


  1. Over the years I commented on hundreds of thousands of blogs and earned quality traffic readership to my blog, one brief comment on a perfect blog bring tons of traffic our blog. Most importantly many of my readers suggested good things to improve my blog in to next level by their comment.

    Thanks 🙂

    • You are absolutely right Naveen. Commenting can drive huge number of visitors to your blog, if you stick to it for a long time and make comments on high quality blogs with great traffic.

  2. Not just on blogs, comments can create engagement even on ecommerce websites. Feedback is always useful.

  3. Stuart Davidson says:

    Thanks for sharing Tamal. I found your post very informative and so included it on my content awards for best digital marketing articles.

    You can see all the articles that were included here: http://stuartjdavidson.com/digital-marketing-awards/


    • Thank you Stuart

      Thanks for making one of my article a part of your blog. I just visited your blog. It’s wonderful and really full of useful articles. Happy blogging.

  4. Blog Comment is great through that we can continuous take feedback by readers what they want next. We have in touch with readers and blog comment provide this personal touch and we don’t have to leave it. Like all points specially 3, 4 and fifth one Krishna

  5. Hi Krishna,

    Great article indeed. Blog commenting helps us to attract decent traffic as well as to increase the Domain authority ( DA) .

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