AddMeFast Review : Does It Really Work? Let’s Find Out.

If you are already not aware of what AddMeFast is all about, let me tell you that it is basically a social syndication platform that can help you easily increase your social shares, followers and even likes.

I have been personally using this service for a few months now.

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Although, I am not a huge fan of addmefast and don’t recommend it always; I believe that you must know about it.

Today I will be discussing about the advantages as well as the disasvantages of using AddMeFast. Through this complete review, you should be aware about every single bit of AddMeFast.

However, I don’t guarantee that the information provided in this review is completely accurate. Because you have to use your brain in most cases to understand if you really need it or not.

As I mentioned earlier, AddMeFast is a social platform where you can get your contents shared by other members as long as you share their contents in your own social networks. You can also use it to increase your social followers as long as you follow others. So the fundamental concept is very simple.

But the question is if it is really useful or not.

My quest to find out a satisfactory answer to this question made me start writing this review. Let’s see what exactly happen when you join AddMeFast.

I know I don’t need to repeat the same words again. What’s new is that AddMeFast works on a credit system. The more credits you earn the more credits you can spend to get your own contents shared or liked.

Here are the social networks that are available to be used. 

Addmefast free points

So you can see that they have almost all the popular social networks available online. It means that it can help you a lot in your content marketing efforts. But the harsh truth is that it’s not always true.

I am not saying that AddMeFast is a scam.

It is definitely a good site and highly popular online.

But the question is how many users are actually active on the social networks they are using to earn credits. According to my experience, more than 90% of users here create fake profiles while using AddMeFast.

A very small percentage of users are actually active.

Take a look at this screenshot below ..

Twitter followers screenshot

Do you think these twitter profiles are real? This is just a screenshot of the Twitter followers I received when I added one of my Twitter accounts to AddMeFast. You can definitely increase the number of your followers.

But they are of absolutely of NO USE. Of course, these profiles have been created by real people. But they don’t use it at all.

Usually when you find no profile picture with no clear profile details, you can take it as a fake profile.

You can also make a decision depending on the number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends. Of course, this method may not be absolutely perfect. But it is a good way to determine the quality of your Twitter followers even though this method doesn’t work always.

It doesn’t happen only for Twitter.

But the result is almost same for Facebook and Google Plus profiles. Most likes and followers are received from fake profiles. You can easily examine the quality of Fake profile using these methods …

Most of times profiles won’t have any pictures at all. If you find a picture that you think is of a real person, it’s OK. But is it way too perfect or does it seem to be touched up in any way? Conduct a Google search with the profile name and see if Google returns any results.

Open the profile image in the browser, copy the URL, paste it in Google bar and hit enter. If the website results don’t show the picture, search it in Image search. If the image is of a real person, you shouldn’t be seeing so many results.

But if the image has been taken from somewhere online, you will get so many results of the same picture. Here comes the doubt.

You can also when the profile has been created and profile picture has been updated. Conduct a search in Facebook itself to find out other people with the same name. Examine their profiles and see if there is anything doubtful.

Look at the below image. Here you can find there two friends with the same name in the ‘all friends’ list of a person.

Facebook fake friends list

Look at the following screenshot. This photo is falsely on a Facebook profile with the name Sherry Dubois. The above picture is also from the same person’s profile. This person has three fake Facebook profiles.

Facebook shows wrong pictures

Now look at this picture below.

What do you think how many of these profiles are fake?

Facebook fake profiles

This screenshot shows FAKE Facebook profiles of Sherry Dubois. Those ( outlined in red ) are recent fake profiles found and reported.

This Facebook search result show profiles of different people with the same name, but most with no profile picture at all. So you can understand that it is not difficult to find fake profiles. If you examine carefully, it’s quite easy to find.

You may not believe that there are currently over 83 million fake Facebook profiles online. In regard of Google plus likes or followers, most have come from fake profiles with no profile picture and no update at all.

I was highly shocked to discover such a surprising result recently.

So Why Do People Create Fake Profiles?

The best way to answer this question is to ask them directly. But we can’t do that always. But my study shows that most people create fake profiles just for fun. But people who join sites like AddMeFast, profiles are created just to earn credits and for no other valid reason.

I don’t say that AddMeFast is to be blamed for this. But it’s a common human nature and we can’t control it. AddMeFast is visited by millions of people every single day. It is one of most visited 1000 websites in the world.

So it doesn’t take long time to increase your likes, followers or even shares. But the question is if you are just wasting your valuable time.

AddMeFast May Not Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself …

1, What is more important to you – quality or quantity?
2, Do you want to get your contents shared by people with no followers?
3, Do you have enough free time to spend on AddMeFast?

Once you can answer these questions confidently, you should be able to decide if you seriously need AddMeFast. Before you take any decision; let me tell you that this review is NOT to blame AddMeFast in any way or to prove that it is a scam.

This review is completely based on my own opinions and findings. I prefer using platforms where real people gather for real reason. So I think; as a active networker or marketer, you should be aware of this harsh reality.

It Must Be Noted that ….

In terms of increasing views on your YouTube videos, it works really well. You can also use it to share your contents via Twitter. Your contents may be shared on profiles with no active followers. But Google indexes Twitter updates.

We can also see Twitter updates in Google search results in many cases. So it could be beneficial to your SEO efforts.

However, Be Smart and Take a Smart Decision.


  1. I have never heard of AddMeFast before now. From the review made from this post, I don’t think its a tool worth spending time on. There are other authentic tools or platforms out there that gives the users better value in terms of genuine followers.

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication, aggregation, and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers and bloggers, where this post was found and “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. I have used AddMeFast in the past to grow my fan/follower base but i noticed most of most of the times the numbers keep dropping. While the intentions of the site owner may be pure, people have abused the platform and i no more use it.

    I stopped growing my audience that way when i noticed that most times it doesn’t convert much no matter the numbers, so i am only interested in ways that can let me grow my audience based on interests.

  3. Hmmn interesting review about a Addmefast. Reading this made me think that it is in our own decisions. It has pros and cons as I can see, but if this works to others, they probably to us who are familiar with this right?

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Thank you Metz for sharing your ideas on this post. AddMeFast is so popular online and used by thousands of people every day. Even though people know these followers or likes doesn’t have any USE, they use it just to increase the numbers.

  4. Wonderful information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend, I have read atleast 3 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that I had been looking for, I’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again.

    • Thank you Sana for your kind words. This kind of words motivates me to continue blogging. If my efforts have helped you and solved any of your problems, it’s enough for me.

      • Amit Agarwal says:

        Really I should appreciate you for such a brilliant post. But look at the comments. Do a search in Google. You will see exact comments in 1000s of website. It means its a SPAM comment. So you should be able to differentiate such comments in future. Good Luck.

        • Thanks for the comment. As you suggested, I checked all the comments here. But I did not find any duplicate comments. Could you tell me which comment you are pointing to and why you think that’s duplicate. However, comments on this blog are highly moderated and checked for quality and spam in the best way possible.

  5. It is a bit pointless. There isn’t any advantage to gain 10k likes and followers that will never buy anything or will ever visit the fanpage or retween anything again.

    • You are right Kaloyan. There is no advantage of buying likes from people who never purchase anything and not interested in your products or services.

      • But don’t you think Addmefast is worthless if you are looking to the FB profile of them than you can find that many of them are create a fack account and they used it only for this kinda of purpose. What you say about this?

  6. Well, I guess many people are using the same method to increase likes, followers and for re-tweet too. Thanks for this post Krishna, 🙂

  7. With Addmefast in time you lose the followers. I start to use a new one and for now it works perfect.

    • It looks like a very new site. However, hope it gains quick popularity in the market so that we can get another tool to grow our online business.

  8. I disagree that it’s useless. Going on market you should create the audience before giving the context add ot on google ads. The more numbers you have in the beginning of your comercial compaign (I STRESS – in the beginning!), the more credits of trust you have. I’ve just started to use it and it’s ok for now. It’s also ok for business that doesn need credibility as an image tool. Not for sales. Hope, i’m not wrong.

    • Thank you Kseni for sharing your ideas. Different people have different opinions and different ways to use AddMeFast. I don’t guarantee that my review is absolutely correct and I mentioned it already in the article. It is purely based on my own opinions and findings. I hope AddMeFast works for you really well. GOOD LUCK …

  9. Kseni again says:

    I’m here again 🙂 Thank for your reply. I am quite new here and I need an expert opinion. Do you think that organic traffic of commercial brands (if they are not Coca-Cola or smth like that) is possible? as SEO experienced, do you think now we can handle the number of active subscribers manually just with a good content? I’m pretty sure that no. What would you recommend me? Context add on FB instead? or maybe using some different service?

    • It’s true that we cannot always handle active subscribers just with good contents. But you must remember that great content is the most powerful weapon online. For any online business to survive online, it’s important to offer something unique that others don’t provide. And if your business is content based and you interact with your customers through your contents, you can’t ignore the value of great contents.

      However, there are many online marketing strategies to let people know YOU are there. It entirely depends on you how you make it possible. Be creative with your marketing strategies and you can find hundreds of new ways quite easily.

      You wanted my recommendation on FB. Are you interested in Facebook advertising to reach your marketing goals? If so, I recommend you to use Facesniper tool. It’s an awesome tool that helps target the right kind of Facebook users to grow your business eventually. Check the tool and use it if you can. Good luck ….

  10. AddMeFast is really good for G+ share and it can provide us easy backlinks from Google Plus.

    • Hi James what you are thinking is absolutely wrong. It does help you get Google plus shares. But if you continue doing this for long time, you will soon be penalized by Google. Because your site will be having a lot of Google Plus shares from fake Google profiles. Fake profiles usually mean a live profile without any user engagement or any noticeable activity. More than 95% of AddMeFast users use Fake profiles just to increase their own credits. Be smart and use your intelligence. You can ask me any question if you have.

      Thanks for making a comment and sharing your views. Keep coming back if you like the information available here.

  11. Reyes Baez says:

    I see all the reviews for this site are positive. So let me add a negative review. Signed up as a member, submitted my website. In the beginning the site i submitted was approved, simple blogging wordpress page. It ran for a few days than it was blocked with no reason given. Then i contacted the support, with no response back.

    I then said let me try another website of mine, which is a pinterest-clone type website. Sure enough when i added mine site it was blocked again. Now i run my site on alot of social sharing sites ( with no problem.

    But this site seems to be about money users, not servicing free users. Today i canceled my account after adding another website, which passed all the requirements. You can check my website, ,just so you can see that it should have been approved and not banned. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

    • Your site looks good and it seems that it should have been approved. However, you can contact support with any of your questions.

  12. ADDMEFAST.COM is fraud website.
    I have worst experience of working there.
    I had earned 5000 points on it.
    They had suddenly banned my account.
    Now iam unable to access my account.neither points.
    Total fake website.

  13. I loved the article it has a lot of interesting information. I will make the decision later whether I choose to use AddMeFast or not but I think i will give it a try.

    • Hi Angel,

      Nice to hear that liked the article. For some people, AddMeFast is a very powerful way to increase social shares and increase online visibility as well. But the truth is that it doesn’t work in most of the cases. There are hundreds of other ways of promotions and marketing.

      What I have realized from my research is that it’s simply a waste of time. However, I wouldn’t discourage you. Let me know your experience after you use it for yourself. Wish you best of luck … Tamal