How Website Flipping Can Truly Change Your Financial Life?

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If you are not already aware, let me tell you what flipping is all about. Flipping is basically buying something at a low price and then selling it at a higher price; after improving its overall quality if required. So you may have now got the basic idea behind making money by flipping websites ( or domains ). However, it’s not as easy as it may seem to you right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you flip domain names or any website to make some profit, there are always some risks involved. This business is quite similar to real estate where investors buy properties and resell them for a profit. There is always a risk of price depreciation in bad housing markets. There are some other risks involved as well.

But today we are not going to talk about the risks involved in real estate business. Rather let’s find out how to make the maximum profit from flipping websites fearlessly. There would always be risks involved and it’s quite normal. But if you follow the right guidance and use the right procedures, nobody can stop you from being successful. Continue reading…

3 Highly Creative Ways to Get Quality Traffic without SEO.

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Who says you can’t get traffic without Google? There are plenty of other means to generate traffic to your blog. Today I will discuss about some creative ways to get high quality traffic to your blog quite easily.

Let me tell you that Google is not the only source of traffic online. If you can generate creative ideas, you can always discover a lot of smart methods to get traffic without ever thinking about Google or SEO. Not only you get a lot of traffic ( visitors ), but you get high quality traffic; just as you can expect from Google.

The blog you are reading right now receives around 30% of traffic from Google. Around 70% of traffic comes from different referral sources. But the best part is more than 90% of visitors know and remember the name of this blog ( My Digital Money ). Because they know where they have come; why they have come and what they can expect to get in this blog.

You should always remember that if you want to build a business online, you can’t totally depend on search engine traffic ( which most people actually do ). Every search engine and even the big G update their algorithms hundreds of times within a year. Some are announced publicly and some are not.

Obviously the main purpose is to provide better search results to their users. Unfortunately, their algorithms don’t always guarantee improved ranking even if your site provides value to the users. In my experience, I have seen many high quality sites to be penalized without any logical reason. And once it happens, you can imagine what might happen to your business.  Continue reading…

15 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Seriously.

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When it comes to making money online, people often get confused about which way to choose. Today I have tried to list some of the most popular money making methods available online in one place. This article should help you take the right decision at the right time using the right methods.

The methods described in this article are some of the most common methods to earn online; not only for beginners; but also for people with experience.

It’s not unknown that there are hundreds of ways to make money online and hundreds of more ways you can create yourself. But the question is how many of these methods can actually give you enough freedom to live and enjoy your life fully. But the reality is a little different.

To discover the truth, I recently published an article ( Can You Make Money Online? The Reality Will Surprise You ). Don’t miss this post before you start.

Most people want to start an online business to get this freedom. But, according to me, it doesn’t matter whichever ways you choose; you have to work hard to make your dreams come true. Remember it takes time. So don’t rush. The methods I will be describing here are not going to make you rich quickly. But you can definitely find a legitimate way to earn some money at least.

The article is a little long. So take your time to read or if you don’t have enough time, make sure you bookmark it for future visit.

Are you looking for some quick money making ideas? Then this article is not for you. But if you are looking for some good and reliable source of income on a continuous basis, start reading …  Continue reading…

32 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts for More Readers.

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It is fairly easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. One of the most important tasks involved in doing so is active promotions and marketing. Without effective promotions it’s quite difficult to survive in the long run. I already talked about some powerful methods to make your blog popular.

But today I will discuss about some places where you can promote your blog posts; new or old ones. If you actively utilize the places mentioned below, you will soon realize that your blog is growing. Remember your primary goal is not increasing the number of backlinks coming to your blog, but increasing the number of people who know your blog. You should surely use it.

In five years of my blogging journey, I have built a lot of small niche blogs basically to promote affiliate products. I used hundreds of different methods to reach more people. Some worked and some didn’t. It entirely depends on how you use the platforms. Just because something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. So here are a few places to start your journey from …

1, Google Plus Profile : A few years ago, Google plus profile links were not very powerful for SEO. But recently Google has started using G plus votes as a powerful ranking signal. It’s also very effective way to reach like-minded people. It’s doesn’t take long to create a Google profile. Once you create it, you are ready to promote your blog posts and let people follow you. Obviously it must be an important part of your marketing strategies.  Continue reading…

3 Most Effective Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Business.

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Blogging is no longer a medium to share your ideas and knowledge with the world, but now it is a very effective method to earn money. If you are running a successful blog, you would surely like to monetize it sooner or later. So today I want to highlight some key points you should remember in this regard.

Even if you want to turn your blog into a business, don’t always treat it just as a business. Because you will soon realize that you are losing readers. The reason behind this is very clear. Your readers wouldn’t find honesty in your writings. They wouldn’t feel comfortable dealing with you.

Previously I have written so many posts putting so much importance in building a strong relationship with your readers. This is very important. They are the backbone of any successful blogging business online. So you can’t overlook the importance of readers’ satisfaction.

However, it is not very difficult as you may think it is. What would readers of a blog basically need? They want quality contents that can answer their questions and the satisfaction while navigating throughout your site. Both of these things make sure that your readers are satisfied.  Continue reading…

Top 3 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog.

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It is quite easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. It’s important to write useful articles for your readers. But if there is no one to read your articles, it’s of no use. Actually you will be discouraged after a certain time and quit blogging. It happens to more than 95% of bloggers in this world.

There are so many mistakes that new bloggers make. One of those mistakes is not promoting their blogs effectively. Today I will talk about a few powerful ways to promote your blog. As long as you are new in this field, you should read this article completely so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

The times of SEO tricks have gone. Now if you want to get serious amount of traffic to your blog, you have to work hard. Now it’s not about increasing the number of your backlinks anymore. But it’s time to increase awareness. How many people know about your blog is more important than how many backlinks you have. Here are a few highly effective ways Continue reading…

CBEngine Review : It’s Legit or Scam? Here’s The Reality.


Today I am going to review CBEngine, the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web. If you are a ClickBank affiliate, you should definitely use CBEngine. It’s a very powerful tool that lets you know about a lot of metrics you won’t get in ClickBank marketplace. Let’s find out why you should use it.

As a ClickBank affiliate, it’s very important to know which products perform well and which products don’t. Because it will lot you decide whether you would actually earn money or not. ClickBank already provides a few metrics about a particular product in their marketplace. But these metrics are not always sufficient to understand how a product can actually perform.

Take a look at a product listing in ClickBank …

Clickbank product listing

Let Me Tell You What These Statistics Mean …

Initial $/sale: This is the average amount you would earn when any sale is generated for the first time for a particular product. This amount varies from product to product depending on the commissions vendors want to pay.

Avg %/sale: This is the amount you would earn from a product on an average. Usually the number is same as Initial $/sale. But if the vendor offers rebilling products, the number equals the average total  Continue reading…

5 Highly Effective Ways to Make a Blog Extremely Popular.

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Blogging is probably one of the most popular money making methods online. Basically blogging started more than 10 years ago in this world.  When it first started, it was just a medium to share your knowledge or whatever you want to share with the world. Now the world of blogging has changed.

You could easily start blogging at any point of time. Slowly blogging become one of the most renowned ways to connect with readers around the world. Gradually, it became a way to make money as well. For a popular blog receiving thousands of visitors every single day, it is not very difficult to earn money. They can make money by showing advertisements or promoting affiliate products online.

However, there are many other ways to generate income from your blog. As time passes, blogging became more and more popular. Nowadays more than 50% of Google search results contain results from blogs only. Because, it is usually thought that blogs provide the most up-to-date information on a particular topic.

Within just around 10 years, blogging has seen huge success as a medium to share ideas and knowledge with the world. Nearly anyone can start blogging at any point of time of their life. Since, it is also a great way to generate enough money, more and more bloggers have emerged in recent years.

But in reality, a blogger can expect to earn good income only if the blog is popular enough to attract huge number of visitors. Unfortunately, most bloggers quit blogging when they realize this harsh reality. Many others continue blogging until they realize it. But, there are still lots of bloggers who passionately do it.

Today I will discuss about some of the key points you need to remember as long as you are serious about it. Hope you will not be so discouraged that you would like to quit blogging. I have been blogging for around 5 years now and I have built several blogs which were quite successful. I sold them on Flippa around 6 months back for some unavoidable reasons.  Continue reading…

Google Sniper Or Work From No Home : What Should You Buy?

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Google Sniper is actually an extensive course on how to make money online. George Brown, the creator of this program confirms that anyone can start building a highly profitable online business using this course.

On the other hand, Work From No Home is another similar course that also created a lot of buzz in affiliate marketing industry.

Click Here to Watch a Video Presentation of Google Sniper
Click Here to Watch How Peng Joon Is Making Hundreds of Dollars

Both of these products basically teach people how to make money from affiliate marketing. It’s true that nobody can ever show you a full-proof method to earn millions of dollars online. But when we listen to their success stories and how much money they earned, it makes us a little confused.  Continue reading…

How to Choose Best ClickBank Products to Promote?

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ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks online. There are thousands of people making millions online by just promoting ClickBank products. While there are stories of affiliate millionaires, there are even stories of people who earned nothing from ClickBank.

It’s not always because they couldn’t market the product effectively. But one of the biggest reasons is not being able to choose the right ClickBank product.

It’s true that you can promote just any product you want and make money if a sale is made. But the reality is a little different. You need to know it before you jump into affiliate marketing. Keep reading ….

Today I will discuss about how to choose the best ClickBank product that can make you some real money. Although there are hundreds of products available, there are certain products that are exactly right for you.

If you are serious, you have to be serious about finding these products only. Then only, you can expect some good results.

There are a number of ways to find out the best products in the market. There are already hundreds of popular ClickBank products you may know about. But it doesn’t always mean that if you promote them, you will make money. The reason is that there is a high competition. As a result, you will have to work harder to make it possible and ultimately make some money.

No, I am not telling you to be afraid of high competition. Actually high competition is good. Because if a product is being promoted by a lot of people, it definitely means that it is in high demand. People are actually buying it and this is why more affiliates are promoting the same product.

But … you must remember that the products which are not in high demand are not always bad products. People are not aware of these products only because people are not promoting them actively. If you are new in this market, you should target these products only.  Continue reading…